the block chain explain simply and clearly you can you imagine as a problem solver and that in which the block chain respects that completely omitted a central monitoring bodies yet you know it so that the Euro for example by a central bank is coordinated and controlled because you can not be sure you also yes manipulate him if someone single or is there a company behind it which the print now own money you can not as accurate Check with the block chain technology, it is now possible if anyone so if the block chain a coin such example which is based bitcoin it is now possible that each participant to his own banking is and the other participants monitored for personnel guarded person b b person guarded person and person c again staff now of course, vice versa so everyone monitors each and the more participants now join this system more secure it is therefore the more participants the more monitoring the safer we look at the whole Just even against its own currency to so now I say do not make their own currency for example the crypto academics we now digitize our money and we now have two participants took part and subscriber b and these two participants you have now linked with their personal computers seated in Hamburg and pr as well as in Stuttgart for example, then says personal hey I now have so many crypto academycom makes it easy control c ctrl v and has a yes hardly made at one time eight teams or who flame here 61 are then says one person b because there are only two participants holds not intended as can that be then statement against statement it is now but so more participants on the currency thus participate more network participants is the security higher because we watch more here is the whole now so that the purchase is implemented the block chain that means simply as whether the blogs is a memory of states that means who owns how much money and who has how much to whom he sent stores the block because it is so if I can now on the blog chain was founded and we have many participants then a person anja and says hey I got three will be able then to the other participants check and see yes to the blogs gift she was looking for it is true, anyway, he has 33 bitcoin where he has because suddenly sees the human that's not no not true of also says no no no and then that's lying tale debunked So as to say yes all can then check correct it even and the more people on the network to participate the more checkers more higher safety is given so that no one can cheat here somehow so therefore, as just mentioned, the blogs is a memory of states again Simply put it simply stores the block chain Who has money how much and who sent how much to whom all transactions are recorded in the block chain and it always has a Accord give yes and thus creates a virtually a democracy now There are two variants like you on the network I say now just based on example of bitcoin it easy for all to be group because the mother and each image co inc and I just do it on the basis of, for example by bitcoin there are two variants how to participate once tired and not once much not what the whole now simply put sorry not is a normal subscriber example you opened a bitkom wallet bought as bitcoin have an immediate sorry not then there the possibility to operate a full emergency and then you're as on alert a checker meaning and how I will fully charge as can I get a full note it's just so that you could perform a software must download the install and then you can see the complete blog chain the complete existing blog chain you live you with this can sometimes take up to several weeks because not centrally made on a server is but ganglia many lies spread next and that can then quite long the is also very big so what is very big so which is blogger I think maybe 60 gb 65 g ready prove 70 is exactly it so something like the size and it is not on a central server and you have to you then by all many make up the block chain Download you do that you still have a so-called port 8333 open and thus you run a full emergency and hateful insight on all transactions and can control everything a mine is just one checker yes so you can even suffer although there make and you can not decide on my being and he is as a checker so now the function of the block c you have to imagine the block chain as a piece of paper on the simple all transactions are recorded here, the chit is it's so the mine has to have two tasks on the one hand have a mathematical solving task on the other hand it is so that all transactions so here staff sends a bitcoin one person b and b person Tighten and so they have to write and now it is the first that can solve the mathematical task my for a corresponding hardware is necessary that you can beat the other or even like to discuss so that solves with by means of a yes Extra hardware so a one sparked a mathematical task and notes All transactions on a so-called blog and if he has done as the first and made it then divides my his blog with others and this my then check with their wrote down control these transactions and check the newly for agreement if then all of my gradually control yes that happens within a few eyes look so that control and the majority human says this is correct then gets the first of my solved the task has a reward in the form of bitcoin how it works whole and now the first real blog is approved and all other notes of the other men are is simply cleared now so from a be uploaded my false data to another of my example, he says the human I bitcoin here 80 and I know then others can see because the result of my that immediately does not coincide with their transactions they wrote So is equal to a liar is equal unmasked now is the game all over again so the old block you can think like a chit year which is now set for the page and a new transaction_ID block then comes up on top of it we do it, to which is again confirmed then comes yet one is confirmed and then comes yet which also confirms it and each time starts yes that meiningen by each transaction and each block of each of these individual piece of paper which was just because the task has been solved the mathematical task and it has also already control and will now each data block now with the green hook so it is by means of a cryptographic mechanism is this blog blog to set the page placed or attached so you can imagine the whole then as a paper stack all the blocks are so connected to each other so tightly connected to each other by this cryptographic mechanism and the result is a paper stack year it is then the blogs chain that's just there to make it to illustrate better it can look simple as see transaction data blocks present a sheet of paper where all the transactions listed on it are the next to the page Then comes a new transaction_ID block has been confirmed and controlled and is then fixed on the paper let's just say the farmer determined to provide for yes and then a very long produced paper stack now it is so now someone the transaction tempt you because yes to manipulate, and you've a certain paper stack then the more have papers you now stacked the higher it is that these tornadoes the determined men joined the tighter even this scale was indeed this paper stack and now when someone tries well to the paper comes the higher the fixed if someone is now trying to then manipulate past transactions will direct for all apparent eg because the attempts so strong at the bottom of the paper to my Pull the entire stack since come to waver yes so can you imagine traveling formally on this block chain that is why it is also so that more willingly if you have made a transaction you prefer three to four transactions from waiting you are you can be sure that everything is proceeded correctly hire because Three to four blocks transaction_ID by so 3 yes that is three to four transaction_ID blocks are already on the on the one transaction_ID blog on come it was so much computing power necessary that a manipulation no longer even worth the computing power which is so immensely complicated so expensive that it is in most cases just not worth sorry as I am once so that a majority simple cases no longer worthwhile to manipulate we come to the Conclusion and summarize the bell in one or almost together a set and that is the block gives all transaction_ID history so all transactions that have ever taken place and were checked, and the transactions are to a long blog would firmly joined by means of cryptographic mechanisms and understood is whole then called block chain I hope you do if not contact, I read a comment and I try to be as soon as possible to clarify