what's up my coin maniacs are you guys doing I just wanted to shoot this quick little video to give you guys an update I plan on doing videos every Monday through Friday from now on I am I promise to give you guys some lunch Bitcoin for the comp for the comments I was going to do this once a week right now I'm going to do this every Monday through Friday so every weekday I'm gonna be giving away a lunch Bitcoin to one random comment all you have to do is um comment below of course subscribe turn on bail notification so you don't miss an upload and then comment below a comment with your with your bitcoin address and get the video like so let's go ahead and do that now my last video was this one I just picked a random commentary oh and by the way I started with big connect to do this giveaway to make this giveaway possible and I put in five grand just to see how it works how it goes and I'm gonna send you guys I'm gonna send out some Bitcoin right now so I'm first transfer when I transfer how this is work let's say 30 bucks transfer hmm Oh so boom so sell order placed go back here see if it's sold nope damn it damn it give me my fucking lunch Bitcoin there every once in a while I'm gonna be giving away some lunch Bitcoin to you guys so make sure you comment below like subscribe do all that crazy stuff comment on every single video with your Bitcoin address and who knows you might be receiving some big lunch Bitcoin from me and then I'd really appreciate it if you dag me on instagram at Matthew 1w and uh yeah that'd be cool if you get it so in this case crypto scholar Wan congratulations crypto Skala we're just going to send it over through through 0005 there we go safety safety first guys always rule number one in investing is never invest more than you can afford to lose rule number two is always safety first okay boom correct congratulations you now have some lunch bitcoin hope you enjoy it again you don't have to do it but if you would tag me in an Instagram post that'd be awesome let's look at the markets right now Bitcoin up 11% after some crazy shit that went down last week Bitcoin price went all the way down the fees of Bitcoin are ridiculous right now and I saw this article here on Point Telegraph saying that bitcoin is going to be integrated in this crypto payments up the cash up and that will lower the fees so that will they will use pooled wallets to allow Bitcoin payments without current high fees that would be awesome because I was starting to doubt Bitcoin I wasn't doubting it but the transaction fees were ridiculous like I I I got this five thousand dollar loan here big connect I paid $30 in fee that was crazy but anyways um yeah so I just wanted to give you guys an update real quick I'm using big connect to do these giveaways now the lending program is pretty solid I've had some some news the day after I put some money into big connect and I'm saying that first of all Fatali booter and said that big connect was a scam but that was kind of blown out of proportion because he didn't have all the information and then I also read some articles that you know people say that it's gonna be bent or whatever most of these articles are not backed by any a fax is just people writing whatever do this is people writing whatever the hell they want to write and it's not based by fat so what I'm here to do yes I'm here to sent you guys some free lunch Bitcoin from this big connect platform see how it goes I'll just keep you guys up to date every once in a while I do this I do these giveaways you never know what I'm gonna do it so you better just call them below your bitcoin address and and comment and subscribe to the channel and turn on bail notifications so you don't miss anything I plan on doing daily videos about the crypto currency markets new developments all kinds of news so you definitely don't want to miss out on that that was it guys for today whatever you do stop settling start living the corn life please don't forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend it reads as well as essential cryptocurrency resources and if you like this channel please consider donating Bitcoin addresses in a description box as well any donation is much appreciated for channel growth thanks an offense and see you on the next video