THE BOSS OF BITCOIN!! Let's see his Let's see if we can get this going Wow 91 okay, so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna try to Coordinate this with the book face and see if we can get our people on a Facebook going din with this trying to trying to merge two words together with the palm of my hands All right, let's see start screaming I see play This exit let's not do This Or this guy Squiddy's We need to update this thing What's up, everybody? Just give me a couple minutes I'm the I'm uh trying to Send the Kate Facebook First time so bear with you What we should be pretty good One Hmm To pop this chat up real quick Here is Round enough crypto, that's what I've got a MacBook Pro and OBS pretty slow very very slow excellent That's okay Even if it's a lag you really won't be able to tell once I start screen Casting because you'll just see my screen not my face so if it's 11 Don't worry about it as long as like the sound is clear On YouTube will be pretty good am I setting up Facebook now What should I have this ready to go a couple minutes here That's not long enough there we go What's going on Bryant good see Hopefully make some money See you looking good good see you've been beat down Oh Like I can Better way to do this disco What's up everybody Sounds good As long as it sounds good, that's all that matters hey You know we're gonna make everything else work Oh I'm ready

I'm off i'ma have fun like one Well click away from this thing working, but it's like trying to do too much Saturday night making cash That's right I'm never sleeping Letting them sleep get seven days a week Sorry about this again you guys hang out Well that's always fun Alright good So I'm glad like the data is going through good That's the biggest thing like my computer can run slow But as long as like the data is good and you guys can hear me, okay? That's the biggest thing Well it's a mess on my other screen like this stuff I'll clean it up consolidate it We'll see do it Now it's just any wheel I'm almost there – it's literally like one little click Let's talk about some different one yeah Um what do we got? But is the quality good it though is the sound okay, and everything how's it live on this? Okay good, what's going on cookie? Good All right, hopefully, this is good mouth looks better We should be good Once this thing blows up it was it was it was let's get this money That's right

Oh Wow that's quick back click camera Hey you guys still see me That's so cool all right Wow I've never like looked at myself alright Start streaming let's try it Burgoyne broke out good a lot of money to be made on these outs, man I hope y'all ready Hope y'all ready All right, let's see Check out Frigg Already breaking out conference all right Let's see if we could put up a little uh little deal up here Oh Boy I'm still uh trying to bring up this Facebook And it's literally just one page, that's like messing you up You know what let's get rid of it It's so frustrating But in the meantime Jeffrey just asked as the boss method require Everyday tension training viewers down what how'd that happen oh? yeah, my charts have a bit little me there but a Strange at the charts we're gonna talk about So we don't need them

I already got him I already got them So yeah, that's good Yeah, no Lance Thank You Man Lance You're a man You are like always on it Um yeah, let's do that Let's share this on Facebook group

We'll go ahead and do that real quick The lag is fine all you need to do is like hear my voice because once we start I Might as well start sharing the screen, but once I do that and I guess I can do that now Um this isn't gonna matter right once you see my screen and that's fine That's all that matters because you won't be seeing this I won't be moving It'll just be a sprint and me talking over it No, we're not like And that's why I'm getting a new computer Side to Monday So here let's talk about that What computers here kick because I need something that can like do this a lot better because 2001 what's my Mac and like 2012 someone now is really bad It was like on his way out Yeah, so you know it just it's it No it Just doesn't want to do any of that So yeah, we won't worry about trading it in since that's going down Tower of life I see oh that would be pretty cool um So yeah, let's just Surface pro service, but I've been thinking about service pro Owing on Microsoft Office Oh we went out for Black Friday you Know understand you really see anything worth buying I still wanted like eight hundred dollars, but a little circus serve this book Yeah, it's not gonna be a met It'll definitely be Windows and so some people were say Alienware XP don't buy Meg Um in the next round a hard drive And keep everything on that allow your computer to run great It's possible up there up there very well get up to a thousand before the end of the year it's pretty strong, so it's not like what 450 right now, so that's like a double up, and that's it I Think it will get up to 0

07 pretty easily Which is essentially 20? Almost 50% from where it's at right now From an all big point I said it would be ten thousand when that happens, and then I go up there's $1,000 Between point oh seven and point one point oh yeah point oh seven point one So that's your thousand dollars at bitcoins ten thousand in the theorem is 001 then it's $2,000 Etherium valuation Course what's what's a court I Mean I'll still have this I'll do like a lot of my graphic design on my because it's just a lot easier But like this simple stuff stringing like a mech is like not made to do it But whatever reason the processor inside of it, I think is like an older bike too, but still there goes right there like 24 I five you know 2013 I didn't know that was bad, but apparently that's bad

