Hello, and good morning youtube Nice to see you today on Dash Detailed

I'm so excited to be with you and I'm actually sitting here with my bags packed in my car because right after this show I am headed down to Phoenix, Arizona for Dash's open house I guess I could say maybe the first annual open house I hope so I hope that there are other open houses held in perhaps other countries sometime in the future So it's a good, exciting day

Thanks for joining me So without further adieu, let us get started with business and headlines, because there is so much today I have made–well, I haven't made–Pete has made a nice banner for you here Yes! Isn't that nice with the audio element combined with the visual element? Business and Headlines OK, so from the top

The exchange BitPanda is now supporting Dash, and if you had never heard of BitPanda, I hadn't either, it turns out that they used to be called Coinimal, which I had heard of, and they rebranded to BitPanda at some time Oh! Pete! You wicked, wicked man! There's a little portion of the troll box visible on my screen and now I'm seeing all these people typing, so now I'm going to move this screen so I can't see that Good morning troll box, hello! Welcome! I'm happy to have you BitPanda previously sold and bought just Bitcoin and Ethereum and they have recently added Dash What you may want to know about BitPanda is that they will buy coins from anybody in the world but then they only sell, at this time, to European customers European Dash buyers: your Dash buying options just expanded Groovy Next, I have news of another exchange

This one is called–at first I didn't know what this was, someone called it an "offline" exchange– It's called MaRSe and it's in Moscow, Russia And they also have just recently added Dash They sell to you in person Don't even listen to me, I have a video to show you It turns out that MaRSe is probably the coolest place in the whole world because it is an in-person exchange with the walls painted in the style of one of my favorite artists

Mondrian, I believe, is his last name One of my favorite paintings, anyway, that's why I'm not sure on his last name And then next to this exchange is a bar that has–it's a crypto museum Let me just show you Is that the coolest place, or what? I thought so too

So this place is now selling Dash They got hooked up with Dash after speaking to dear, beloved Dash core team member Alex-RU If you live anywhere near Moscow, that is the place that you should be going Maybe I'll move to Moscow because that is a place I would like to be going Please allow me to back up for just a moment here, because I wanted to show you–let's rewind a little bit–back to BitPanda

I didn't show you their buying methods I want to show you that because they support a lot So you can pay via Amazon, Visa or MasterCard, and all of these other sorts of fancy ways I remember on the Dashpay subreddit just last week someone was asking, "Does anybody know where I can use my Nuteller account to buy Dash?" Now you know Next in business and headlines, Dash core team member–business developer, actually–Daniel Diaz recently made an update regarding the long-awaited "major exchange" that has been set to launch Dash for some time now

His update looks a little something like this, and I'm going to read a quote from it to you In particular, he says: "It's important to notice that the trading pairs will be ninja launched over the next two weeks or so to avoid speculation around this Do not expect the new exchange to open operations on the 30th or the 1st" And I didn't now what "ninja launched" meant so I asked and I'll tell you what Daniel said He said "Ninja launching means that there is not a set date, and so the trading pairs are randomly launched to help avoid the hype and speculation that set dates can sometimes cause

" This is all very interesting I hope to have the announcement for you of the exchange whenever it happens But if you happen to notice something get ninja launched on your own, maybe you'll tell me what the exchange is And then finally in business and headlines, there is new business newly accepting Dash, and let me show you who they are This is called Bitcoin Spinner, and they have these various games on their site

Various casino-type games They used to be Bitcoin only and now they accept Dash and there's an interesting little story I would call it a flippening story behind this company accepting Dash and they sent me an email about it I just want to show you the email because it is so telling "Hey Amanda, Love your show! I have a cryptocurrency game BitcoinSpinner and it is also using Dash now

By the way, players started to use Dash because it is much faster Many old players are switching from Bitcoin to Dash We all love Dash" Here's the clincher part: "By the way, if anybody plays a Bitcoin on our site, they receive a letter that says 'For instant transactions, use Dash'" From, Linda

A little bit of flippening happening Let's move on to Development Updates First you should know that 1214 was released within the past week and a large majority of the masternodes have switched to it already

As you can see here about 77% of masternodes have updated to 1214 And then about 20% are still on 121

3, and then a very small portion of this pie are on other versions That's really all I had to say about that Moving on, Daniel Diaz has been publishing things like wild as of late He's also just published the long-awaited legal research regarding three things Two law firms were commissioned by the Dash network, paid by the Dash network, to research two different areas

The first one was Cooley Law, and they have published this research on both the tax treatment of masternode payouts as well as the legality of masternode services themselves And then Cogent Law, on the other hand, published this information here that has to do with ATM compliance in general For people who want to sell Dash in an ATM Mind you, these legal opinions were written as according to US law, obviously that is just one country But that seems to be where most of the demand was coming from in terms of seeking these opinions

