Hi and welcome to my chain group review as some of you may know I've been investing to a few different platforms that's part of my crypto challenge one of which has been chain group so what I thought I'd do is take you through the chain groups sites show you what they're about and then take you through and creating it an investment into chain group so let's go through and have a look now the first thing you need to do is browse to the chain group website which is chain group and then you'll be presented with the Welcome page now I've actually already created my own account already and but if you've got any questions and the please feel free to ask me now kind of what our trained group now the good thing about chain group is the fact that they kind of work as an intermediary between between you and the investment companies so they call themselves a escrow service and you deposit your Bitcoin with them so give them a little bit more kind of accountability in terms of this so they also have something called a stabilization funds for each of the different trade groups as well which means the if any of those go down and you are able to get some money out so on their website they do have a youtube video about the entire service it's pretty good video it's about three minutes long and if you want to have a look through that and then please feel free and then they kind of give you really simple ways of how to start so and you know what to do first so first of all you open an account like I said I've created mine and so go through and do that the next thing you need to do is then load your funds to your account and which I'll take you through that process shortly then we select a trade group to invest in so then we choose which trade group we are interested in and you know through the different types of schemes that they have and then you can make a deposit to the trade group and then you earn money every day and so you can load funds and withdraw by a bitcoin as well so what I'm going to do is take us through to the dashboard now some of you may be already aware and through my different series of videos and crypto challenges I have already invested into chain group and so and hit threes and there's some some totals good making up at the moment but what I'll do it I'll take us through two and two loading up the money into chain group so if I click on to load and in here and it gives me obviously my address that IHS send this to or the destination that I need to send it to also I could and show the QR code and I can use that QR code as well so what I will do is I'll go away and just copy that and send my funds through so now loaded that amount up using my exodus wallet now I can take a little bit of time and to show in your available funds section over on the left hand side here just what it goes through the different and you know confirmations from Bitcoin network so while we wait that what we'll do is we will go through the different trade groups that are available in here now what's pretty good is the fact that you can actually sort the different trade groups by how well they're performing so you can sort by profit for today profit for the last seven days profit for the last thirty days etc so I'm going to click on profit for the last 30 days for example and what it then do it does it shows me and the first you know this is the one that's done the best in the last thirty days so that's dragon group and you can see here it's been around since July 2017 so it's 104 days and because the amount of vet investors and you can see you know how much that's up for today they then have that hundred thousand dollar Stabilization Fund so as I explained earlier on if any reason dragon foundation went down and you would still get some money out of them you know rather than losing the lot so and all these different trade groups have different investment offers so with a minimum of ten dollars both dragon foundation with a maximum of five hundred thousand you have a deposit term of 180 days you then have a variable of not point one to six percent so the minimum you're gonna get out of here is not point one so lease your money is working for you and as opposed to just leaving it in a wallet and you know you're getting something out of here so and with regards to compounding with dragon foundation and it's not possible now some of the wording in here I don't love and is impossible you know just say yes or no you know is it possible yes is it possible is it not possible no not is impossible anyway and so compounding is impossible so you can't do it can you withdraw early no you cannot and do you get your principal brief funded and no you don't peel it for the fact that that's included in your daily profit you also have a graph here as well which shows you how much they're up for today of the last seven days the last 30 days etc and then you can go through and invest in drug and foundation by clicking onto that link but I'm going to keep going through the different trade groups so you then have bit strong again another one that's been around since July 2017 and with the amount of it different amounts investors they've got a fifty thousand dollar Stabilization Fund in here there was slightly smaller minimum deposit into their investment which is $5 deposit terms again is less at 100 days daily profit again variable from naught point 1 all the way up to 5 percent and you don't have compounding and which is impossible and then you have only the draw again impossible and your and daily profits are included with your and principle you then have your exports so with exports they've been around slightly less amount of time so just on the 30 days here they have a higher Stabilization Fund and the amount of deposit term that you're putting into again is lower and you then have variable for nought point two so it's slightly higher and you know entry level intensive and your daily profit whether or not compounding is possible or not and again in here it's input is impossible only withdrawal and then whether or not you get your briefing back again and you know they're tracking pretty well you know they're obviously gone up a lot however you know they obviously started in their September 16 so just make you aware of that and again you can click on any of these things to then choose to invest into them you then have CNC so they've been around since August 2017 