bitconnect, regalcoin, hextracoin, falconcoin, davorcoin, German, German, ico ucoincash A very friendly hello or even when and welcome to a new Round ko currency basket of all that this includes I will start as always with the brand gap analysis but here want I relatively short hold me the page, have I do not updated, there is actually currently at 8000 us dollars with just under three percent, in plus and has immediately after fiasco within one week recovers there was so far below 6000 dollar between, dropped by our image connect coin The leaves slowly through the air definitely slipped in places farther and farther behind is of course the fact that many have suffered alcohol neatly around the victory with texts split as it against the yes was canceled as associated with 12 3 percent, in plus and are currently traded 292 us dollar Here I have for the first time a little bit a little deviation between bitcoin and seen to connect the flow's otherwise still relatively simultaneously the charts was with connect coin itself Slightly better than the bitcoin because here you can already see the charts a little different, I probably because that The three months US dollar in which the bit contact points between multiple stood for many with no halter connect a great big Sell ​​mean out that the cut out what he have here and that accordingly titan The price down as repeatedly said the coins have been recovered bit bitcoin cash falls slowly and was of 2 in between cloudy at 2,000 us dollar and but that we should not concern ourselves Today I have a lot of tabs open but I do not think with all tabs only briefly With connect the mother of all landing platform and the mother of all here soon open tabs Runs on very well even if now credit card with a bit Storm comes up because neither visa nor mastercard have now confirmed that no longer have confirmed that even denied that they connect with and And will work with connect and which are to them any fashion style, the credit card provide disposal I think currently relatively serious but I also know that the other services are Which could do with connects to the already together So a credit card offer which, of course, but it is wrong Definitely that this logo and the mastercard logo on the cards to print that was not, okay? The straight for today is at 0 55 Almost disappointing to the last few days looks disappointed me but in no case so as I said if you look hijack the six month look 0 96 now in the average 30 days 1

03 as really 103 percent of the day And here the last seven days were properly digest disappointed me as I have said so a number in no case are available at 112 As you can see from the bar here already Did this 0 there were really big in the straits and how are Currently in average for the month november at 11 percent and overall we have for this month already 22

29 Percent I get guess until the end of the month are still Ten days are like here who are 32 percent if everything stays as it is then the in november Fattest month since I've been in with connect My strategy Currently I let me pay a little bit and collect accordingly dollar in my landing volt transfer edie britt Connect ballet sells then on the exchange and transfers currently in other systems I'm trying to set up as broadly as possible Can recommend me any and to spread my investments accordingly I am currently at insane 1150 dollar At some point in 1000 were even a dollar limit for me herbig but what she sees quite a long time exceeded The first time it was bit on the subject connect there is no new news there is therefore no bad news All good so far followed that waiting is a a new roadmap for the roadmap is the annual ceremony we indeed two or more has also had some three or four weeks Went to the end and did not ask what actually announces picture to the future plans in Seven days is already the bell expo since with connect Issued and there with connect too As speaker represented and I hope Time as there is any news I'm now very briefly to de nuke Risk that it is the page where I mean payout At the moment towards pump important thing first moment you can only 50 points buy at one time and a friend is currently 82 us dollars worth that is if you want to ever really thought enter, please make sure you do not over Water is then 50 us dollars or so transfers to this page because you can not use it To art for sale What I think I save myself from him because I have already in my He's in my friend right allows everything to the current levels said this could be one of the more stable are also again in any case here today so I mention this also we are today 750,000 coins traded normally stand here someday ne 200,000 which has now increased due to the series and demand, while the limit The coins lowered