So if you're wondering what Cooley Law came up with, what Cogent Law came up with the links are all included in the description below This reminds me I was looking more into this research, and I saw that Chris Coney, the host of the Cryptoverse, had published a commentary on some of the research himself And I saw something at the end of Chris' video that I had not seen before and I thought it was another bit of a flippening moment I'm opening it for you now so that I can read it to you

I'm also going to show it to you Please forgive me while I pull this up, I meant to have it up already At the end of Chris' videos, you can seedid you change it, Chris? No, you didn't So at the end of Chris' videos, this is what you see It says, "Pay as you go with Dash tips In the highly unlikely event (joking) that the Bitcoin network is busy, is slow, and is demanding transaction fees that are almost as much as the amount you want to donate to me, just go ahead and use Dash instead" So yes

Wow Moving on Chris Coney, you funny man Now finally, in development updates, I want to tell you that our dear scam watchman Tungfa spotted yet another scam And this scam is posing as Exodus wallet They're posing as a web wallet

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't even think Exodus has a web wallet I think Exodus is something that you download to your device So anyway, the scam is located at exoduswalletio, and this is not to be confused with the real NOT scam wallet which is just exodusio

So again, exoduswalletio: that is a scam As well as the infamous by now dash-walletcom: also a scam So be sure to steer clear of those, and if any poor person you know happens to be looking to stumble upon them, you'll definitely want to steer clear of those as well

Let us go to price movements I see that we have a current USD price per coin of $8455 The 24-hour trade volume has been about $18 million USD worth of Dash Our coin supply is just under 72 million coins and our market cap of today is $608 million USD

So let us go ahead and look at the market cap chart from the last three months And the last 12 months And then let us look at our lifetime chart, or rather lifetime market cap chart You'll notice that price per coin is about 15% lower than it was last week and the week before And I would never have known about this if dear old Tommy Cordero hadn't made a post about it on Steam

What I mean is I never would have known that there was this giant dump on Poloniex, and dear old Tommy Cordero made this service announcement is a Steamit post Let me show it to you He says, "Today is the day to buy Dash! In case you haven't noticed, about one million dollars worth of Dash were just dumped on Poloniex in less than 15 minutes bringing the price down to the low 80s This is what a lot of you have been waiting for so I'm giving you a heads up" And this was just a couple of days ago

That was indeed a nice service announcement, Tommy Cordero Thanks for that Now its time to move to network statistics Our network is seeing–no, this is not an all-time high I think the most masternodes we ever had was something like 4400 because I remember I was in Mexico, it was right before the 12

1 release, or rather 121 enforcement Before 120 nodes were kicked off the network, I think our all-time high was something in the 4400s But in terms of having been on 12

1 now and only 121 supporting protocols being on the network, I do think we are at an all-time high for masternodes which is 4,244 masternodes So if you'd like to see what that looks like in our lifetime chart, here's that And in mining, today our hash rate is 283 terrahashes per second

We can compare that over the last 3 months as well And the year long chart is here Woah, that's a market cap Did I just click the wrong thing? I did just click the wrong thing Sorry about that guys, I meant to click

Oh! It's because this damn All right So you'll notice today I'm using an external mouse And with this computer, I'm used to using the mousepad on it, and they spin in opposite directions! And so I'm going up when I mean to go down, and I'm coming down when I mean to go up Is this the hashrate twelve month chart? No! Peter, it's not my bad! It's your bad! Let me see if I even have the lifetime hashrate chart for you Yes, I do! There it is There it is, ladies and gentlemen

We are back on track Also, in network statistics, I want to tell you that we have about three days, or rather, let me rewind We have about six days until the next super block that is, until the next treasury payout And I learned a little something yesterday Which is that the voting deadline is almost a full three days before the treasury payout Thank you to Dash core developer Timothy Flynn for giving me this information

As it turns out, the voting deadline is 1,662 blocks before the super block and 1,662 blocks comes out to be around 69 hours, if my calculations are correct Or just under three days You have about three days to vote as of now and then six days until payout That is, if you are a masternode owner, a masternode voting person

And speaking of masternode owners, and masternode voting people, there is a new development on the dashorg/forum and that is that you can indicate if you choose, you can prove that you do own a masternode And let me show you what I mean See that little badge right there? Moocowmoo made that possible And he did so at my request, which was so great of him

The reason I requested it is because some more pre-proposals have been coming into the network lately, which is cool and groovy, but something I noticed is that in the comment section of these pre-proposals, there was no way to tell who was a masternode owner and who wasn't In a way, that kind of defeated the purpose because these proposers–the point of their post is to get as accurate a gauge as possible of whether their proposal would pass so if you have people who aren't voters saying, "This is totally awesome!" or "This is totally horrible!"–that doesn't help the proposer at all So if you do own a masternode, and if you are willing to get this badge on your profile, and if you're the type of person is so kind as to provide feedback, to people's pre-proposals so that they know how to proceed, I think that would be most helpful And on the flipside, for any of you people who have made pre-proposals or intend to in the future, you'll want to pay extra attention to the comments of the people who do have that masternode badge because it means that they are proving that they do, in fact, have a vote that will affect your proposal

