a greeting to all the friends of crypto news today let's see how to make a transfer on Coinbase Pro Instant transfer, so in the short term we will be able to send our funds from our bank account, then from our internet banking we will send the funds to Coinbase Pro

They will arrive instantaneously always that your bank gives you the opportunity to have this instant transfer service This has a cost that is few cents in my case they are 60 cents We don't name banks on this channel so I won't tell you which bank it is however, see if it offers the service Let's see immediately it really takes a few minutes! within minutes you will have it from your bank account at Coinbase Pro, you can buy crypt currency immediately

So one fantastic thing that really was almost up until a few years ago unthinkable Do you remember? the transfer, the card we had to wait two or three days meanwhile the market rose, while the market, if we were lucky, went down! now instead it's all instant! with this procedure it is really all very much instant! let's see the whole procedure right away! I made two screens so we can see exactly how to do it go first to Coinbase Pro, click on "deposit", then you have to deposit, of course! Currency type: select euros and you should receive the data for the sepa transfer, then the sepa transfer

You will then have an iban, a swift / bic which though at least in my case I never used it, but the funds have always arrived peacefully! you have "bank name" and all the rest of it now we will see exactly how to insert on our foreign bank transfer page on our internet banking! Clearly leave this window open so you can do the copy and paste! it's a lot important that you make the copy / paste so you will not make mistakes! Given that these data they should be the same for all those in the IBAN and the address they should be the same for everyone but I am not one hundred percent sure so I recommend you put the data you are given personally on Coinbase Pro! Don't copy clearly from here, also because if for example, copying the reference number from here is easy that you send funds to me! and I would say that this is not the case! So, let's see immediately: Open your internet banking, select the item "foreign transfer", there should be the entry at that point you should more or less (all banks should) have these voices: we have "beneficiary", first item that is important in this entry we will have to put the account name, then we have "account name": CB PAYMENTS LTD In this case my bank does not accept the comma if not, it doesn't keep me going I had to remove the comma, then CB PAYMENTS LTD without comma! Curtain window just below the beneficiary who tells me "other information about the beneficiary" in "address" we put this account address I recommend not the "bank address", but the account address and put in the address: 9th Floor 107 Cheapside, in my case

It should be also in yours, at least if you are not seeing the video maybe in two years compared when it is shot! It should be like this for everyone, but I can't guarantee it! Always remember to copy from your window and not mine! then in "account address" put this first part of address, remove the comma here too! In my case it doesn't accept the comma, whereas in the "locality" put "London EC2V 6DN" as written here, also removing in this case the comma! in "paese" mettete: united kingdom as written here Otherwise if your bank gives you the possibility to use the drop-down menu simply select UNITED KINGDOM or UNITED KINGDOM if it is in English at this point the most important part arrives, here it is not necessary absolutely wrong! put the IBAN as you see it, how they gave it to you! copy paste, check well especially the initial letters and final numbers, which are correct also check ten times if you are not sure! I recommend! mostly if you have to put substantial figures! in "amount" entered the desired amount you want to credit on Coinbase Pro in "uniform" put EURO

or in "currency" but it should be "divided" put EURO It is important that you put it first the iban because once you put it, probably the default fees and commissions will be divided between payer and payee So this should be an option mandatory

if it is not put it quietly: "to be divided between payer and payee" Here it is really FUNDAMENTAL, take your time, do it calmly! In the "causal", very important, put the "reference number" that you see put this string in bold without the quotation marks! here there are quotation marks at the beginning and at the end take them off and pay attention to all this string (this is essential! you absolutely can't miss it), be correct! so at least Coinbase Pro manages to understand that you have done this! and credit you immediately the money in your account! put the date on today on the payment date and put the check to "instant transfer" if you don't want or you can make an instant transfer however waiting times are not eternal! it will probably take a day, maximum two days with the instant transfer it will take really few seconds! It's really in seconds you will have your funds in the Coinbase Pro account a little while ago i did a little test to be 100% sure a hundred, before making this video, that everything is right the bank has me given the confirmation of instant bank transfer I opened Coinbase Pro I waited a long time for 15 seconds, I did a refresh and I already had the amount in the account! by Coinbase Pro! A really instant thing! really fast! then that's all! this is what you need to do to perform properly A bank transfer! We assume no liability whatsoever! this video is purely educational! we don't encourage you to spend money

we don't get any advantage! is an educational video to understand how YOU with your rationality you want to buy cryptocurrencies! We are not in no way inciting to invest! we assume no responsibility if the bank transfer is done incorrectly, the procedure I showed you is the correct one, tested a little while ago therefore we are relieved of any responsibility for failed transfers or any other problem! This is it, we took ten minutes to do anyway a procedure that can really be done in some minute In 3 minutes you have your money from the bank in Coinbase Pro So this is it, it's really very simple! if you have need further 360 degree insights on the cryptocurrencies there is our plus group! find the link in description! put your comments, if you liked the video put a like subscribe to the canal and put the bell, so you will be notified whenever a video like this will be published on the channel! I do not stay what a big hello to you! I hope it was all useful I give you an appointment next time! A greeting! Hello!