It is quite the day for news here on DASH: Detailed Let me get started by telling you that the Dash APIs, as developed by BlockCypher, are now ready to use

For a bit of background, the partnership with the API company BlockCypher was proposed by Dash Core business developer Daniel Diaz a number of months ago And the releases include, an Asset API, Data Endpoint, Multiple Address Wallet API, Multisignature API, Payment Forwarding API, Transaction API, Web Hooks, and WebSockets BlockCypher is a freemium business model, meaning that anybody can create an account with them, use their APIs for free, up until 2,000 calls per day This segues very nicely into today’s Business & Headlines section In that, the Dash Core Business Development team was not kidding when they said that there was a queue of these businesses waiting for these APIs to be released before they would add Dash

First set to add Dash is the exchange and trading platform Whaleclub To find out more about what Whaleclub is and what they offer, I contacted their CPO Ian Glindro, here he is The Whaleclub is a trading platform that allows people to use Bitcoin, and soon Dash, to trade financial markets, like stocks, oil, gold, bonds, currencies, and also cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, and also Dash So the best way to think of this is pretty simple if you’ve ever used e-Trade or a similar broker with fiat or dollars Whaleclub is pretty similar expect instead of depositing fiat dollars, euros, or pounds, you deposit digital currency

And so, you deposit Bitcoin or Dash and you trade financial markets You don’t need an ID to get started You just need an email And you get get up and running in a few minutes Dash will be only the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin to be added as a base trading pair to Whaleclub

And the integration is set to launch this coming Monday, April 17th And Whaleclub is not the only exchange set to add Dash in the near future BitInka is a Latin American-based Bitcoin seller, as well as remittance service, which has been using Bitcoin as a backend to facilitate remittance payments among eight Latin American countries The Bitcoin selling side is what’s known as BitInka, and the remittance service is know as InkaPay Dash is now set to be added to both of those services, again, as the only cryptocurrency to be added aside from Bitcoin

And it too will use the BlockCypher APIs Countries to be supported by the remittance branch InkaPay are Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain In the non-exchange world of businesses, there are three accepting Dash, some more recently than others First is PureVPN, which yes, as it sounds, is a virtual private network service offering increased privacy on the web Next is the Carolina Bee Honey Company, which offers honey-based edibles, candles and body products

And lastly is Wabo, a company selling insulated steel thermoses meant to be customized You can find links to the businesses discussed today, as well as all of today’s show links, in the description below Let’s move on to Price Movement, shall we? In US dollars, current Dash price is roughly $6198 per coin The trade volume of the last 24 hours is roughly $13 million worth of Dash

Our current coin supply is just over 72 million coins And our market capitalization for today is $448 million What does that look like in a broader context? Well, here’s our three month market cap chart Here’s our one year

And here’s our lifetime At this valuation then, this months available treasury is roughy $422,000 worth of Dash Of which, roughly $30,000 has been allocated thus far in approved proposals Jumping to Network Statistics then, today’s masternode count is 4,271 masternodes, which is up 71 masternodes since last week Here’s the masternode lifetime chart

In mining, today’s hashrate is 311 TH/s, which is a slight uptick from what it was one week ago Here’s our hashrate then for the past three months, the past year, and the past three years since we began Speaking of mining, a new Dash mining pool has been announced, which resides at DashCryptopool

io If you have experience with this pool and would care to leave a review — either in the comments section of this video, or on any of Dash’s social channels — I’m am sure that that would be much appreciated Wrapping up our network statistics, we now have about 19 days for the deadline for both voting and proposal submission, although that should happen the other way around Proposals come in, masternodes vote on them And finally, to Social Happenings

Dash Core head of Business Development Daniel Diaz — he’s all over this show today — as well as Head of Growth at BlockCypher, Karen Hsu, are set to present Dash at Santa Clara, California at BlockChain 360 BlockChain 360 is expected to draw roughly 11,000 people, and focuses largely on The Internet of Things So, in that light, blockchain technology is being presented as a relatively new thing at the conference And Daniel and Karen will be speaking on Thursday, May 18th Elsewhere in Social Happenings, the treasury-funded effort DashForce has announced the winners of two different contests

First winner is Jim Bursch, who won one Dash for hosting a Dash meet up at a Denny’s in Los Angeles And the second winner is Alex-ru, who won three Dash for giving a presentation about Dash in Moscow, as seen here Elsewhere in Social Happenings, Dash developer Joshua Seigler appeared on the Future Tech Podcast, and boy did I learn something about the longterm numerical effects of inflation And finally in Social Happenings, Dash-sponsored Brazilian MMA fighter Davis Dos Santos did a KO in his match that took place last week That’s it for DASH: Detailed today

Next week you can expect a special episode from us that’s different from the norm We’ve received so many requests for a PrivateSend explainer video that we have put one together for you in classic whiteboard style So if you’ve not yet been schooled, be prepared to be so And finally, come back this Friday for the next in our Spotlight series, which will feature an interview with longtime community member Alex-ru, broadcasting from an undisclosed bunker somewhere in Russia Alex-ru is the head of Russian outreach on the Dash Core team, learned English so he could invest in Dash and share it with his countrymen

And you won’t want to miss it See you then