Hey guys this is my first video blog or v-log It's 10:30 in the evening here in the Philippines I'll try to do this in the daily basis like it'll just take me like five to ten minutes of my time and You know just to check how much I earn and count my crypto coins Those coins that are intangible those coins that you can't touch you can't smell Also sometimes I may speak in my native language which is Filipino so I could like create a Filipino community who'll use a BitConnect coin around me if I do speak in my native language, I'll try to work it out with the subtitle on my videos and so that my BitConnect friends in the group could also understand my videos ok To get things started yeah This is what you're seeing in my screen now is the BitConnect dashboard First a BitConnect coin It's getting popular in the market ok I'm new I'm totally new to the cryptocoin game

I am that Late in that in the game Too late, I guess However yeah, I tried mining (It's hard) It's not profitable I guess for me Unless if you have a really powerful machine then yeah go ahead however If you do not have that powerful machine (our local electric bill is expensive) Like for two weeks (I'm trying to mine and) I just earned like 30 40 pesos It's not even a dollar in the US so I guess it's not that worth it All right Then I tried to do more research Then (I got interested in) BitConnect coin and their strategy is You lend your money to your to BitConnect trading bot and That trading what we'll do the trading in the stocks I believe it will trade Using your money It will just trade to the stock market some bitcoins then (how much it will earn) You will get it as an interest Okay, so I started yesterday And The minimum amount that you could lend is $100 That's how much I lent the training bot that's how much I can only lend I believe to the training bot and a hundred dollars is six thousand pesos (to us) Hundred dollars if you lend the training bot a hundred dollars your capital will get locked for 299 days however (if you'll lend a larger amount) (if you'll choose a larger investment) (you'll get your capital back faster) plus there's additional daily interest to it Okay So let's say (yesterday) (I put in my wallet a) Hundred dollars (that's what the trading bot is using) then today this (just yesterday) October 25 and just checking it today I earned $173 without doing anything and $173 is About 90 pesos (to us) which is Okay Small? Well, yeah, it's okay (I'm not doing anything) I just earn 90 pesos and How it works is yeah, so that's 173 from From today and Theoretically since (I have) $100 (I should have) $127 tomorrow Okay for the last so for the last 30 days Their average rate of interest is point eighty two well there are times that we dental telega, and I assume internist If I net that money stay in my wallet and Let that leading but use it for well trading then after 299 days I Should have that amount $345, which is like 245 percent Times (the amount I invested) Okay and for the last six months (it's the same) so (if you have) 100 and you let it (invest) Yeah, so around that that amount 345 to 381 maybe hopefully Yeah, so how it started this yeah, I setup my coins wallet Coins PH (Yesterday I put 6000 pesos) then I converted it to Bitcoin after I converted it to Bitcoin I sent that Bitcoin to Bitconnect as you see I put Bitconnect deposit (here) After I received it in Bitconnect My Bitcoin wallet, then (I will receive it in my Bitcoin wallet in Bitconnect) then I bought Bitconnect coins for those who are selling Here as you can see (there are) (who sells Bitconnect or Bitcoin) Yeah so yeah, (I bought Bitconnect here), then I lend it And lend a hundred and that's like 0

4 Bitconnect coins This is my first time doing this video blog so if I encounter More technical difficulties later on forgive me yeah I'll get better next time Okay, let's say a 100, (there) 04 Bitconnect coins and that's it and yeah And I earned 173 and that's it ok Yeah, so Bitconnect coin (It's not popular to us) (what we only know is) Bitcoin Ethereum What else? (those are the only few we know) Bitconnect is the 8th (in the) market (it is in the 8th today) It's chart looks promising as you can see (here) Bitconnect to dollar I don't know how to read this, but yeah this looks good (for me) Some professional trading exchange platform they also this is just in October 23 and they are adding Bitconnect coin in their market, okay, so this looks promising (If you like and you have extra cash to spend) there's no harm on trying to put it, invest it in Bitconnect coin and the way I'll do it is like now the interest rate is about an average 09, right? every time I earn accumulated Ten dollars of interest (I'll try to) reinvest so later on (maybe I could claim more) I'll try to reinvest in tens so if I get a reach 20 then I'll reinvest 20 if I reach 10 then I'll just reinvest 10 (that's my plan) and that's it That's my video for today if you are interested in investing in Bitconnect coin then Use the link below join the Bitconnect Use that link if you're into mining and cloud mining is I guess it's good (looks like) promising If you want to like get a discount then use my code here and you'll get 3% off when you buy in Genesis mining And if you don't have Coins PH account Use this link so you will get 50 pesos after you set it up after your account gets verified instant (you'll get) 50 pesos and These two accounts are new but still Try to follow me try to Subscribe my youtube channel It's new it's great I'll post new videos Every day every night Thank you