Friends of the prize on my channel Channel techno today continue to review news about the bits that connect to it in general such It happens if he is alive and not alive as well I tell you some more before Oishi and but rather of its programs such as similar to a connection where you can buy buy accordingly, this this coin token and immediately make some 'X' it will be a home coin unit their omi blog coin as many called and you coin it programs that are similar to that which already run Icy he not connect similar bit y but about them we will talk a little later on these programs can be made more 'X' on these coins are not even slightly and x20 and more 'X' if you like th to invest one thousand dollars I do I will not just say I will put for example here is the good coin I'm only here crowded but it's roughly equivalent to 2900 three thousand rubles, but those who We put such a project has Extra he had already passed, and as all have already bought coins to those who have invested thousands of dollars has managed to make 1413 'X' that is, You represent so you put a thousand dollars and after a certain the week to help two I do not remember how many Aisi and lasted you have already account 13 14 thousand dollars one dude to put a little more than a thousand also bought dollars to buy coins Of course the hype was just mad and therefore it counts today 22,000 dollars and is likely to be a coin still grow up up because it had not yet entered the market meaning it has not yet trading that is due to represent excitement rises as the Now the cost of this coin can talk about what this pyramid but so far as it does not It entered the market of course you can say that this pyramid but it It will hit the market and it would not be not entirely pyramid here I want to dispel a little bit all opinions and all sorts of stupid ass morons here is a site xdd very good site I publish it cn mainly technical reviews and I have written here means publication in the dark side of mining high-yield investment market cryptocurrency another scam or a pyramid Weasley was your video 1 as the course and look how many are all morons started writing it is not necessary to bore people it All garbage is all nonsense but in general the already useless later became answer but because it's just people who thinks templates I think this mmm definitely fucking I do not share that left that the proportion of the pyramid in any projection of any project it is present even the same is not drunk, let's go where me now here, too, there is a kind of referral pyramidal program which also provides availability of referrals with whom you are talking contributions here at the beginning of respectively project also here coins have not yet traded, and it also supported by its value consumed ration and excitement here in this case here on this stage, but you can say that is a kind of pyramid but when she goes to the market to talk about is that this coin pyramid as well as any yes there is such a currency pair but there the dollar and the euro well enough silly general that those who have, in principle, is now understood It is understood those who do not understand right here at write comments here any garbage and stuff well, just stupid ass people I can not be honest and well, or any other word I I just can not find here is just I did not beat, and I do not know I do not understand what they write do not know what kind of course I maybe it's a story that has formed people such opinion it happened but I said to go to the other resources do not go on youtube and see what people do talk about it but that's because now we go from all this her neck crowded one then connect the bit lives bits connect developing more or less normally, and I little has changed its strategy for the it in principle, I see invested here as I have said thousand twenty dollars and I struck him for a week up to 1000 10 I always wanted dollars in it but now re-invest strategy little changed explaining why he finished off will give $ 1,100 this deposit and now his will wait only here's these tapes charges up from this is now trade on currency pairs robot, and why I did so because when you are not here, we'll click zaydom Reinvest because when you reinvesting yes but let Reinvest that money in you not frozen stream to deposit that you had before and two hundred ninety-nine days of songs with a wrong conditions which have by which you It is the sum of your and again that is roughly let you come again and again and yes every day you again 299 days starting drip in this regard is not very profitable position because you do with the money either what percentage I charged Well, in general, to me this is not very I wondering why I try first to recapture his deposit at least in the area $ 1,000 and then either reinvest their Landing back in something there is already two Landing thousands of dollars or I them Remove and will have to work here again yet here is a sum that will be me be that I have is in general trust Management is now the coin grows very not weak, and predicts that after the new year it will cost $ 300 plus it has more than $ 300 is too, can not affect the fact that we can earn in the first place on protection rather than just to a Landing your money but also not just storing them in Landing it fell to Landin wallets and bit konekt bring down so you can translate the money Bell and connect and keep them wait for the coin soar in principle in principle, it is absolutely logical methods and techniques to do but I will not do it because in the end when you convert your amount that the court should drip stronger way dig even let us see that I do not I find more in my $ 15 on nude or rather 15 Posy mainly to the 15 + and Now I will say today foreshadow the one with half percent tomorrow, this fall the amount of the auction sharply in general, it is also even basic information but not that's about half a percentage point as you can can a little less what we earn from our tomorrow deposit again today 15 dollars will fall even more precisely Natalie 15 more because I had already in 1100's Therefore, we will save here Landing and bring down even if we Coin will jump to 300 to 400 there until we We translate it all a matter of coins then translate pit skate in Bitcoin request forgiveness, and then brought them to Bitcoin and just the fact that many They say that we are losing because of this Haniya in dollars to keeping our money in dollars they connect such that bits raises 100 falls do not really have to Actually you exchange occur between bits Connect and Bitcoins between beacon act Bitcoin difference is not very big so Money you do not lose your almost how much you've earned as you and you can see because because Now I explain why bit connect traded on the hit btc Look made it traded on here traded Bitcoin to live some here, plus you do