No like 24 Gigahertz i5 So what kind of specs do I need for to make this better? Mic like we've been we've been we've been talking about this for 10 minutes, and you just come jumping jumping up to outside pocket I Just said I know her leg is bad I'm talking about what computer should I buy you don't say in Bitcoin $10,000 you boy bought it You know I'm saying back before hitting ran, so I'm hitting the computer, so I'm so I'm asking y'all which one should I get? Come on Come on Mike you're better than that All right, let's see Still trying to get this on the book face We need to Let's get rid of this Let's just try this one more time, and then we still need Share it on our Facebook page So it's Saturday night you guys you see I'm chillin look out were you having to make me a drink You can see I'm chillin Well I'm trying to set it up We got some tunes in there I just do this straight I'm listening What ice bullet Yeah, do we got horns can cut up? Yeah? Just cut up a little piece of that orange? That'll be good

That'll be good and then squeeze some in there Thank y'all What's going on Manny Good to see you Thanks for coming I'm just still getting this thing set up I'm trying to run His dream over to Facebook I see now

Why us subhan why he has like a separate phone Just doing Facebook life because I'm trying to run Google Hangouts OBS on this little bitty MacBook Pro, so We'll see if we get it done uh Yeah tragg is good trees set up We've been talking about trig for like two weeks in the facebook room Right, that's like your biggest pet right here like we've been talking about three for two weeks What's going on beat Any PC, but it has an i7 and a solid hard drive So what's a good hard drive size? Is there like us is there RAM okay? So I could do a 7i service fine Do I need like Right now I'm streaming on an Ethernet cable on a landline, but I think the problem is this net neutrality vs Where they righto the amount of data I can upload cuz it's not my download my download is fine But my uploads was foreign to you guys, and that's like cutoff at like 30 megabytes a second or whatever So HP and b-17 that do sound like a monster is that a laptop Yeah, it's Comcast Internet unfortunately, I really do hate those guys Right now I had a decent ISP called Giga monster that was like really good at my last apartment, but like with the place, I'm at now like I'm not even allowed to use them cuz like the landlord More, or less already got paid by somebody else to beat an exclusive internet provider That's just crazy, it's ridiculous This is a DSL No, this is a cable cable modem I think Oak not fiber I7 16 gig ram 16 gig is like the first one Comcast is your problem I know I know and they're like right down the street to their headquarters is like literally like three minutes away It's ridiculous Yeah, they might cap you Huh, what's going on what's going on Oh school Dalian go to meetings Big Sky? What's going on man it's good to see you good to see we'll be down there December 19th, so I sent you an email we'll set it up doable but December 18th 19th one of them days a week before Christmas All right, so that's good, and then I'm just gonna try this one more time with the book face You got so you guys can like see me trying to do it I Need more RAM yes, and a good graphics card ok Verizon FiOS, I haven't heard about that Outside the US we have fastest internet, I know I know Um what app so scripted stats, I don't know what you're asking These are all websites they're just the icons for different websites geez thank you so much cheers everyone Yeah, that's good Thank you Um but yeah, you guys see like how slowness thing is like it's it's really really bad Oh Jeffrey you already asked that question you asked if the boss method required you To check the charts throughout the day

No it does not This is why I use a three hundred and forty-three minute candle, but That is essentially six hours, and we use a seven and eleven intersection, and if you do the math That's only gonna happen 177th or I'm sorry 111 by the time, which is like less than 10% at a time, so you would have to multiply By 11 and then that would be essentially one action so really you only need to make one trade a week to more or less Maximize both sides and a boss method That's why I designed it that way because I know a lot of people You know wouldn't be able to live on the charts like I can and and also it's different 90 we talked about this, but it's different nuances with the candle Lengths in itself so if you are able to like make the trades every day, then you might be able to use a one hour Candle or a seventy seven minute candle, but for most people we just stick to a four hour candle because that will give you essentially forty-four Candles in between and it's just that's just simple statistics 1r I'm sorry 7 77 equals 1 11 that means every 11 Candles we make 1 action And that's the quickest that can happen right on average on average on average The comb or eyes Never have speed issues what's going on crypto oak? Yeah it but it's not again It's not my download my downloads fine

