hello Internet this is Karel today we are going to unbox the Antminer S9 and we're going to start a new chapter on cryptocurrencies and miners in general ,today we received the ant miner S9 from bitmain and I'm gonna do the unboxing and review and see what comes from the factory in China bitcoin is going right now it's running for about 3,500 dollars per Bitcoin let's check it out so you know what to expect when you open the box it has nothing in regards the documentation simple box with the unit inside and here comes the unit, it comes with PCI connectors on the side you need to provide a lot of power for this unit and it's very loud the noise that it produces basically you're gonna need a power supply that provides at least 1500 watts and if you're gonna run it into if you're going to run this at home you may need to circuit to make sure that you have enough power and you don't trip the breaker make sure there are at least you have 20 amps where you're going to connect it basically you have to connect a PCI connector over here and you'll have to come up with another nine connectors or here here in the front you can see the panel a Fahrenheit connection IP report a reset button an SD card and all the components on the box so we're gonna be plugging the same to see how it works and I will get you through the installation of the unit the minor when you connect this minor to to the network is gonna get an address from the DHCP server and basically you will have to configure it using a web interface that comes with a miner so let's move it to the location that we're going to be using this unit connected check the video maker on the description where I show you how to wire up to HP server power supply units to use it to power up these BCAA connectors if not you can use one power supply and I'm gonna link on the description all the power supply units that you may use to power it is here it is so much for watching this video please subscribe to my channel hit the like button subscribe to my other channel some technology web design there are life in Los Angeles thank you so much for watching I would love to see you again [Music] you [Music]