are you guys how are you so my name is Teresa for those of you who are new and I want to do a shout out to crypto steam man because I had posted this picture right here and I said when I get on my picnic gold digital gold print count it reminds me of Scrooge McDuck like playing in his money and then he sent me this one so it's like oh my god that's awesome so I wanted to throw a shout-out out there brim is actually his picture is much better than mine look at that he's swimming in Bitcoin right there digital big money just kidding no but I really like that picture that's so cute so okay jumping right in you guys and I'm gonna touch up just on a few things today nothing too crazy let's see something that I really wanted to mention really quick and I was telling fit Beauty the beauty yes she's one of my YouTube friends I just found her like people days though I really like their YouTube videos so a lot of people have been writing to me on here about I think if I'm understanding right what you guys are saying is instead of lending out like for example that 30 to 50 I would just keep holding it until I reach one thousand and ten dollars and then once I reach 1,000 ten dollars to reinvest it back in and do it that way I think that that's what you guys are saying I just wanna make sure I'm understanding you guys correctly because I guess it wouldn't make sense but I'm just wondering because v UT she did a breakdown of if you were to save it up in your wallet on not on the Kinect but on control finance she did an example if you were to reinvest every day you actually make more than if you were just to save it in a bulk and then invest it so I'm wondering if that is the same thing that would happen here like should I just reinvest we lent out the money daily even if it's just $32 or 200 or 100 or should I just stay there up until it's a hundred and ten dollars and then reinvest it back into picnic so let me know what you guys think about that I asked Fitz Beauty if she could do a breakdown like she did for control finance for quick connect I would like to appreciate that I just wanted time to do it I don't know spreadsheets and stuff like that drive me crazy trying to put them together but I would love to see a video if somebody has video on that which one is more profitable if it's doing that every day investment we're just holding onto it but I would like to actually see a physical breakdown of it because I just want to visually see you know so I'm just gonna go ahead I'm not gonna reinvest this thirty to fifty I'm just gonna go quit and put it in my picnic while it's like like the bitcoin is going up and I just somebody might think neck wallet so I'm just gonna go ahead and transfer that over and not lent it out today and that's what we're gonna do for today on that well beans now on to the next page let's see what they're now right here is so slow I have to update it and I keep procrastinating and that's right so slow so bear with me the other thing is I was looking at I were to take a hundred thousand dollars out of my bank account because it's sitting there and it's not making practically cuckoo do nothing it's making that thing sitting there and it's not that safe right it's not that safe it's I feel like it's no seed from the bank than it really is unaided and on some of these problems not all of them some of these platforms so I mean for me to tie up my money four hundred twenty days I'm fine with because it's gonna be sitting in my bank account four hundred twenty days anyway so I wouldn't I tie it up here for a hundred twenty days and then make a profit a profit of literally a hundred and forty two thousand dollars that's like amazing it's like crazy to me you know some some really highly practical ating on doing this the other problem is here's where I went to here's where the problem comes in is getting enough Bitcoin to be able to transfer it picnic so I was even looking at the local so like to meet somebody in person they were charging almost like $300 I think know who's the Crites at yesterday's yesterday I don't refresh rate I wanted to buy 10 $10,000 worth of Bitcoin but this is just it's too much it's like it's weight that the fee I feel like it's way too high you guys I don't know let me know what you think I just feel like the kids just wait tonight to meet them in person and just fit it that way because I mean it when base is just a nightmare look it's like um I can't even just trying to get trying to how am I gonna buy a how will I buy a hundred thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin to be able to make the long because it's just it's a knife it won't even allow me to do that so it's just I'm still frustrated with it like so beyond much greater so okay let's see I'm finna go ahead I was gonna buy t theory em but since I'm really trying to get more big points so I can put in to thick-necked although I feel like aetherium I'm like flooring are so on sale I feel like they're on super sale right now so a lot I'm gonna keep that open I might play and entertain this choice but I can't remember what the ATM fee is so high that the Bitcoin ATM fee is so high I might just shoot down there and just you know and it limits to you to $3,000 a day deposit at the Bitcoin ATM receipt drives me up the wall alright let's see so if you guys know anything better and click away that I can get more cash into Bitcoin Twitter that would be great if you guys can let it right down below also I would love to have you guys on my big neck team if you want to be on my picnic team you guys my referral link is down underneath I will if you join my picnic team and you do your first 1010 dollar loan you will get one place free VCC point from