It's my upload right But I'll have there I'll write this down and check it out though to see what I definitely I might need to get a new person cuz like I've Even called them out here, and they like spent three hours trying to reconfigure it it and it still sucks Is this like the part of that I don't want to I don't want to say it Is this a part of that grid with those guys with these guys right here Cuz that is that what it is is that why it's so awesomely amazing because it's like giving the whole world cancer Tree just crossed the 231 that's right everything is good, man That's why I'm trying to hurry up and get on this video if like Facebook and let me Facebook Don't you know I'm saying Facebook Let's not like money Mark Zuckerberg y'all like money You holding my people up right now I've got 286 people live on air and I got 15,000 on Facebook waiting and I can't even load this window Mark Zuckerberg Get it together damn See this Too 127 people and 15,000 on Facebook, and it's taken me 32 minutes error creating loud video of course of course Only make no sense ask wait What happened today's? When you just log in Everything was real simple Unless I heard me talking bad about Verizon Are you not ready to shut me down All right, let's see if it doesn't work, then we'll keep it moving I tried like I'm trying right now It's just like Don't want to don't want to let me do it you know Johnny I know I'm late right now been trying for 20 minutes Um what did Jason say? It's coming soon

Yes, how much per month should the signal service be and How many coins did it have on it? That's a better question So yeah, I am working working up What a few people to bring that out But that's one of the questions that we were thinking about 40 uh monthly Subscription how much per month and how many coins should be on the alert service? I've just posted it on Facebook, but you can repost it if you like 99 be cool Thank you Um, but yeah, you see like I'm trying to Make the RSI Because you don't need them they they basically tell you the exact same thing that we do already and that's the momentum We're swing trading so all we do is catch the top by the bottom so the top by the bottom I thought then the big I thought might be an RS I tried to tell you is when that shift happens in the beta anyway So essentially we do it We just happen to do it better than both them at the end RSI so we don't need it, but You know that's different nuances III understand for it You know trading very very well So rest assured that the data that we use is better than the data they use It is And our data is very simple very straightforward not complicated Stock market traders

Everybody is an expert because everybody got a different way to you know skin a cat Right all you mean it one way Is make sure that way is the best way That's what we did 1000 coins sorry Austin, I don't know if that's gonna happen Maybe That's what our people were talking about with Facebook like if they discharged people one dollar to use it this actually could have saved Facebook in my opinion if they would have charged people like Ten dollars a year to use Facebook and like not done all this garbage advertising on it that just floods your feed with BS, then they could have saved the platform And it could have probably made a lot more money but Instead they turn around and Ben over to any advertiser with the biggest you know check and The platform sucks now Eighty four I was one of the first People on Facebook back in 2006 University of Wisconsin back when you had to have a dot e-d-u College email address whisk that edu We were like the seventh or eighth school released up on Facebook back Then it was completely different than what it is Back then it was like like it was fun It was cool No

It's just garbage There's corporate Capitalistic garbage, it's really sad Watch – type tips okay, let me write that down Are why am I? Like that that's a good name Yeah tradingview hasn't been working all day if you come to Sweden I will give you a free apartment free internet and buy you beer sold That's funny, that's funny yeah, now it's all good the guy that was asking about the magneto RSI FASTA Casta Connor stuff You know Iike mobile cloud eekum bokum table is a little bit different, but it's kind of what we do with our trend line forecasting Especially off the fibonacci I'll look at that you can will out a little bit more my man Shy and our and our Facebook group knows how to use it pretty good So I need to still learn it just to see if I can aha stuff But the stuff we do is pretty good You know It's it's good, and it's simple and that's one of the I'm gonna do Probably the second one Is gonna be like lessons I learned at Nordic um first one is gonna be called the forbidden fruit The second one is gonna be called kiss and that's gonna be when I talked with Chris Stevens Who was the CEO and founder of Keurig coffee and? One of the lessons that he gave me and you know behind the scenes I've incorporated a lot of this stuff if I know what We do already Um just keep in mind It's still just me in my office You know not apartment You know I'm saying on my home internet router, so it's the bare bones of what will be a long long-standing legacy You know, but those who cross that bridge first Best plot of land on the other side so that's what I appreciate with you guys is being patient And you know working working with me as I try to figure out how to do face book laughs It won't always be as complicated, but it is tonight so I do apologize Yeah, but trade deals down, so it's fine

