Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is October the 20th 2019 strong hand bitcoin is next bitcoin bow your wealth in bitcoin one bitcoin equals one bitcoin affected by selling uncomplicated ball conviction be unique beast alright guys hello my elite friends check out friday show and saturday show please do it right now click on the links below disrupt meister calm you can watch all my old shows this week in bitcoin was great with Hass and Adriana yeah we the female all on town that like button and Saturdays beyond Bitcoin show always a blast dudes check them out that's this is your home a Bitcoin insider information you're about to get some more of that insider info hey if you got questions typing bitcoinmeister I'll answer your questions hello hello my elite friends it's good it's good to be alive today baby wherever you are if you're in Sydney Australia you're back at Baltimore we'll discuss in a second okay so get ready this week I want everybody have a strong hand to be ready for the Zuckerberg hearing on Wednesday and wish Mark Zuckerberg well as the Congress people tried to bash him over Facebook and Libra and that he's so rich and evil and he's not there envious they're trying to make their constituents happy or tricked their constituents into people to keep on voting for them for emotional reasons let me say something about him lately he has been standing up for Facebook and and against censorship and the usual suspects are rallying against him and he is not giving in this is a good sign we should wish him well – you might not likely but he has been standing up to these people he is not giving in to them lately most of most of the people in big corporations they they want to fit in if they if they say you're you're gonna censor you're gonna get rid of unwanted groups you're not gonna let political advertisements be on your platform most people they they bow down to the government he has not lately let's see maybe maybe he'll give in during these hearings I wish him well on Wednesday but a reason I bring this up for you people is because the price of Bitcoin for you Fiat freaks out there it's probably go a little wild it might you know go go low it might go high you got to be ready for Wednesday I'm preparing you in advance okay not Zuckerberg now but he's not playing in he's not playing in the fitting in censorship game as of yet at least he's not he's not playing in their little game there Johnny ny says bit closer hi Adam happy late birthday to your dad well thank you very much yesterday the 19th was the day my father was born and of course we think of my father on on that day all of us in the Meister family we also think of my father today today is shalini at Sarat well it just started in America but here it's the next day already in Australia and you like a your site candle to remember your relatives that are no longer among among the living so this is I like this for my father today and yes Kerr was today and so I was at I want to tell everyone Bitcoin comes up at synagogue I'm at the city the main synagogue in in downtown Sydney near that that monument the anzac monument i don't even know the name of though it's the grand sydney synagogue okay and the security to get in there on Shabbat first of all was incredible I mean they were questioning me and it's sad and we live in a world in such a beautiful modern city where they got to take such precautions to like interrogate you before they get into the synagogue to make sure no one insane comes into the centre guy but again here in Australia they have gun control also some maybe that in America that's why I don't get people don't get interrogated on the same level anyway we're not gonna get into that discussion but the synagogue people the security to get into the synagogue I think we're interrogating me they were like what why are you in Sidney what's your business and I said Bitcoin and they they loan Bitcoin they knew Bitcoin to two security guards they knew Bitcoin but then that and they're like blockchain whoa you know blockchain and that was kind of weird to me and they even brought up ripple and I wanted to vomit of course so that was entry and so I mean talking to ass and no hassles not at synagogue town that like button I guess they did has a hard target so there we go so the house said that a people no ripple here apparently people in Australia do ripple unfortunately and but hey it shows that in this country they dug a little bit deeper into Bitcoin and they found that about all coins and they'll have to uh find out the hard way so today in synagogue and again it's already Monday here yeah when I was a caught up to read the Torah the the Cantor he they someone said to me what brings you here and I said some of that big coin or whatever and he's a gold Bitcoin he's like are you just interested in Bitcoin or the other coins too I said dude you got to just focus on the big coin so they're real life big quid experience I'm doing my little part to make sure people that don't get confused into off coins but I gotta say regular people on the streets of Sydney a day well that were associated with the synagogue they knew about Bitcoin and they knew about all coins and okay so moving on so talking about mainstream let's talk about mainstream in your Bitcoin so well some some mainstreamers no one here and send the apparently beautiful Sydney but there is this is insider info right here yeah Satoshi Gaines we are announcing our new gain at Lightning Network conference here is the medium article about light night our Bitcoin integrated battle royal game you'll also find a trailer in the article