Very good, very good And now to social happenings I want to start out today's social happenings with just a little PSA It actually came to me at four or five o'clock this morning, and I just ruminated about it for maybe 30 minutes Let me begin with a little PSA

So I saw a little message I'm a moderator for the RDashpay subreddit and I saw a little message the other day One of my fellow moderates had issued a temporary ban on some account after they had made some comment, or multiple comments, I'm not even sure and this person sent us a message saying, "Censorship!" or whatever And so I wanted to invite any of you who are perhaps coming to Dash from Bitcoin, which is a lot of us maybe even most of us Perhaps remove–and this is not my phraseology, I snagged this from somebody on reddit–to remove your Bitcoin-colored glasses when looking at Dash

And let me tell you what I mean First and foremost, I would have to, as much as it pains me, I would have to have one point of disagreement with the super awesome guy Roger Ver He tweeted something to the effect of: the censorship in Bitcoin forums has been the worst thing that has ever happened to Bitcoin or has caused stunting of its growth, or whatever And I would totally disagree with that because if one is conducting one's most important governance communications on a place like reddit, on a censorable place like reddit, or a Bitcoin talk forum, one is already past the point, one is already mistaking the branches for the root of the problem The root of the problem being that you're having your governance communications on a place like reddit instead of a place like–oh, I don't know– your blockchain? And so I would invite you to relax a bit about the whole "who says what" on reddit thing, and what are the moderator's beliefs, and what are their policies, because important governance decisions are not made about Dash on reddit

Thank the Lord We make them through a combination of our blockchain which is where we imbed proposal hashes as well as local masternode storage, that is where we record votes in real time on those proposals That said, just because we don't make important governance decisions, communicating via reddit, doesn't mean that certainly the Dashpay subreddit couldn't be improved I have no idea, we actually have no idea what the masternodes think of the various moderators or the various policies on the Dashpay subreddit Why? Because no one gets paid in relation to the Dashpay subreddit

Now let me tell you what I mean As an example, we can be pretty certain that the masternode operators, the voters, the Dash network, all of these terms being synonymous, we can be quite certain that the Dash network more or less supports the moderation going on at the dashorg/forum How do we know this? Because it is moderated by members of the Dash core team and their payout has been approved for this month Similarly, we can more or less assume that the Dash network supports the moderation policies of the Dash Nation slack How are we able to assume this? Because the Dash Nation slack's treasure proposal called Dash Force is also being approved for this month This extends to anything, you can more or less assume that the Dash network supports the content that's delivered to you here on Dash Detailed Why? Because the treasury payout for Dash Detailed has been approved for this month

So if you're the type of person who is super into reddit and you really believe that the Dashpay subreddit could somehow be improved, and you want to know "What does the network think? What does it want?" The only way to tell is for there to be a treasury proposal around it, right? That's the only way that masternode owners are able to express their approval or their disapproval about something So long story short, the Dashpay subreddit is currently moderated by volunteers who have no feedback mechanism from the Dash voters, one way or another If you are interested in adopting a different sort of moderation policy, and making the subreddit a different sort of place, and you want to get paid for you and/or your team to do that, that is a proposal that you could put into the network and then you would know, once and for all, how does the Dash network think that the Dash subreddit should be moderated The end I can see Pete snoozing in the corner

All of you wake up! Wake up, troll box! Wake up, everybody! The PSA is over Moving on in social happenings, some Dash owners, some people who own Dash, recently put together some funds to sponsor an MMA fighter The fighter's name is Davis Dos Santos He's from Brazil And he has this fight where he is going to be wearing the Dash logo on his tight bottom and on the back of his jacket

That's coming up on April 7th I've not yet found out whether its a sort of live stream that any of us can watch or whether it will just be on various local television stations I'll find out about that and I will let you know In the interim, Dos Santos has a little message for us Don't miss the fight on April 7

Dash, thank you so much and take care I would like to watch that And finally, in social happenings, as I mentioned at the beginning of this video, the first ever Dash open house at the Dash office spaces at the Sky Song Innovation Center just outside Arizona State University, is tomorrow, Thursday Yes, there will be a livestream It will be here on youtube, so the livestream will begin more or less around 6 pm that time, and I believe Phoenix is on Pacific time, which would make it 9 pm Eastern

Yes, 9 pm Eastern time I had that written down in UTC for any of you who feel like staying up super late, or getting up super early, depending on where you are I believe that's 1 am UTC So if you miss the livestream, no problemo, it will remain up as a viewable video, just like this episode will remain up as a viewable video All right, my friends, I really think that that is it for today

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Shame Dunce All right, that's it for me today, everybody Thanks for watching, I'll see you next time