Don't worry about it It's not that big a deal Training you doesn't hold anybody's money So that's the biggest thing Yeah, I got line is tactics I'm gonna check them out Thank you Thank you What are your two I think about Kryptos going to the future yay or nay Going to futures rather, I don't think it's great I think they're trying me about me and Nicole We talked about this earlier, but we think you know the powers that aren't making money Since autumn you know scam artists on Wall Street They're trying to put Bitcoin in the same box as they do Bank of America Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs You know make all these you know advanced technical Products for it that essentially skim money robbed people you know and siphon wealth back to the top of the pyramid And that's all that futures does it just does it in a different way than say inflation hyper taxation or You know Because zone zip codes you know zip In public education right I Think it's necessarily great by any means What it may do is? Bring more interested money to the table and also I don't think it's great that Of America or goldman sachs Wells Fargo one of these huge entities Can buy Bitcoin at the same table me and you are buying bitcoin net so essentially like Brandi Kelly Bank of America Auto fixed out like Elms and this to be like one two three Transactions that go through

You know bit Rick's to buy Bitcoin So they can leverage their fake fiat money in billions of dollars that they can essentially print for free and speculate that the price goes down a Bitcoin And then make more fiat dollars when it actually does go down because guess what they got more Bitcoin And we do so they can decide when they want to pull the plug at a machine so I think if anything it just confirms the inevitable that Bitcoin will go up only as long as the Entities behind it want it to go up in a minute that they don't That plug gets pulled and we're back around 1800 you know And they'll let it go up as long as they think they can make the next dollar of profit By it going up you understand This is how they operate they operate for the next Dollar of profit if that dollar is on the blockchain Then it will be on the blockchain it fits on you know Wall Street it will be on Wall Street if it's on real estate that will be in real estate if it's on Technology and the bank stocks, it's gonna be other thing is if it's on Fannie Mae It's they'll be elf a nickname you know, but they operate to make dollars Fiat dollars not Bitcoin dollars right Bitcoin to them is just an alternative asset It's an exotic asset that has no intrinsic value and it's purely speculation I Think it's a few blockchain companies that Dave Some of the venture capitalist firms have retained early stake in that will be legitimate operations Right, but VCS are just a side wing of the bank, so it really doesn't matter It's all the same house of money Right So it's not great, but if anything it might allow us to make a little bit more money in the future As they continue to speculate and push the price higher This last time I'm trying to space the thing this ridiculous We need more decentralized yeah, yes, and no um problem with decentralization is sometimes it makes the process way too complicated convoluted and You know when it's when it's again when it's too hard to figure out how to work it and it's too hard to build them it it's like trying to build a house on quicksand You can't anchor it into nothing you can't get no traction You can't have any stability so that's the problem with decentralization as it exists today is it's very new concept And then you still have the bureaucracies that are kind of you know still trying to influence and infiltrate decentralization, but let's see Okay now It's not running through obedience it looks like one run straight through, but we're trying to we'll see what happens Trading do now on the running

That's good good Thank you for the update Yeah, if trainee view has a Sale on probe that's good It's definitely worth it I think if you have more than say like a thousand dollars in crypto Then it's probably worth it Cuz I think the the margin of error on each side of the trade you get is probably like five ten percent so five percent of by ten percent of the sale adds up every every time you go back and forth right so I would say if you're Trading more than like a thousand dollars a month and it's probably worth it to have to spend fifty dollars you know Hundred hours a week That's huh, that's how you got to do it, you know just balance out the pros and cons oh I'm still taking forever what deck This is garbage it's I'm so mad right now I don't worry about it Niklas And um let's go ahead and just load these things up Make sure you hit that like button, I don't know we got about 200 something people live on the air

How many likes we got Fifty something likes So right now, I'll give you guys three minutes 7:25 We'll do our little calm down over here Actually, we'll do 10 minutes, and then we'll come back at 7:30, and and get started that'll give me a chance to uh get uh these charts together and We'll be good Oh wow computer slow I'm sorry it's cool Mike's gonna pass in a big car so yeah We'll Come back in 10 minutes give everybody a chance still fairly Okay, I just need to refresh my browser my bad my bad Okay 129 likes you right you right Five dislikes five haters haters must be from Superman's channel Just came over to hate I Tell you guys when it went out when I put up that 10 grand I said I told you I said yeah, I'm saying Big Bang take little bank seven days a week I'm I am the boss for a reason so I said suppose you if people talk garbage I got 10 grand say I'll trade you you know I'm saying any day a week I mean you're back I mean you're back you know So somebody tell them Because these these altcoins about to start blowing and from what I hear he trippin I ciose off Just taking money not even doing videos for him So you know i'm saying I take some of that money back and give it to the people any time He want to put up ten grand