and I said in the past that may be something that will help get the masses in the Bitcoin is something that's funny something that's fun something like like a game and games will help and they describe it in simple words players earn Bitcoin by shooting other players and lose Bitcoin when they get shot so that seems pretty simple or play a game earn Bitcoin hate me hey I'm glad people are experimenting with it this is a cool use of the Lightning Network that doesn't involve buying coffee which i think is great I don't think buying coffee is great but I do think this playing games getting young people like to play ridiculous games like this into earning or losing Bitcoin pretty cool stuff there pretty interesting and I haven't heard about it anywhere else so satoshi games you might not be Satoshi Nakamoto but you're doing big stuff for Bitcoin in theory keep on experimenting people keep on trying Satoshi games you never know be in motion is what I'm trying to say be in motion get shirts like this link to below contribute to the show through the anchor link below and sports maestro comm you get all my podcast audio podcast some of you are listening right now I mentioned on Saturday show and probably I mentioned this on tomorrow's show too it's just if you wanted if you want to donate fiat to the showed up it might be easy to do the super cat but check out the check out the anchor donation link I have there they don't take as much and anchor is better than YouTube and I and I'll explain that some more watch Saturday show if you want to hear some about that but I'll get into that on Monday again so okay we got that fun coin desk though have this coin test celebrate the 18 million Bitcoin being mined whoa 18 million bitcoins mind how har is that 21 million limit and again this is coin desk not Queen not Queen base and you I enjoy it but like this I enjoy but some people get funded out like this find it out when they hear who some people aren't satisfied with that 21 million supply maybe they want 40 to a 42 million coin let them keep talking about it they can make their own crypto dividend that is that is fine with me a quote was from some experts both Walsh and Brodie suggested that bitcoins 21 million supply cap might one day be subject to change well okay Brodie if you want to do that go ahead you can fork off your forty two million bitcoins okay you can call it 42 Bitcoin 42 you could try to call it Bitcoin but we people in the Bitcoin community we will be very calm about it I'm preparing everyone for this because sooner or later they're gonna try someone is going to try this and they'll have a very prominent figure in the Bitcoin community get behind it and so that person will try to cause panic and fun and the way you approach this is you're like okay crypto dividend we're gonna get this for free we are gonna get so I'm giving you the future history of the 41 million Bitcoin fork oh yeah I mean it'll be it 63 million Bitcoin that they think that that should be the supply limit this is the thing when it happens the prominent figure whoever it may be or prominent figures it might be a few of them don't make it this make it seem bigger than it really is and then we'll the whole Bitcoin world the whole crypto world won't get that will get this for free and then they'll get to price it so though let's say Bitcoin is at twenty thousand dollars then will they hack will people be willing to pay twenty thousand dollars for this thing that they're calling Bitcoin think about it not only should you think about it you should get into your long-term memory in and remember 2017 we've been through this before the future history of the 42 million coin is just be flesh the exact same thing will happen again some people yeah some people will be able to will be really some foolish people will be willing to pay Fiat and will be able to willing to give up their precious Bitcoin for this thing that all of us are gonna get free oK we've seen it before but hey we've also seen that no one in the right mind prices a fork at the price of the real thing everyone will the silent majority knows what the real thing is no matter what prominent figure so maybe they'll be big coin Mohammed next time instead of Bitcoin hey Zeus who knows who knows who will be promoting that the 40 but some people will never learn though some people will fall for it some people will panic and hey this is just a start if we're happy that we have the 18 million coin but wait a second though is the supply limit is that really a hard cap for the real Bitcoin it is a hard cap but there will be people trying to say they've got the real Bitcoin and they'll have 42 million over 63 million of them and it will just be be cash all over again it's all cyclical people but it'll look a little bit different in when will it come well they should sooner than later sooner than later they should try it because the higher the the big the Fiat price of big Wayne then less likely that people are going to be fooled by like someone saying no I've got the real Bitcoin now what you wait the real bitcoins a hundred thousand dollars and you're saying you're gonna produce a real Bitcoin that's equivalent it's a hundred thousand dollars and there's gonna be 42 million or 63 it's a very hard but so if it's a lesser price $7,000 $8,000 $9,000 tenna they'll be more uh they'll be fools that are willing to say yeah yeah maybe this uh this new Bitcoin is yeah I'm willing to pay ten thousand for it or whatever has ridiculous all right so some people will never learn from it so bring it on I say bring it on and yeah just just prepare for people word