not know what honest and aise ear sexes programs also somehow something is It is happening to be honest I do not know not I understood but it is not interesting and that's if we are in the scope here bcc here we are respectively, then a profit or minus any made here this coin for today Bitcoins to live a plus sometimes did this both killed honestly I do not whisking what it is and there is still and again does not work ie so now you can see the percentage of it in general that and just did not allow somewhere run up Bitcoins or fall down in relation to the bitcoin killed connect at why the money you earned in USD equivalent bit after the transfer and connect and following the transfer of their bitcoin they have nowhere lost are not going anywhere, and 1 abundance will depend on The ratio of these two coins in general, I I hope this topic you covered also told there is a constant selling and buying a bit of a connection and Bitcoins there are internal such exchange system which is also talked neither will it once again re Generally speaking it is such this is the first week project I think will be even there long enough, plus to ensure the project produces said cache card all references to it will leave in description visit, I think not to be afraid should any one point of the Permian range are present of course because one way or another, he speculate on the market this coin any Coin any currency to speculate on the market due to this we are, in general, and to lose you the money that we get cash they are impaired due to this It obtained such a thing as inflation and deflation, and so on more than depreciation exalting the value of money and so etc That's about what I told you about This all to think your too financial literacy is not only of my stories so to speak but also from there, see Wikipedia Listen people who have something to say to u tube see it all so you should not be such rams and write all kinds of garbage in comments then again will tell beaten connect which case there something will happen to him in the fall charisma and losing their money I'm sure you'll tell it well, at the bottom of the bottom will be a reference to it register and in general, then get My team will constantly have maintain tell you all show despite the fact that channel specializing in mainly on the premises of the Chinese here have humble a coin is a very hype at I Coin is just a huge excitement Here it is created and already bought it is given for about 2 bucks it is now possible and buy for 2 bucks from 6 up to 11 hours to be here a time when it will be possible to buy a knife floor I will say just a couple of rabid seconds just the site falls in Fig simply drop site and yet it is impossible to make do not buy anything, and you can buy it even $ 5 is already sold five dollars that is, again, if you drive here thousands of dollars buying coins for a certain sum after Aisi ears when it closes from it again still due to the hype soars well and when already it goes on the market there is already traded on the market and can also be make good xxi certainly not such although it may be a good and long term, a good x and can be make this coin but such x short-term and how simply and village that is, when I myself held and immediately coin flies are of course the price x and the problem will be enough to do this is all that's the logic and Here's the structure of these kriptovalyutnyh relations in general is so like this link for this project, I also leave the description I buy here 25 coins I have now Only dollars here so misfortunes bitcoins more precisely and, respectively, at the price of $ 2 I can only buy twenty-five coins on the other hand We will watch that and then do with it We can again send the vending you can send money vending quietly and in general that earn on it well, or else output x and its too, too, can continue you coin here too is very cool stuff, too, here goes essay on let's go, and this information and more than 15 thousand in two hours 49 minutes will sell the coin to 08 I has not yet been entered into the court money the interior is bitcoin wallet but can be the number 18 so I go here and try to buy at 082 here a couple of coins and also see already here even specified Eleventh in December so mean we get this November December All correct a mistake in the treatment of December is already here she stands 1 and 2 strands over to where the strength hardly and when she had just finished, and when I I think it will take off even more that is already bought for so much money that you can coin make 40x that is, if you buy it $ 1,000 to $ 1,000 for such coins already December 15 you have 40 thousand dollars but I am afraid that it is generally almost impossible to make this coin to buy at this price because of the simplicity of collapse Again, the site will collapse like this here I'll leave too, a reference to it in description of all will be sold 6 million coins but of course it would be cool here to buy a thousand dollars coins is very cool and I think it will takes a lot of bloggers and many people who move into this topic in this direction in the meantime we have the cue ball growing growing growing and I think there will be It may be a slight correction and again he It will likely grow although it may be again falls then we will buy bitochek But in general, that all But in general, that all forecasts are not afraid It stands again a lot of information why bitcoin fell it is all due to mainly with bitcoin cache there in general is here Now this unit is present in bitcoin is 1 megabyte bitcoin cachito 8 megabytes Depending on it increases speed operation well, in general about it you also you can see their commercials I'm not the future to talk about it deepen all all all questions and all leave your comments below under This video general feedback are building is also interesting you do not I wonder even whether to do it this content on my channel is that all the same on the premises specializes in Chinese Although China is also present here because that is the ancestor of bitcoin China so here as well that I have friends here He showed several projects on them I leave a link in the description but packed a connection I think will make money and so on and so forth that's what With regards to humble and Cain and to regards th and Ina, too, too, I try to buy coins here but depending on as will swim here we byd course byd co's all I wanted tell you not to date Remember to subscribe to my Channel put a thumbs-up and be sure to write comments Depending on this, will be formed my opinion about whether it is worth to tell you about it Well, go to the project and get fat xxi and, in general, earn money because I do not know to sit on the priest exactly and your money just simply Inflation would sit and eat a my friend that's all thank you for attention until