You know i'm saying on a monthly trading contest Let me know You Alright alright you guys hear my voice, okay Let's see let's refresh how many how many likes we got right now, let's see how much money I got a giveaway oh Alright alright Oman Oman, I got it I got it small thing to a giant oh That's pretty cool Thank you guys

That's awesome That's one of the first times We did it before the before we went live on the air That's pretty cool I Don't mind Getting away a little bit, it's to the people All right so our question of the day, let's go ahead and do that let's put that out there Oh What I'm gonna do it's gonna be a Facebook question of the day So all you gotta do is go in our group right here and Share my last post I will pin it to the top, it's gonna be live on the air My last post to the group And then I'm here goes right there 32 minutes ago Mess around with Mark Zuckerberg trying to get live on Facebook didn't work out But let's go ahead and do that So all you got to do is uh share that post right there if you want to win Just click that little button make sure your privacy settings are set so I can see when you share it and then We will go ahead and pick a winner here um a couple minutes give you guys chance to get on there After you share It just click the like button and comment that way

I know you know I'm saying it like it kind of likes you in Oh share cheer Thank you That's all you got to do BAM So we'll give you guys a little bit do that That's awesome Keenan it's not about it's not about the Decimal points you make it's about the percent Right because after you get some percent behind within the decimal places will follow the commas will follow, so it's not about the Tamas It's about the percentage and the boss method is designed to maximize your time and you know Increase the percent you get back with every accident That's it big glance I know you'd be a man

I appreciate a man Thank you so much Whoa Oh cryptocurrency what's going on man? Can I get a tweet? I know you big on Twitter, man I know you're big on Twitter, man You got like 18,000 followers Can I get a tweet on this video? No no? See you know just copy and paste that those y'all y'all got steam it y'all got Twitter there we go That's the link right there big wolf I'll see you out here You know real recognize real You know can't talk slick to a can of oil I see you coming a mile away If you say I appreciate it I appreciate it priests Shout out the big Omar crypto Shout-out to Andres and Annapolis one of the originals actually be original crypto influencer That is book – the book amazing book amazing book 48 countries and county

That's pretty cool Thank You Miz Nani I Just go ahead and do this Now needed that information help I sent you on Facebook 40 odd nuances and the smaller you know time scale I've seen you on there wolf so that just mean you actually got some good good uh charts or content that you put up there, but I've seen you on there got a good name – Cool All right cool, let's do it guys Again if you're just joining us I'm giving away Bitcoin to two winners all you need to do Is share this post right here cuz all I'm gonna do is click on it and It's gonna show me who all share it So big Leonidas you will now win the competition right? And then I Gotta see how I do that Oh this button right here Yes this one Alright cool and then about 30 seconds I'll be back on this page, and I'll just hit that refresh button and We'll pick two winners back-to-back cool Let's do it Eilis no deaths Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto It's your boy BK, and if you don't like me you must not like money Thank you for joining me everybody today is Saturday November 25th, and as you already know Bitcoin is crushing it pushing all-time highs 8750 Another day we're above 8,000 is another day we are closer to 10,000 a theory of all-time highs as well, and it's money to be made That's why I'm here live on the air on a Saturday night

You know I'm saying the crypto markets Don't sweep so your boy BK is cashing out seven days a week if this is your first time tuning in congratulations Baby, you are now rocking with the best My name is BK You probably know me as the crypto traitor And I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone my voice is another day somebody is able to profit as a result and today is no exception So let's go ahead and get somebody paid But before we do that if this is no first time joining us go ahead Do yourself a favor click that red button? Right now right up under my chat window its subscribe to join the community 15,000 and growing they'll joke one of the fastest growing crypto communities on the planet Point Blank period Let's give away some money and get our people paid you see we have the number one Quinn group in the world Type it in on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg probably know my name number one He said be Kato boss That's right sixteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other do one thing that's profit and prosper yeah I'm Sam and this is how we do it right here Right here on this very page number one Bitcoin group in the world come on in the doors are always opening right now I'm giving away some cash money out my pocket to the people so let's see who Rose people are gonna be So what I'm doing right now