that we're getting the early signs right now so speaking of crypto dividends but and I just were saying last time around people were very very threatened by the whole bean cache thing very threatened got very defensive got very angry and it was understood because we hadn't lived through it yet it is an unfriendly Fork by a prominent figure with a pretty good selling point like we need cheap coffee in the future will be we need more Bitcoin for all the poor people out there something big deal some guild thinks I'm guilty but this time around you gotta be you don't get angry don't get that ignore it treaty like a crypto dividend you know it'll be even more smooth the process but unfortunately in our community there are people that just get emotional and we'll probably see a very similar scenario and so talking about crypto dividends the guys at the member wendel coin Chris which is in a crypt of dividend airdrop that all as Bitcoin holders are getting for free on December the 11th if you signed up for it they he talks about one thing is very interesting in there they have an updates you can read your update he says I wanted to write a quick update on our progress or atomic swaps just now we completed our first atomic swap between MW C's test neck and bitcoins test net the transaction can be seen here this was a proof of concept and there's a lot of work to be to make this functionality usable but this is a very important first step towards very powerful functionality that we will be working on in the coming months after a maenette launch well that is very interesting if they're going to be able to pull off an attack cry atomic swap between Bitcoin and anon Amanda coin that layer that adds up you know some people want to turn their Bitcoin into something into something anonymous and if they can do it with atonic swaps and that's interesting so I say Chris keep on innovating over there pump it dude pump it was what we're getting for free hey just make it make it seem awesome innovate on it and if people want to buy that stuff be my guest I don't buy stuff that I get for free but as we've seen with be cash and all the crypto dividends oh there are plenty of people that all return turn their precious Bitcoin into these all coins these crypto dividends and I gotta say that's actually you're working on like a real use case there dude you've got yourself a if this can do an anonymous uh atomic swaps but if you want to read more it's linked to below people have asked about updates on that a crypto dividend really what you need to know is December 11th is the day that you're gonna get it for the people who signed up for it and once you're three noscope said bitcoins hard cap is what got me so obsessed with it in the first place yeah that's one of the things that got me into a – dude but a lot of people don't get into it for that reason I'd say the majority of people don't get into that for that movies I can't wait for the mainstream to complain that they don't have enough BTC and should raise the supply dude that's already happening see that coin desk article but it'll get louder it will get louder maybe it's all based on via 210,000 block theory it really was loud in 2017 for the be cash people for king of the trolls so maybe two hundred ten thousand blocks made maybe twenty twenty one will be a the the 42 million coin flood that that'll reaches peak then and well also speaking about crypto dividends we talked about this ballet this ballet Bitcoin Hardware wallet thing that Bobby Lee is working on and for all you insiders out there Bobby Lee will probably come on the show to talk about it I've never had him on the show before but they are linked to below you and I forgot to quote the link so I'm not gonna have a direct quote here but they are bragging about how you can get you can claim B diamond and I think be gold and be cash and be SV through your ballet crypto wallet and I have questions about this thing I am NOT saying to get the ballet crypto wallet there are a lot of people with a lot of questions about it because it's already got a uh it's it's got a recovery seed Rea I it's it's got a private key that it's easily accessible that other people may have seen and okay that's a whole nother story the reason I'm bringing this up is because I predicted that eventually there would be wallets that were crypto dividend friendly that were forward friendly that would use marketing lines that would say hey you're gonna get your crypto dividend this way because no one out there so far and all the wallets face is saying hey you keep your Bitcoin here you can easily get your crypto dibbens you can usually get your Bitcoin Forks and so I like that direction now house there's questions about the wallet itself but I'm bringing this up from a market of marketing perspective I think traceur and and all of them out there should make make it very easy to claim you're all all the forks yeah be diamond included so they're going in that direction so hey just just want to bring it up it's news doo-doo-doo-doo dude and I will be in Adelaide for so I love Sydney but I will be and I've never been a delayed before starting Thursday so all you people in Adelaide see you then but Sydney people I'm going to the event the movie premiere at 5:45 today and of course on Wednesday you get to hang out with me it's linked to below I think it's at 6:15 at some bar I was great to meet yesterday I was at an event people in Sydney people who recognized me and stuff and that that was really flattering that was really awesome I know some of you are watching right now and thank you Hass for setting all this up and we might have a special I met the co-founder we've had Alex on the show from amber and I met Chantal Delp de la Rey and maybe she'll come on the show all you thirsty dudes will obviously love that hopefully there are too many of you thirsty dudes out there but there are some from some of the questions that I get Adam do you still work for traceur dude I never worked for trace or it's called an affiliate link pound that like one all right so uh let's see anyone anyone could have it at Reza we're affiliate link your worst enemy can now moving on and that that I say your worst enemy because that's a that's my Bitcoin line that anyone can own a Bitcoin if your worst enemy owns a Bitcoin it helps you there's no it's unsensible baby and we'll talk about that next time I had a great I had my Sprint's I stored my Sprint's like at 7:00 am

