At the Mediadays Munich we're also talking about the blockchain technology and how this technology is affecting the media business and as we just talked before it is a really really really big change in the media business so next to me there's Alexander Shulgin and you are not only an blockchain expert but you invested a lot of money in the blockchain technology and you are an investor as well with really really visionary projects and maybe we can just give a few examples how the blockchain technology could affect the media business and you just gave me an example with a very very smart example law about text messaging first of all of course can you imagine if I will send you SMS text message and it will go through a lot of love to my countries and it will come back to your country around the world and you will receive but you will stay closes in one meter and can you imagine the big data let's say if I want to send a game of thrones which is now 4k but it can be 8k or 11 and a half K it's a huge huge amount of data just just for nothing so this is technology decentralized technology will allow us like a peer-to-peer gesture that's communicate stronger without any third party like a telecom like a provider's we will we will be end-to-end users and this is will be first of all revolutionary but during this sending I can make access to all other Creators and co-create and they can add to my content also and their rights will be absolutely copyright and the Nana payments which is allowed by blockchain technology will distribute it to this co-creator if I wish so instead of sending the whole data through the internet through a third-party providers through a controlled instance to a centralized system your granting me access to your mobile phone to read the message or your granting me access as I as a consumer to your data without any middleman yes if it's a Content I can yes I can give you access to my content so I will not distribute this content so you don't need to distribute the Suncor or video or film or you just give you give access so this is new format which is created by book Media it's really value ssin arey because before the time and the analog who remembers its term called master master tape and then this master tape was have a value in the digital world there is unlimited quantity of copies that that's why piracy is came also but if you will make only one one unit it will be a master so its first of all this became a value it's a good for valuation of the media content producer company's valuation of the library the second is its will be stopped any any piracy and then you you will have all your data all access of your data because you control your your content not through the third parties the business model could change from subscription models where I pay my nine euros or ten ten dollars a month for the access to a library of Spotify or Apple music by nano micro pay more no no payments right yes bye bye bye you can pay whatever you listen because now the model is you can subscribe for unlimited songs let's say it Spotify but if I don't need unlimited song if you just need one song core the half of the song the chorus you can subscribe because you cannot process the payment with any credit card or any as a wallet but with blockchain you can pay zero zero zero point one cents and you can pay exactly for the part of what do you listen over to watch but then we are talking about long-term business models as with very very small amount of money nano payments and not the big money for one piece but very important is the old model model of monetization will be changed and then will be not they pay for content this will be data mining so the the old data around the content can be sold or can be monetized so it's a change completely a model of of ecosystem of around the content ecosystem it's so a revolutionary technology at dramatically change for the media business thanks Alexander Shulgin thanks for being my guest fill it on cue