I don't post it the link and No one's Bitcoin group in the world all We're gonna Do is share that link? And now it's loading up all the people shout out the mob shout out the big James About the plate his man in the chest mentioned tear him up something good I'm saying he you know say you want to play a chess match with the boss I said okay I got you I ain't played chess in a while, but I you know I'm saying I could figure it out again All right We go here

We go Let's do it Let's do it Let's do it We like to keep it light-hearted You know Sam and fight the positive vibes positive energy to manifest in abundance in our favor Let's see who we got who we got what we got what we got BAM Johnny and Debbie boom y'all are the two winners of the day miss Debbie Congratulations and big Johnny Thank you for joining us so this all I'm gonna do right here is I'm a comment Bitcoin winner of the day Do me a favor message me your Bitcoin wallet And I will send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation

Thank you so so much for joining us, thank You for being a valued member of our community guys 15,000 16,000 people growing every day shoutout To to the people who are a big big big pillars at a community, mr, su Bom Bom are you know seven Bomar? Understand it Just developing a deeper deeper deeper knowledge of the energy and resonance within this this practical reality we shared together and my man Krypto you know Sam so it's a beautiful community guys come on in and then we got the Bodyguards and you know I'm saying taking selfies black and white in And at Planet Fitness, you know I'm saying just just to keep the haters off me I'm saying I say I say get him You know I'm saying and he just flicks and they run away you know so that's what we got going right now Now let's go ahead and make this money Can we go? You can see you guys crypto market is if money is flowing you know the money is flowing and As a result what we look for and this is the number one lesson With a lot it with a lot of new traders a lot of new traders will fall into The dollar death trap I'm gonna make a whole video playlist on it Don't fall into the trap the dollar death trap Um don't do it Don't do it

Don't do it Don't compare your crypto currencies don't value them on the dollar You know why cuz they're USD ain't done nothing for me, so that's why we switch at the BTC I do not value dollars I value Bitcoin because right now the market values Bitcoin much more than they do Dollars so the minute that changes I will change but for now I value Bitcoin in my mind bitcoin is already 50 thousand dollars a coin And I can't buy one with all my dollars, so I need to accumulate as much Bitcoin as fast as possible How do we know it became the boss net? intellectual property design by yours truly owned exclusively for the rights of Brent Kelly LLC do not replicate Redistribute or reuse my method if you are a profit-seeking entity a hedge fund Goldman Sachs Wells Fargo and all these corporate entities Defaulted on the goods they promise society But if you are a person that has they've been defaulted against I'll give it to you for free use it and use it in Abundance it works quite well There are just two rules green above orange buy green below orange sale We'll get into that in a second Let me show you how to walk through this thing on trading view I'm gonna break this down like a fraction real quick And then we go go ahead and walk through three charts you I wanted to do kind of like a little game show you know I'm saying get my little Wayne Brady y'all real quick You know I'm saying give away some money in the beginning give away some money at the end yeah I'm saying keep it entertainment Enlightenment and amazing if you appreciate that do me a favor 300 people live on air hit that thumbs up button one top Oh a player you know I'm saying click that bill if you haven't already I try to jump on here five six seven days a week and get my people Paid you know I'm saying they say money Don't sleep so BK You know say, I don't hear fasting days a week alright, so here

We go here We go here We go a train of view two charts for whatever reason are really Not working today I'm trying to see if I have like any chart saved probably not Cuz why would I? Yeah, so two charts on training You are not loading up but what we can do is jump over into our facebook group because I'm pretty sure some people have posted charts on there and That way I can just give you like a high-level overview of The boss method there it goes right there This is me Oh, my man Said it's looking good with the seven about the past the 77 This is all it is you guys this is the boss method at its finest right here? It's too simple moving averages the Green Line is a seven the orange line is a 77 When that green goes above that orange we buy it when it goes below that orange

