hello Internet so today after a few months we received the antminer l3+ from bitmain, it took quite a few months from production to shipping to get over here and today we're gonna review on doing the unboxing of the ASIC miner packages so you know what comes from the factory in China this is one of the or it is one of the most powerful ASIC miners for the scrypt algorithm including litecoin (LTC) and any other coins the support they are supported by the scrypt algorithm currently in litecoin mining at 504 MHs so let's proceed with the unboxing of this unit and see what comes inside the package from the factory China it took actually almost three months since we ordered for now so when you open the box it comes from the factory with what looks to be a thank you better thank you for buying the a minor of three and comes to the description that there are minor comes with four Hoshi pours a niche borer is powered by two PCIe slots the control board uses one PCIe slot you need to make sure that each one of the hashtagwars the has two PCIe connectors is connected to only one power supply the total consumption for this machine is a hundred watts on each one of the hashboards have a 90 watts each please started attaching balls over here it has four of them you will have to connect PCIe connectors to each and here you have the control unit or you will have to put an additional PCIe connector it has advanced on both sides of the unit as an our connection to lights to indicate the operation of the units the reset button this minor will produce a lot of heat and a lot of noise so you need to make sure to place it on the location of where you have all the necessary conditions so you'll need air conditioning and you need to have stable power and enable traction to be able to connect a minor when you connect this minor to the to the network is when I get on others from the DHCP server and basically you will have to configure it using a web interface that comes with these miners so let's move it to the location that we're going to be using this unit connected check the video maker on the description where I show you how to wire up to HP server power supply units to use it to power up these PCIe connectors if not you can use one power supply that has at least one 1000 Watts and I'm gonna link on the description other power supply units that you may use to power it you see on it thank you so much for watching I will love to see you again