everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister I want to talk about Canadian website where you can purchase your in other or coins and I'm gonna give credit cue aliens syntax you comment on my views and told me about this site that Canadians should know about any coin direct dot eu any crime directed to you I'll give them make their you can buy Bitcoin black home videos going to other coins coin coin and Ethereum were Canadian dollars now evidence to text says that there's a hundred Canadian dollar limit on how much you can send over there from your bank account per day but when you buy it from that site to site doesn't know who you are it it's it's it's actually yeah I did do a little bit of research and resell they sell their currencies for a little bit more money and there's like a 3% fee so we're talking about a five percent total premium about I guess but still you use Canadian dollars to directly purchase those mentioned including me and I i remember when your name dollars going down the tubes compared to the American dollar in Vancouver and and attorney $14 American dollar bought in 2007 Canadian now buys you dollar thirty 30 maybe 5% care premiums that bad and the Canadian show us that hey if they can purchase with Canadian money why can't we easily and this is why can't we easily purchase us as Americans use dollars to buy point and gang the payment method on any coin direct ease interact online I guess Canadians will know what that means trauma my should be canadian viewers