This is you Gamer

Like many gamers, you just push play I want to take action But I am exhausted from the cumbersome limitations in these games In addition, developers and issuers To produce content with minimal effort to produce maximum profit We are pressing down a designed inequality system – By your payment In order to solve this, we created BitGuild It is a platform by gamers for gamers Make it possible to control by the player's hand It aims to change the structure of the world of the game forever Inside of your favorite game very much You love that item

But the game is over Perhaps shutting down the server Maybe you just want to play a different game So what happens to the item? At the moment [Pause effect sound] will disappear forever Goodbye! But there is no such thing anymore In BitGuild, you can bring that item to another game You can display it as a souvenir Or you can sell Everything depends on you! In BitGuild, assets, items and accounts in the game are It exists in the block chain

That ownership belongs to the player you are Players can do simple and secure transactions An affordable open market And we will have the possibility to change the game we know Using service conditions In the shadow of a publisher controlling your enjoyment There is no need to hide and play again Written by the evil Corporate Overlord, Forcing a dirty virtual currency system in the game It seems that you control your items and accounts

For their benefit To just pray your love game love All of our games utilize smart contract technology We adopt PLAT as payment method Game items are tokenized It shall be dealtable by ownership of the player

And unlike the old virtual currency wallet Our Wallet is a token like PLAT It enables virtual display of items It's an inventory rather than a wallet! Purchase, purchase and sell your virtual item And possess – in reality – with BitGuild Retrieve your game And please join the guild today!