We sell it BAM That's it fractal harmonics, baby seven inner seven and eleven LasVegas that made trillions of dollars on that two number combination So it's time for us to take some of that money back right seven and seventy-seven seven above by seven below sale That's it you know I'm saying there You go, so this guy said uh? Neo is looking pretty good lightnings about the strike We need to see where that 231 is all the way up and that makes but seven and seventy seven is really all you need To make money nine out of ten times so that looks pretty good right here Another chart somebody talked about was metal right metal is another one you can see that Seven is just about to cross and more than likely when it crosses Something's gonna Go up and try to touch that white line So that's probably an increase of almost seventy eighty percent right there You can expect that inside a couple weeks if this thing hits another run like it did up here you go to the high it Candle that was probably like a 40 or 50 percent game Whatever that candle hit right here It was probably about 40 50 percent increase so you can expect metal to do something like that if that stays true and That's the boss method and to make it now what I wanted to do is get my Wayne Brady on And give you guys three doors right so what we're doing what we're doing is we're gonna play BK's version of Let's make a deal right and I'm going to show you three charts and then at the end of it I'm gonna give you the chance to pick one of the doors pick one of the charts right you're not gonna know What coin it is because I've already drawn the charts and I've cropped them out, and you don't see the numbers You don't see the time scale But you do see the energy and the resonance and then this is all you need so it's not about You know the dollars and the decimals that they have on that axis

It's really about pinpointing the energy inside it so again It's three coins three charts and then at the end of it I'll give you a chance to pick which one you like and get somebody paid off of that right so this is chart number one Again, the boss method you guys green above orange What do we do BAM? I hit it boom this just happened you guys all of these charts are within four weeks old so right so This earliest part is still in November This is like November 1st every chart is since November on right? So I'm gonna walk you through this thing real quick And show you what I really really like about it first things first You can see that we do have like almost a little cycle set up to where at the lowest point possible if we take that point and The highest point possible and just scale it out a little bit we get that little breakdown Right so that confirms the triangulation of resonance there, and then if we take our Fibonacci right from that green and orange intersection all the way up at the top of that line you can see that it just basically steps down and Then bounced up, and now we just crossed 38% right so we just broke out at at monies on essentially right one more thing I want to show you guys and again if this is your first time tuning in don't feel bad I made it real easy I might be talking a different language right now, but that language is money, and I break it down like a fraction How you can talk the same language as I do you need to click in the description? It's a playlist called chart like a boss watch the first three videos in that playlist And then you'll start to see the method to the madness It's very very very simple very easy chart like a boss click that link in the playlist And welcome to the money team so here you go you guys you can see that this orange Cross that white right there that 77 across that 231 that gave us this second wave of energy right there That's basically like an interior breakout a lot of world I need me cognizant to that that's when I my major Indicators right there 77 over 231 that means some big energy is coming up BAM That's what happened now We have the opportunity to go up another fourteen and a half percent inside the next five days Right just based off fractal harmonics right and spatial sacred geometry, right? So there you go right, that's door number one door number two and This one go a little bit longer go back into the last week of November, but you can see you can see History don't repeat itself, but it sure enough derive right all we did here is we took the two tops right there October 27th November 15 right said the next one will be right around December fourth in addition to that we pinpointed the top The bottom and the flip right so the tops up here bottoms down there

You got this nice little midpoint about 65% high Which is a good good good Fibonacci level? With respect to the integrity of that system as a whole and you had this flip right here again orange over White is making money all night right, so now we have this strong uptrend channel you guys This is like real-deal money This is money on money right here that Cree's above that orange And that oranges above that white so this thing is is really set up to make some real deal money This is 42 percent the potential to make before December 4th right and again It's very very simple Green over orange by BAM soon as you buy a boom hit him over the head You know I'm saying 68 percent right there come back down to reality Settle out a little bit, and now we're looking to make another move cuz notice when this first jump happened That orange was still under that white that's negative momentum You know I'm Sam, but now we've confirmed just what's gonna happen now that white is gonna Come up a little bit and once that happens That's gonna Put us into another nother wave right And so that's what we're looking at right now as soon as that white Starts to push up on that orange and that orange slingshots that green That's what we're looking at December fourth another 42 percent That is door number two let's check out door number three this one is just a Binder right you can see right here We're looking at 72 percent north nine percent just on on the lowest possible you know Meager meager meagre earning you get nine percent look at it it has to go down for you to get nine percent you see that but-but-but What we did here again slingshot right there orange over white mega money all night BAM Green over orange pit them green over orange pit them What do we got? What do we got we take this point? Slingshot it over to air one two three one plus two equals three And we just pinpointed all the energy inside this chart This is called fractal harmonics Everything is a cycle of something that came before it and something yet to follow They don't teach this on Wall Street because they teach embezzlement and Fear and greed and profit and That energy not residents not commune right if they did roll would be a lot better place, but I'm teaching it right now That's why this is labeled and classified as an educational channel a lot of Sheep out there say they're not a financial expert in don't listen to a word they say well You probably shouldn't if they stupid enough to repeat every word they hear from some other person Then you probably shouldn't listen to me myself, and I are my three best friends And I I'm a teacher you know I'm saying this is an academic exercise to discuss harmonic resonance supplied and leveraged by patented intellectual property So tilt a sheep

