Where the internet was really a communication tool that allows all of this to be happening and it touches everybody everywhere you know just like the phone right or the Telegraph you know those those types of things Blockchain is deeper than that

It will affect everything but the reality is is it creates trust-less environments It allows for everybody that's on that network to interact with everybody on that network without necessarily having to have a relationship For the first time you can operate in a trust-less environment I think if we look at all of the great advancements in economic growth or expansion they all have some piece or something centered around they've improved the visibility or the ability for trust to exist So even back to the printing press if you and I could read the same document and have a shared language and a shared understanding it's easier for us to trust it's easier for us to transact

But more than any other either piece of technology or technique or process this is the one thing that addresses trust And where the advent of the internet introduced us all to level the playing field and have communication and you know all of those really massive important things that we never experienced before that this is something much much deeper and like right down to the course of human evolution is where I think blockchain will have an effect