hello everyone Joe anyone this is O'Brien and i'm Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister and we're still in Harare Zimbabwe at the Blockchain summer school on day three and O'Brien is just going to say you know tell us his thoughts about Bitcoin and the conference hello everyone and say the conference on be flowing right now is going on very well and I was been so Oh some ivory landlords according the past I was just learning about these beat points8 points in the street but I was wasn't that way but I came to realize that they created two currents which is a sort of independent which you can rely or even in terms of security whereby they can hear the central government incorrectly a key is exactly right now about to introduce the bond not switch the general public is crying follow but with the big points and come to realize that it with something man you to sort of thing that people currently checking using into to do my financial services get across the club is so amazing awesome so how are you Brian how old are you me and Quinn six years you are very wise for your age anyway you just said you've got a grass from a financial system and that's one of the cool things about people in Zimbabwe they have a an amazing financial understanding so you're up for obviously I'm gonna list of ryan side his Bitcoin address beneath this video if you want to give him some tips and everything but I mean I think you'd be willing to work for Bitcoin anything like that too i mean give us some some more thoughts about Bitcoin i guess and then what where you can see it going in Zimbabwe and your own life personally what you want to do with it to me is a future between us about was so positive why i'm saying so as to let you in a canoe to introduce the day mobile money at first before think all is not these projects going to provide night until you majority of the people even those guys in the rural areas that using the mobile money because they come with you can hardly hear this side currents was in the bank's they don't ever eat so concerning the big planes considering that my sixty percent of their population below the age of 40 and also considering that the the intake and an upcoming offer and other penetration regions models actually running about a hundred percent and internet penetration is now almost close to fifty percent support just taking those projections I can see in the next 10 years will be talking about be twins as the major doing a black man's mama alright as you can see Orion is filled with very good statistics here so if you need a Bitcoin representative on the ground for your businesses and Bobby this is a guy that higher and that's the cool thing about if you're in the United States and you want to outsource some stuff all you do is send Bitcoin here too smart people like O'Brien and there are a lot and what did you just say I mean we didn't practice this at all but he just he just pulled out the statistics about the young people here and is really impressed impressive that there are these young people who are who they want to work I mean elaborate on that some more mean about about the situation yet people's desire how educated they are and all that stuff and and what they could do for Bitcoin in your eyes I guess job was it to you Fred now figures mobile has the highest in French and they the guys that so brilliant mother took them down outdoing into their conditions businesses you know and majority of there's not an economy it says is more dominated by former Sigma teaches thriving and we always believed that if we can spread the gospel the beach install these brilliant pianist eyes I can tell you and I promise you the beach plane will be something else seems well well met also there this is a variety of very positive person as you see so many people are in Zimbabwe have positive outlooks his Bitcoin address is listed below if you want to give him a tip and I can put you in contact with him if you want to hire him or something like that you got any creative ideas i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister we'll see you later of Ryan thank you well i hope you enjoyed that video it's been a great experience here in Harare Zimbabwe and we'll get into that in the next few videos just summarizing what happened but I want to catch up on current events thanks for everyone for helping out these people in Zimbabwe by contributing to their Bitcoin addresses you really can't imagine how grateful they were and how happy and amazed by this just this new system and its been inspiring they have been inspired and they thank you and they told me thank you so what's up with narrow lately it's been doing alright ah thanks for the Bitcoin for me to someone sent me some Bitcoin that was really nice cerium has been down with all these hard forks and attacks i will link to an article about this is this y minera went up for a while or people into anonymous coins all the sudden I spoke about an honest coins at this little bit at I spoke off all of course mostly a Bitcoin in here in Zimbabwe there was a question that pertain to an honest question but anyway is mineiro about to benefit in speculation from this etherium up down play here in theories had hope for Hart force I can keep track of it it's just there's a lot of confusion with Graham I'm sorry and it's not like the hot little baby anymore and so is something going to take his place is there going to be a new number two is mineiro opposed to be poison me that number two after its previous rocket I don't know maybe there's not gonna be another rocket for any Alcorn maybe everyone's just gonna say you know bitcoin is the thing here but during your thanksgiving they were a lot of unconfirmed transactions and it was I think it costs more than 16 sense just to not be a non confirmed transaction what was going on thanksgiving and everybody was sending a lot of Bitcoin because it was not happening in the United States it was Thanksgiving I mean and traffic has been down since wednesday and now it is friday show maybe is something only get our Indians really buying small amounts are Chinese buying small amount needed someone attacking Bitcoin and get all sorts of rumors i will link again to the etherion accidental Argan split so it's split I don't know what happened and no word there's no Ethereum three though I get our guests there there could have been I what else I am tired i mean i've been going I've been out of america since October 19 and said I'm ready to come back down and we accomplished a lot Steem i Steemit you know one thing I've learned here in Africa this team is thought of differently here totally differently they use it differently here in Johannesburg huge fans of Steem and Johannesburg and so I noted base calls it a scam and tone basically called all coins scan so he's got he's got something standing there if you think all coins are scams but it is getting its getting old with everyone everyone else saying oh it's a scam it's a stance team it is a scam I don't you know the guys who are in charge of the Stephen site they're not doing a great job at all the founders they're not doing a great job it's confusing it's been confusing but some of the people who got involved and your coin desk i had an article that was basically up up up article for steam I mean that's a reflection or coindesk I mean the point is is going to have pop articles and that says something about coindesk I'm trying to tell you what's happening on the ground with steam on a continent far away from you and there are people that are very interested in that are using it to gather people together the people in Zimbabwe we're very interested in and again to earn a few cents from steam it it means a lot more people in Africa than it does to people united states to to be able to post something that people are going to read all over the world and you get rewarded financially for it is kind of flattering if you think about it and people don't take it for granted here in Africa show i get the management team of steam it yet they have a lot there's there's some blacks and lacking there's some stuff lacking they're not good at marketing themselves they got some luck at first but the people and I have said this throughout my trip the people who like steam it in Africa all over the world are good marketers of steaming and they can take over steaming and I wouldn't mind helping taking take over steamin and probably the owners wouldn't give a darn if the people took over steamed it started marketing it as a crowd funder as an event Thunder as a as a way to gather people together real off the tech talk about cryptocurrency as the cryptocurrency version of Facebook you know it could even take a lot of different views of it could go a lot of different directions they're still as potential it doesn't necessarily look good to the eye but there's something behind it if there's something there still is not a lost cause there are still people that are hardcore behind it so i don't think the guys the guys didn't create this as a scam they're not good managers of it all right but it's not scan easy it can be useful there are fans let's try to work through it maybe let's try to be creative with creative smart people here let's take it over and so i'm going to talk i'm going to talk about this as a legitimate thing still i mean i'm not going to talk about that the traders and speculators flipping it because that is that's all random stuff but as a site being able to earn pennies or ten cents 2730 sense this is interesting is interesting concept still so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister i will talk to you