this third episode on the sky approach we start talking about values ​​of the blog chain and then we go to understand what are its applications thanks to these values ​​first of all that you can reduce the bureaucracy and to the same time to increase transparency, which again reduces at the same time completely eliminates the possibility of fraud in fact every information within the jane blog is completely traceable and it is also very very safe indeed we have seen that it is not possible to create an actually decentralized shane blog the fast and allows to make many processes faster and more efficient but we do not always get to understand what the applications are of the senses blog in today's world that in the world of tomorrow the first example is clearly that of payment system banks also because bitcoin was clearly a hot topic this year but we clarify that the value of bitcoin in addition to the speculative factor on which many are supported and that allows you to make transactions through any kind of physical barrier in a very short time compared to the days you need for a transfer without the need for an intermediary so I am actually owner of my money thing that if you read about yours bank note is written that it is owned by the European Central Bank and this is just a small detail that makes practically all the difference of the world makes every payment traceable and open and visible to everyone surely then payments are safe unless you care about personal data of the wallet but it's a bit like saying if you care about the pin card then you're screwed the same way plus bitcoin allows even a certain degree of anonymity but this may not be an aspect positive at all but maybe it is we leave a lot of random losses banks are moving in this direction is already around a 30 percent is adopting blog cei type systems but let's go over clearly the security will be another of those areas that will be completely revolutionized by the shower because today as much as you can be sure in fact you're a bit at the mercy of the best lager in fact always thanks to a braille system we can save data in the cloud without we need to keep up the security of the cloud itself as this is a secure system of its nature in fact there is, for example, store on the point that I am trying to revolutionize the cloud store system thanks to the traceability and the transparency as well as security we could do tomorrow thanks to companies as the percentage of donations that are one hundred percent sure I'm not giving money to the association but turning out one hundred percent to oils I want come back and then thanks to this initiative and you completely eliminate the so-called great magna factor itself applies to insurance where today we we pay a lot of money every month on time when something happens we are never repaid of what is our expense and we still have dinner at ri half the activator of this system is the smart contract which is another fundamental element of the block chain that in fact has been brought into vogue by shots is nothing transcendental simply that thanks to a contract smart that is then digitized once a certain occurs condition that this contract can verify the contract is activated and it happens a certain consequences we make the living example we make a bet and if in a year and the value of the euro exceeds that of the Swiss franc you me you have 10 euros and if it does not happen I owe you 10 euros the smart contract simply keep an eye on all this information has already connected i our two accounts and when it ends the year will do this pass automatically because it was established by the contract so nothing Judges no bales of this type simply happen and this only one of the many possible examples in which thanks to the data or to the fact that everything is becoming more and more given these conditions are more and more verifiable by any type of software in this case within a block centers to make the practical example of eternity insurance, for example, is one of companies that are revolutionizing the sector by creating smart contracts in which every month towards money to insurances but with the guarantee that when they will have to repay me they will always repay in the insurance sector also lemonade which is completely revolutionizing the way to approach it however, this sector does not deal with brussels however, I recommend to take a look at another huge area in which the blue scene will impact are those of the iotti or the internet of things that would be all the objects connected to the internet that until yesterday was only a smartphone today we have the smart speakers we have i sensors and camera we have the clock we have every kind of sensor ever since we can put ourselves in the house that somehow connected to the internet and this too it's a sector that obviously has a multitude of applications and that's it put your nose out the door to discover hundreds then thanks to blogs in these sensors, they can communicate with each other without needing to an intermediary will be able to update certain consumption data for example will be able to detect bugs and update operating systems and various others applications that will again leave with with use just to give an example IBM and Microsoft are investing in this type of Brussels industry yet the largest growth is that of the schering economy where thanks to a blog shane I can automate a whole series of processes that for example of the reich sharing that becomes peer to peer and therefore from person to person without need the intermediary like today for example and huber and with a system of integrated payment within the glock chain application you can automate virtually everything that needs to be paid for this type for example, because the city is doing something like that for make a much clearer example I share my car and thanks to this system people can find and use it I will be sure that it will be paid for every kilometer that speaks mine car thanks to a sensor that maybe with you km and things like this there will be on the car at that time I will have to pay just to make another good name tesla has created branch of the 3 that the first machine in history that is studied on purpose for sharing in fact leave in the economy will be able to go well beyond car sharing and bluocean will be the system itself activating this type of revolution where I will not have to buy one anymore camera I can just borrow it and pay for it time I'm using it and maybe there will be a drone that will do it get straight straight to my house but always an example is penultimate gigantic the sector that will have the impact will be that of the supply chain or that of supplying the movement of goods from where they are produced where I need to have a myriad of intermediaries and then a lots of unnecessary costs and thanks to a lock it could become ha distributed and therefore much more efficient less bureaucratic with one clear reduction of work and the increase instead of authenticity and guarantee that the good is the one that has not been counterfeited for example and therefore less waste less costs and this is all to the advantage not only of the costs of fact and the economy but it also has a great advantage of the environment but of this then I will speak in another video because in the same environmental sector the chaine will be able to revolutionize ours approach somehow there are those who also say to reverse climate change last but not least is the government sector dubai and the first that now he is a pioneer in various sectors who wants to bring the dinner blow inside government to increase transparency and increase effectiveness and reduce instead fraud fraud and reducing bureaucracy is that now it is clear or simply a useless cost of resources and time and always in this there is also the topic of the vote where, thanks to a blog chain, the votes will be completely transparent and open unchangeable public and therefore do not You can absolutely falsify the vote in any way thanks to the signature digital every vote will be authenticated I have never empty for example one of the startup that is trying to fit into this speech for this video I would say that it is enough there are also other sectors that the cross is will revolutionize but can very well be treated in videos separated the goal was more than anything else to demonstrate how much this complex stuff It is unknown in reality both extremely applicable in a myriad of fields especially very important and with great benefits for everyone