this morning I've never done it that early before you've got to avoid the Suns dude you got to avoid the Sun it was sprint day today yeah yeah okay we're gonna talk about Polonia X in a second but one two or three noscope said do you think switching to SATs would cause people to get less jealous or people of people full of coins it definitely would stop Yoona bias in my opinion no I think it would confuse the heck out of everyone I think it's I am NOT a proponent of that at all there's so many people like what we need a different we can't keep it in Bitcoin we can't we can't keep it you know it's too complex bitcoins were so much now we have to say point O one Bitcoin now that this SATs thing is it'll even confuse more people keep who knows how this will let let's let it about nationally but in terms of jealousy and what not know it one of them they won't they won't even be the people who are jealous wouldn't even be able to grasp the whole Satoshi concept so they'll just go back to pricing it in Bitcoin or they they pricing it Fiat they value their wealth in fear okay any using innovation verse American question work here so this is my thoughts on not well some thoughts on Polonius we we are writing to inform you that Pilate X is spinning out from circle into a new company called polo digital assets this new company will have the full backing of a major Asian investment group who intends to focus on the needs of global crypto traders unfortunately in order to be competitive in the global markets we will not be able to include US customers in the spin out so circle will be winding down operations for us Polonia customers and they give the dates it's linked to below so if you are silly a silly person and you keep your cryptocurrency on Polonia x and you're an American it get it off they're not doing business with you if you trade your Bitcoin for someone on reason they don't want to do business with you anymore and a pump sums it all up Polonia axe is moving out of the us to focus on international markets they won't even let us customers use their products moving forward this will become the norm if the US continues to create an overbearing and uncertain regulatory environment we must get it right yes we must get it right and let let and choose me Zuckerberg is doing some of the dirty work on Wednesday hopefully if he lets they if they allow allow Libre to flourish in America that's it's much more likely that the fear of crypto regulation will go away and we'll have more companies wanting to base themselves in the United States instead of the opposite right now so yeah it's it's unfortunate that I mean some it's unfortunate for America that the innovation seems to be more freely going on in Asian countries but hey good for Asia let let them good for they're all people always like will happen if it was a question yesterday and I've heard this so many times what if all the countries on earth banned Bitcoin it's not happening there's always going to be an outlier that wants to take advantage of the situation that wants to innovate so the United States is kind of being the hard core on some aspects of cryptocurrency right now but there are other countries that are like they're open for business so Polonia X will flourish over there I guess and this is not as some people are like we'll do it sure the polonius is spinning if they're spinning off piloti X its weak it's no they're leaving America they're weak they're not weak for foreign exchange and I don't let the exchanges compete let fix it they just got to do what they got to do and so finally we will leave it with I'm just reading the comments here we're gonna leave it with this dude this is from Ooty can we please say layer one transactions and layer two transactions instead of on chain and off chain pretty please we have to stop this blockchain addiction I like that I like layer 1 and layer 2 instead of on chain and off chain because eventually there's gonna be a layer 3 that'll be off chain also when it yeah it's it's a bit it's a better explanation better a better explanation layer 1 layer 2 layer 3 very very good suggesting there Unni in the Land of Israel I hope everyone had a good circus so coat over there and the Shalini at Sarat and happy Simchat Torah for everyone we're about to enter that period i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the links below pound that like button bang that bell but this doesn't even look like a does it look like it's lit the lighting anyway i will say hi to you dues in the chat do check out disrupt meister comm follow me on twitter at TCS VLT we need you to support the show by retweeting that stuff you can learn more about that on saturdays beyond bitcoin show and play this weekend Bitcoin watch all the shows be a 20 percent IRR strong hands SIA