So you can buy only 50 points at once I belong to those who have had success and here's where it e10 bought 985 91 why the crooked number I can tell you now also the entire purchase process relatively extensively to complicated because where now the clock is running today representing 16 pm German time is subsequently a button at free And here I have my man Someone picked out, he already Has tried to buy if you even when clicking you want to cook with earth first above your currency want bitcoin or criterion in this case and below Make sure you the amount one wants to spend it is that is important not want to buy the coins ju but you put up here to draw want to spend a starts with me with bitcoin course 000 of a point is important please make sure that this Europe Ch a mount under 50 stay I know Not what happens if you take more than 50 because the side I can tell you right already is totally Busy as were two people and each had two different browser to to get to this cologne And here actually had the luck that we are holding a coin com So this is what about that in windows of You have here two I had here not a First no checkmark am not a god I had to, I only Button for I am not a god, and with me is not a capture more arrived at This gentlemen here So that believe me is definitely not this typical I'm not a robot capturing Come I could buy as directly as I said page is totally overloaded but I hope a little bit by be that here 750 1000 pieces traded today and 16:00 German time well mean that the whole amis the last real crazy about the Still working are that was there can also come to the coins and make as I said you want to enter respects it does not transfer too much because you can Do not buy more than 50 points at one time At a later date I will again ne reviews the coin make but as I said that there is something where you could enter the short term And possibly the success of Extra coins or des moines here comes out as I said does not increase the size of a perhaps witness the best of Mainz Träsch sell out on if you have time But as it is said that there are only so mentioned on the edge and I got down then link if you want to sign Chain group In a nutshell, I was a bit surprised when I logged me yesterday I've just got must make time so there we are, as I said the same a little surprised at kangoo when I logged me yesterday I suddenly stood now 94 us dollars that I could not explain because my chart says definitely Well of course that could marnie only birds have come about, I looked right times and Had yes I know do not know what to make of it at the moment here there was, of course, Pile of cash is quite positive for me what to here from user 28 73 1 that is but one Where I was thinking of having someday invested bold here At 26 I coba do not know if you hear the you should you maybe I'll listen to you directly on the page time I write do not know whether you are German or an army I will can indeed here with his seemingly falls in English and in German make it Writing I have seen of course you have 1,000 us dollar invested What a pile of ash, of course, and here you have the time just doubled ie that here are five percent if I all About Schlage you're with, I believe more than 3,000 dollars here in the page somehow 3300 dollar nina page I invested do not know what to do with you you know that they eat high risk investment and this page at any time to go I would advise everyone from here in these to invest sizes quantities and above all you do not have to wait until then return on investment achieved what you actually should do And hate him just because even refilled yet really fat when we against all basic rules that I set up at some point, have and I the chain group review even presented them have driven so as I said I'm up here right again write and Ye that maybe, sometimes the risk explain as best I can in English and in German I get the rates already together as I said gift is going well are currently also not display that somehow make what the also communicate very well with their community through their twitter-account here is the grande nation on 500000 us dollar Stabilization been Stockt which in itself is also urgent

but was necessary as I said, you Never know whether this is real and what is behind the page and you will also find the people already Warned that the payout for the next few days a bit low are through the chaos caused what it halt What was just here, there were many groups as with the Frankish here this deeply because this deeply rooted of course through the chaos with the secret tricks split which was then not made So communication very good and each one has yet, sometimes pointed forward to it that the Network was totally overloaded that what we in the beginning is received and the normal lot currently 700 work Is that is enormous that there was also never Yes, as I said that chen group runs itself quite well to it also plans At least one eu for January which is the chance user who has invested so much money, the page will at least month they remain First a house money and then watch what from the side happens I make my money is long out I've been here at exceeded for a long time on my first landing el rey 146 percent And my tactic is like saying ten euros for ten dollars here are investing to pay off dollar So stop by the ratio ago So are now not always the ten dollar because I've seen here If one has the payout limit something Raised earlier there were five us dollars and islam the page something So, you know functioned in any case very well the page is, the stock of new does not matter Let's go on an extra coin I'm not going to date big it a Except that when one sees that the price has almost doubled here since my last video She is my ice-trasse loud video she was addressed Did I have on 14/11 uploaded are no seven days today out and up here you can see because the rate stood at 14 dollars 56 and up he is holding at 31 dollars 88 originally invested my 400 us dollar, it was not even all currently 1047 dollar worth and I will this 1047 dollar also invest into landing here why do I do this it is on 25 December is a no extra facebook page so-called split or a screenshot or 1 data, a database opi give and you want all investors who hardly believed in and have held on this date the coin with extra no Gold is what is also touted up here during the day rheingold is an extra korngold flowers credited to a value of 30 us dollar and this is extra korngold only it meant landing On this date, everything is guarded what he is landing program 21 ie two additional coins In landing a hexagon gold that you get credited therefore mean two relative to one and in the constitute a on a dashboard have virtually since the ratio of four to one that is, for every fourth additional customer you get an extra no gold credited This is really very risky not know not what The price probably happened Will he now what he now he does rise rapidly and then just before the 25 December will probably sell a lot of their coins because it not shown not like yukon cash to just the beginning have that here really only very small sum or very small amounts on a Auditors are available but here are sometimes also people I just look if it is right time are in a position 500 points to sell at once since 1000 are up crosses at once here 2001 that is here are a lot of accounts for individual persons and of course have the opportunity When they strike all award rapidly to influence and you can stop at in Yukon cash currently not because you this possibility is simply not given to much the consob once to occupy Yes that was once an extra point strategy as I said has paid off 14 dollar 56 I have the nearly ten dollar bought and Then now actually at 31 92 as I said I think about what I still do Currently I really want to invest in landing because 4010 us dollars you will have The 0 15 per day voucher on top However, you will find your coins course for 180 days here on the website And I do not know how it will continue here until the extra-can gold I'm sure will still go here rapidly uphill and shortly before witchcraft depending on whether congo The people get cold feet or if the trust in the chippers korngold is there or not some selling and award shortly before probably has fold That's all for today If you liked the let but like to have a comment and a thumbs up because If not already subscribed and otherwise adopted with these words your ego ski