glock chain block chain glock chain block of blogs change log is really there but that we hear continually perhaps the most spoken word of the whole year is It was really bitcoin would be curious to find out this thing anyway let's try to clarify what this brussels three episodes in which finally we will come to understand this complex matter, but in the end it is a lot easy if we want is the best way to start I think it's asking us because because this chain blog is so important the reason is a lot simple that goes to solve a problem as the engine has solved the problem We did not have enough energy with the engine and a lot of energy immediate with very little effort then the computers have arrived exploded the potential for computing the human being to infinity and then arrived internet that has completely reduced all kinds of distance e today we are all closer than ever before the internet to see a person you had to be in front of that person that is you think that limit is fine when there were computers you could do anyway, but not like today, therefore, from then big problem that the cross wants to solve is the trust we trust We trust the institutions we trust the public administration we trust the banks we trust the companies we give the our data we trust the millions of hackers that populate the world and who they are there ready to take all our information and use them for theirs interests we trust all these fake news that now every day surround us the answer is no clearly not but we are forced to trust us because otherwise we could not live we are forced to trust the state because if we do not trust the state e of banks because anyway you know mica banks have never been created all we have in there is no trust in companies because if we do not trust companies we can not use all that anymore that makes us so comfortable with security there are those who trust a little less but of fact we are all very much on the cutting edge and for fx news we must not trust and therefore trust is the key word in this speech hypothetically it would be very nice to have a system that allows us to trust of each other thanks to the system and magic this stuff exists today exists we strain a little imagination for understand what we are talking about to exist in need of three elements the first is the immutability of the data also because otherwise there is none trust I put a data back into a database then tomorrow it changes where the trust is having this security we are at least rest assured that a datum is that which can not be modified can not be erased but let's start from today's databases today a database and a series of information one after the other today the database owners or a hackers are able to change any of these data because they are there randomly they are put and can be modified and then someone has had the intention but because we do not link the data to the next and to that previous this way if I want to change a given I laughed to change all the tory are not counting the accounts do not they come back so they thought instead of linking every single piece of data I create gods blocks of data and then connect them to the next one and all this is possible thanks to the magic power in cryptography but I'll talk about it in another episode the second fundamental event then is the elimination of the intermediary and that of which today we are forced to therefore trusting a system that works without this intermediary allows us not to trust anyone and this emotion of intermediaries it gets thanks to the distribution and doing this is quite simple enough take the same database we need to trust today and distribute it to 100,000 people around the world and being all connected and all how many have the same chain of blocks if one wants to change a data and here comes the beautiful should change the whole chain and all the nodes all the databases distributed all at the same time to create the whole system bitcoins with the traditional computers we have today would require a computer almost as big as the solar system and believe me we do not have it not even an idea of ​​how big the solar system is with the computer quantum this would become possible but we have already said in a another video that we will come to create a new form of cryptography and the third element is the authenticity of the true information that if one thing no details or I said it I did not say pinco pallino by my name and that if it is written 5 it is because 5 owes them and this is the we can have thanks to one digital signature that is authentic and of this again we will talk better in another episode then to make a brief summary of the block chain related information cryptographically mind to each other and the same identical chain and copied over one hundred and a thousand thousand servers all over the world that therefore having always all the same chain guarantee that those user information and thanks to a digital signature system every information that is inserted within the black chain e authentic certain this is a very first and basic explanation of the system in reality goes much further and has a series of degrees of complexity that I will try to eviscerate in the next videos but what interested me and make clear to who does not know this environment of what we speak at least and maybe in the next videos give some more explanation then the clarification regarding this great change that will come in the next years