me and also if you decide to do YouTube I will do I'm gonna create a sideo just on how to make YouTube how to maximize and utilize your YouTube channel so that it helps you grow but I mean it it helps people find you and then you grow by people coming to your channel and if they decide they like you or not you know that they resonate with you cuz like not everybody's gonna resonate with you I was just telling a bit moody you know I said I like to see a bunch of videos on the same exact topic because one person explains it's so much different than not and that's the beauty about you tip you guys and that's why it's such a beautiful platform because everybody can excel in it because there's something for everybody you know and just because like I someone might make a video but just it's not explained in the way that it works for me and I can see like another person and I can understand it better and it's probably said the same way just a little bit different but that a little bit of a difference makes a big difference for me to understand it and feel more comfortable so with that said don't feel shy don't you know people resonate with people that are raw and and just straightforward and sharing their authentic experience of their journey I love that like I literally watched so many videos because I get so much from it it's the best way for me to draw the best conclusion or for me to make the most the best informed decision for me going forward with that said cuz I know I'm jumping all over the place thick neck is still at number thirteen but I am still looking for it to be up here someday in your future today guys oh I got sides back by the way don't forget Jedi Knight amazing video for those of you who are nervous and yet intense picnic this video will Kohli bring your confidence up that link is also in the description box right when I give Jedi Knight credit for that of course I wrote his name and everything so I will when you guys swim picnic like I was saying sorry thanks for bearing with me you guys I know I'm very evening me and I jump all over the place but I think it all fastens on that and I make sense in the end but I will make a youtube video on how to maximize your YouTube channel and as you guys since the I've been on YouTube you guys since July 29th 2017 that's about 12 days and I already have fifty a subscribers thankful for all of you who have subscribe and a lot of views you know and it's just because I know how to optimize YouTube so that people are able to get to my videos and see them and if they like them they can subscribe and stay and if they don't you know they're just gonna find somebody else who they like and resonate with them that's fine pistol' my videos are not gonna be for everybody and I understand that because everybody's videos are not for me either and that's cool so thank you so much for everyone and I will definitely have a video on how to write your you know just it'll be a very detailed video to make it easy for you to start your YouTube channel and continue it but optimizing the growth I hope that that made sense and I got no sex and run but I will basically help you whatever you need because I want you to grow I want to help you grow because I know if I help you grow then I will be growing alongside with you so we're gonna grow together I think that's pretty much it there's something really cool that I saw you guys I wanted it just off topic from crypto this was really really neat and I want to share with you guys I thought it was still cool so this guy ends up spending like a fellow over 8,000 dollars to have this it's almost like I'm gonna I'm gonna let you guys see it you just saw this down so I know in a previous video I had a class we're complaining about it and I thought you might but I wasn't sure so I'm like you know what let me to try I literally watched youtube videos on this setting right here it's super fast look you cannot watch videos on that feat because they speak very very fast so when my friends come over they're like what are you listening to it sounds like alien languages it's so fast and then again I'm sorry my computer is so darn slow I'm gonna let you guys play it so you can see what it's to save the guy like over $100,000 he was so smart needed to prepare for something that no one has seen in the middle of all of it it looks like he did just that his house now an island he took a chance drove to Louisiana to buy an aqua damn it took him and two other guys a few hours to fill up 400 feet of 30-inch high tubes made of plastic in fabric with water surrounding his property the crazy guy whitener and his family stayed and waited and watched as the water rose to 27 inches but never seeped through the barriers it cost him money he says it was well worth his sanity $8,300 is you know to me a small investment on a house that could have two foot of water in it and cost me over $150,000 in repairs now he has a place to come home to and hopes that others will blossom so I thought that was so neat so cool I thought I would throw it out there cuz I know the weather's been crazy there's madness out there and I thought that doc can help some of you guys and that you guys would find that helpful and pretty neat so this is the YouTuber as a it's but I came across this video and I was like what's that so neat so I thought I'm sure it you guys I hope you guys enjoyed my video let me know down below if you have any questions or if you would like to do or whatever is on your mind please definitely let me know any advice any feedback I am open to it I love it it's the only way for me to grow so don't forget three brophy join my team let's grow together and I will see you guys in tomorrow's video bye girls