I said hello and since they're not a final financial expert They should probably just shut down the channel and Become a teacher, maybe then they won't have to give so many disclaimers And you know just fall victim to the same game that got half a society You know enslave to the system as a result right we have to think for ourselves people we have to empower each other And that's what this is self taught expertise back in the day They would have you know one guy dedicated 10 20 years of his life to doing one craft This was an apprenticeship this was he was a carpenter He was you know a a Farmer he was a you know a plumber an electrician Today we just got a lot of a lot of Jack's of all trades, but master of none But what this is you guys and this is my trade right now right, but I'm teaching you how to do it For free so that you may empower yourself and after you empower yourself You can empower someone else and this is by far one of the strongest charts in the market right now I've been talking about this coin for almost two months now But now the only difference is you don't see the name right there in the upper left hand corner But believe that energy is there at the resonance is there the market has Validated that they value it and therefore you should value it too in so much that you can make almost 72% in the next couple of weeks even if you lose you still sitting at 9% Just based off the trajectory and if it drops down in this little zone right there That's where you double down you know I'm saying put down two and pick up six because more than likely is bouncing right back because you can see that white line is already going up so that's more or less a Springboard from the inside to where even if it bounced down there in that danger zone double down BAM hit it You know I'm Sam and and and and cash out real quick right so there you go guys That's door number one two and three and this is what I've got for you This is what I got for you This is how this is how we break it down right? I'll just show you how to read the energy now if you want the opportunity to profit as a result of understanding That energy in that residence now you have the opportunity door number one is on the profit package This is coin number five on this list right here door number one is coin number five on the profit package alright So if you got the profit profit package looking at coin number five and you go see what we had a door number one door number two is on the Dream team and this is coin number three on the dream team door number two is coin number three on the dream team and door the last door is coin number five I'm creeped out to this this is at a technology retail coin You know I say I like it love it or love it or hate it

You know like it or love it It's here to stay and is making money, so you need to make money, too That's that's uh right there right there for you on crypt Oppel Asst Coin number five right so you can see three doors Three reports and three opportunities for you to cash out Like a boss if that's what you choose to do right and again, but everybody Just joining us Leave me a comment below and Let me know What is the best door to pick right and? Also leave me a comment below Let me know what country you rep if I'm gonna start doing our global shout out in the comments So leave me your country And what door is the best one to pick and then I'm gonna go down you know and see a kaleidoscope? of countries of nations of people you know This is what we did we come together from all over the world I get excited for coming on this channel, man I mean, you know I just got back from holiday drove about 6-7 hours on the road yesterday came back jump into Facebook group answered a couple questions came back today Six seven in the morning, I'm on the Facebook group posting comments charts open people out I don't mind doing that because I understand What it takes to get to where we want to go and so I will make a commitment? I will make a sacrifice I will wake up every day and sit in Front of this computer to understand this energy and try to reach more people and teach more people And so much that those people will in turn be able to do the same thing one day right as we increase our affluence Let us not decrease our influence and Our commitment we have to each other We will profit and we will prosper together That's my commitment to you Thank you for joining me I hit that red button if you down for the cause and we gonna do it together It's gonna be a beautiful mission There's a lot of money to be made and trust me my method is designed for the people or the people power to the people right power to the people BAM Right last thing I do have an opportunity on my website For a one-on-one consultation meaning if you want to do that that's certainly an opportunity for you I think I'm booked out like December middle December, but I look forward every day every day I'm able to talk to people so that bsaa guys It's that time of the day son and out this them folks you know boy BK No matter where you stay Brazil to Bay in California all the way back out, dude Jerk money the night good morning a good day Thank you for joining me

Thank you for your time You already know what to do if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all, please