hello today I'm gonna be connecting the bitmain antminer s9 this is the latest batch we just got it last week I'm going to be connecting that with the thermal take tough power 1500 watts to see if it works let's go over the different connections and options that you can use to see how it works remember that each board must be connected to the same power supply and you can use two different power supplies long power supply or three power supplies you just cannot mix in between the the boards you cannot use different power supply so the same work on a link on the description all the power supplies may even use power I did the network cable here and it will get a DHCP address and I'm gonna show you how to do configuration on the browser itself I have to advise you that the miner is very loud it uses about 15 amps and it just burned one five meters to measure power because it went off 15 amps be careful because most of the house circuits in the US and throughout the world support up to 15 amps so you're gonna blow out , at least if not something worse, since you don't have an on/off button on it on the minor you will have to jump your power supply so it remains on at all times so I'm gonna follow up with a graphic showing the pins that you need to short using a paper clip so you can get this unit turned on just by owner on off the power supply or back so let's power up the unit the unit is really loud so let's shoot it up and see how much noise it makes so here's a story just started kind of quite at the beginning but then it's gonna get really loud as soon as the main unit kicks in as you can see I'm gonna show you how I figure it using different uh cryptocurrencies and what you can do with it let's switch to my screen real quick so I can show you what it is about once you have located the IP address or the N minus 9 you'll be able to type that URL or that IP address into the URL bar of the web browser and that will allow you to access the web page for the configuration of the n minor s9 the default username and password is root root remember that you should change this username or password in the case that you are on an external network accessible by all users that may change your manual configuration so the first screen that you're going to be presented with is gonna be day and – 9 system overview window where you're going to see what is the minor type let me make the screen a bit bigger here in font to do a battery usage the screen so on the first screen you're gonna be presented with a minor side we will see son and minor s9 you can see details like however shown the kernel a filesystem version the up time since winning has been opened I'm running the first thing that you're gonna do obviously is go to administration and change the password if you note if you need to do so if this IP address is going to be accessible femoral adverse or you're not behind a firewall go to minor configuration and we are going to type the different parameters that you will use for further pools this – will – from BIGBANG has the the option key to input sort of policies so the server's in case one of their server just goes down you will go to the second one or two the third in this way you avoid downtime of your minor if one of the servers is not functioning properly at the time what is my visual – internet connectivity issues once you just save your general configuration they pull it you're gonna click save and apply and that's going to apply the changes to the minor you're gonna see the minor briefly reboot the funds are gonna change speed and then you're going to browse to minor status once your minor star Spacia comes back you're gonna be able to see the time has elapsed the gigahertz that is currently running and how much local work is is doing and you're going to see the stars of which one of the pools if they're alive or if they're dead also you're gonna see the different asset chains the unmannered s9 has three three boards so basically this minor is operating properly right now and you're gonna see the chip temperature on this page if this goes a degree and obviously has some cooling problems you are also going to see the different fan speeds and how they're already saying all things that you can change in a minor you can go to network and you can assign a static IP address in this case this minor is going to be a DHCP is getting an IP address from the list is over you can go to the diagnostic page where you can have several utilities that you can use to to bring a host in this case you can ping the pulsar for example and see if it is reachable so as you can see the minor gives you a response where was a lot of richness or not I'm taking it you can do a trace route to a hold and using Google that come but usually typically you will want to to do it with a full server though you're using in your mind configuration and it's not working you're trying to troubleshoot the trace route completed we're good to go and you can good a make sure we look up to make sure that your pool is being resolved properly the name server there you go does the main server system you will have access to what AB C's administration where you can change the password for the and minor you click on monitor you're gonna see monitoring commands of the different workers they're running and the different processes that are running on the a miner if you go to the tab colonel log it's gonna give you a lot of things to do that with the system the different voltages and the different asset configurations and temperatures and if you have any errors they're gonna show up here on the upper a tab you can backup your configuration generate an archive here you can reset the unit you can restore a backup from one of the packets that you have done previously or you can flash a new firmware into the device also you will have a reboot button over here we could tap a little bit minor that's pretty much it this miner is running properly all the chips are up and running a mining gonna know a video I'm gonna show you how to open miner in this case is gonna be a man miner of three that came with with a defective board so you can see how to open the unit and how to get one of the chips one of the pores out of the out of the system in order to send it for repairs one of your ships became damaged subscribe to this channel like this video and I look forward to see you again on the next video thank you so much for watching a nice day thank you so much for watching this video please subscribe to my channel hit the like button subscribe to my other channels on technology web design general life in Los Angeles thank you so much for watching I would love to see you again