and they've got six hundred eleven investors so not that many and you've got a lot smaller Stabilization Fund in here as well again deposit turns shows you whether compounding as possible how you get your money out you then have cloud share is next that's the first one that's come up so far we're compounding is possible and if what we'll do is give you an option to and you know you can say compounding is off or you can say whether or not you want to compound 50% or whether we want to compound 100% and again a smaller Stabilization Fund in here as well a slightly higher minimum entry level in terms of what you deposit into your investment and there are a lot of highs and lows going on here as well so yeah it up and down in there as well you then have a TG Thomas so they've been around quite a while to be honest and since April and we're in October at the moment 2017 and so tells the amount of investors that Stabilization Fund again you can compound in this one and you can withdraw early and though you are a charge of 20% fee and whether or not your principal very fond and and that's set to yes trained group also have their own in here as well that you can use obviously you can see here they're very very slow and steady and and because of that reason your and deposit term is a lot longer in there as well and that's a stable nor point two percent so again you know your money's working for you as opposed to just leaving it in a wallet and so they're pretty good but you haven't got that that variable that can get you up to the you know the five six percent set cetera so if you're interested in finishing into any of these you can then select which one you want to invest into now because dragon Foundation has been doing so well what I'm going to do is I'm going to invest into Dragon foundation so the way that I do that is if I click on to invest in Dragon foundation and then you can see that the available funds here is $50 and ten so if I type in 50 into here so again it's showing me here the the minimum that you can obviously put it into and dragon foundation it then tells me how much is available for this investment now I really recommend that you go through and you read through the investment agreements over d this is specific to dragon foundation trade group so you just want to go in there just obviously just make sure that you're happy with everything you're agreeing to here and you know it's really important with these kind of sites maybe I then click on – I read understand and accept this agreement and then go to invest in Dragon foundation okay and that's all now gone through so if I now go to my investments over here you can now see that you have a list of all your investments in here so you can see what I'm doing with different types of trade groups in here so like I said I've already invested into a dragon foundation previously and $200 it tells where my ara Y here is tells me my you know when I first put in and when I'm gonna get that money out and then I've got I've also invested into bit strong and tells me what my ROI is and those dates start and end dates in there as well it's also says in here the compounding so like I said earlier on you can't cut you can compound with some of these trade groups and you have the ability to select whether aren't you want to compound 50 percent or a hundred percent and then it just goes through and tells me why are our wires for that so this is the new one I've just done this is that $50 inch dragon group and compounding wasn't possible for the zero percent and it starting with my current ROI is at the moment so see this is zero so and it tells me when my start and end dates are in here as well so it's quite handy in here now you have also different options to set up for your account one of the things that might really recommend in terms of and your kind of settings and security and is enabling two-factor authentication so what that is is when you actually go through and log into your chain group account it allows you to use something like a one-time passcode so and instead of just putting in a username and password what you can then do using something like Google Authenticator which is what I use you receive a one-time passcode which lasts for about 30 seconds and then you can then type in that so it's just locking it down a little bit more the last thing you want is for people to be able to access into these kind of sites and still start you know kind of using up your your hard earned Bitcoin it also gives you a history section in here as well so it just shows you anything on a bit historic and transfers that you've done and so you know you can go through and have a look at where you've loaded funds you can go through and have a look at transfers you can see where you've was drawn and so on so it just gives you an idea and in terms of withdrawing it's very simple and if I just click on withdraw not that I've got an awful lot to withdraw here but it's very simple process in terms of withdrawing so you can withdraw you putting your Bitcoin address you put the amount in so you can put in the maximum here and then just send that withdraw request and it's very quick process in terms of withdrawing that and it will go kind of instantly into your chosen wallet obviously at any point when you are no longer and using your chain group site obviously you want to go through and click on log out as well they've got a support system in here as well I've not actually had a chance to use it so far but you know at least that's in there so you can you know if you have any problems at all you can report that through that support systems now everything in terms of chain group obviously it comes with its own own referral and kind of process I have a referral code which I'll put into this summary of this video also and if you'd like to sign up to chain group and you want to invest into any of the different trade groups obviously do your own research beforehand but if you want to then please use my referral link and it just kind of helps me to continue with doing these videos so I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it please give me a thumbs up if you have any comments at all then please feel free to put that into the comment section if you're interested in further videos and different series and wallets and things like that then please hit subscribe thanks and I'll see you soon