good afternoon dear Newsbit viewers nice to see you again new video on our youtube channel Today another analysis video on bitcoin we are going to see what we can expect

Also what I see now First of all I want to ask you to like this video and don't forget to subscribe we are almost 225 subscribers and we appreciate it if you subscribe to our channel and get a like leave behind Well then let's take a look to bitcoin As we can see we could do a nice resistance level here signs that are even nicer to see at the 4 hour show If we give him a little bit we see that we have some touch points here We had a retest here and then had a run had

This is therefore quite interesting level We can see that in the recent price promotion on bitcoin we see that we have quite a big rejection candle on the daily here had That implies that the bears are very present here and the price back to press down Well at the 4 hour it is all fairly clear in my opinion We then have that short time frame here resistance broken, which can actually be seen better on the one hour

As you can see, we have it here previous lows and you can actually see very nicely that we are always being thrown there and that we are well above that at some point At the moment we also have a range between the higher time frame level and the short time frame, so it is a bit de the moment ask what we are going to do here We can therefore use two scenarios with that Sketches: Whether this support 'zone we break here wherever we are now and then we go down to the confluence levels of the 618 and 705 which are very much nice with the support 'zone that lies there I would also do that for a while subscribe

As we can see we have here almost exactly a supporter level Look at that As you can see the price responds nicely to this support zone, it comes almost nicely over it with the 618 705 so there is quite a bit of support here So it is quite possible that we will be bouncing from here and then another one going to have a retest so you get this scenario and then go here again From there we can actually see if we can make a new wave up and break if necessary and then test this supporters zone again

Or we go down from here again and make a bearish retest here and go to these lows They sit on the take a look sit at around $ 7735 and $ 7700 We were allowed a bullish scenario that is that if we stay above this level we get this structure retain support there it may be that they are from here go bouncing and look up this high and then move on to this resistance zone look up these highs and then see if they can make a higher high so they break even this zone completely break the green zone and then test the top of the ob or the top of the weekly order block that's this one we can We would certainly expect some resistance if we were in the area at all At this time she is asking what we go with this support we are sitting with bitcoin at the moment still in a range and I am actually on the higher timeframes still fairly bullish as we are still in this weekly OB in my opinion it is not so wrong that if we continue to include a little consolidation here Since we can then trade some altcoins in the telgram channel I also post several times some interesting setups on altcoins there are reasonably nice profits on that, so if you are interested in it then join the telegram link That is in the description as I just told the scenarios or from here to the 618 and then retest it again or we go here to the 618 and down or from here we go up the weekly or the higher timeframe level and from there to the weekly ob So it is actually a bit of a wait for bitcoin if we were to fall under this below these lows and we go under the order block and we actually close there also the bottom then I am pretty bearish

then it may still be that we really go a lot lower than we are now and then we have again a long way up, so to speak I therefore hope that we will stay in this range so that we have some nice altcoins It would also be nice if we were on one given moment above this hightime frame resistance and then test the weekly OB so this was my view on bitcoin i hope i get something again have been able to provide information and that I have been able to give you another view let you find this interesting late then just a like behind do not forget to subscribe We are almost on the 225 subs so subscribe for sure and then I hope to see you again in the next video!