Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 31st 2017 be in motion be proud of success buy and hold hey check out crypto HW wallet calm below you can get a leather case for your treasure or you can get a trace or all that good stuff always check out the nose section below but I want to jump right into it today because you don't see him right now but in one second you're gonna see our very special guest today one of the biggest names in all cryptic irsie he doesn't he I couldn't give him justice to give him an introduction he is beyond cryptocurrency it is the legendary Charlie Lee of litecoin fame how you doing charlie how's it going at them dude I am so happy to have you on here today and people are really enthusiastic people ask me they ask me all the time about like point Adam what do you think about like coin what this that and the other so instead of me saying what I think about my coin I'm gonna let you talk give us some updates about like coin but first of all it can't be ignored that bitcoin is jumping around an all-time high now and litecoin in terms of US dollars is now at a light is at an all-time high I believe but in terms of Bitcoin it's not at an all-time high so tell me what you think about that about the all-time high or is it really added all-time I do you consider litecoin an all-time high now I do I think for me all-time high is measuring in terms of in terms of US dollar because it's what it's a reserve currency right that's what people use every day so what matters is how much they invested with dollar and how much yeah it's worth right now so in terms of it in terms of relate to Bitcoin yeah it's not at the Bitcoin all-time high but that doesn't really mean much when it's a Bitcoin all-time high but not at the US dollar all-time high okay yeah I can see your point definitely it is something to be happy about but I I bring it up because I all say value your all coins in terms of Bitcoin because you're comparing like what would be better had I held litecoin this whole time or had I heard hell Bitcoin this whole time and I know you're a holder of Bitcoin to I don't want to you know characterize you as something you're not there so uh yeah I mean if you if you're only like speculating on all points with your Bitcoin then all you care about is if it made more bitcoins for you a lot of people me included use think of it separately right well I'm putting a certain amount of dollar in Bitcoin and putting certain amount of dollar in litecoin and like specifically using my Bitcoin to buy like coin and vice versa way okay this is an excellent point because well you know my show I'm always on like buy a whole big one I'm old become but and the plenty of people buying and holding a right coin it is the silver to bitcoins gold and with that line I want to say pound that like button people if you're pumped and enthused about that and you're still you're sticking with that a theory there that it is the silver to bitcoins goal yep it definitely is it's what if they work along they work together very well so I like your t-shirt oh yeah I wore it on purpose because you know it's it's all about you today by the way you see one of the things on my t-shirt it's and people cryptic cryptography tea you can get this t-shirt below he's got a discount check out the link section below for all that good stuff but one of the names on here is deke red and I was gonna bring this up later with I think we first you've been on the show now three times it's your third time on the show I think the first time it was we talked a lot about deke red because you you mentioned it you thought it was very interesting so what is it still interesting to you there's so many you know all these I SEOs and stuff coming up we forget about the altcoins sometimes so sorry yes tell us about yeah I mean I'm still very excited about where Dee credits heading and the credit is kind of like it's kind of like like one where they just work hard in the background and you know hear a lot of like buzz about it and not trying to like pump the coin but it so it's a good like long-term investment I think it'll do well long-term it's it's doing something different trying to trying to make a case for for governments on governance on chain you know it's funny with D credit seems like that's the the altcoin that the you know you know there's certain hipsters that like they like to shout out the names of bands and aren't very well known yet it seems like in the cryptocurrency space that a lot of people they bring up D cred and you know it's it's like for those in the know if you're in the know you bring up I mean III the guys are there have been nice and obviously it's on my t-shirt so I'm not a big alt calling guy as everyone knows but that one is in my that is in my top tier of all coins in a lot of it has to do with you and just you know you have some confidence in in every and everything and you're one of the most honest dudes and although cryptocurrency and people respect you a lot so I want to say when we're talking about the silver to the bitcoins gold there's another coin out there known as aetherium and a lot of people put that number two on their list a lot of people put that number one on their list actually and assyrians big claim to fame right now people are building icos on it it's it's the ICO coin it was suggested to me actually I think it was by sign and Dixon that why not uh you know they're gonna be other coins they're gonna be able to be used for these I CEOs maybe like coin so are there plans to make litecoin more ICO a bowl I guess um you're basically saying being but it released tokens on top of yes yes so Bitcoin was the original coin debt people were able to release tokens on right via Omni or master coin and and what's that or what kind of party earning okay yeah they're kind of bulky though yeah I mean they're not bulking they're they're harder to use because for well for one thing it's it's not natively up on unchanged daddy yet down on different client and there is because these are high so it costs a lot of money to create these tokens so yeah so like Omni is releasing a client for like coin very soon where they will start using Tedder on litecoin so you can use on the unlike coin to create tokens another thing we're looking to is is the smart crypto vault soft fork which would add more smart contract capable capabilities to like coin and we're also looking at this this other thing proposed by Johnson now which is adding color coin capabilities on chain for like coin so that's something that we're also exploring so I think in the future like Ron will have it'll be a lot easier to create tokens on like coil also similar to how people are doing out there excellent that is a you heard it here people that is very interesting news uh yeah I am NOT a big fan of counterparty I mean I experimented with it a couple times and it was just I had I guess it Balki's the word I use it was just clunky I guess but but you know we're early on in all this cryptocurrency stuff things will get easier our interfaces are are not the best so when we're talking about a light coin I guess developments here at one point we had talked about in an anonymous layer for light point is there any making it more Manero like is that still in the works or people think about that still it's still in the works um it's always something that I want to do which is add privacy or fungibility to your light coin so something like confidential transactions would be is something that we're looking to you know take some time before we before it's ready to act you like coin but it's definitely something I'm really looking forward to okay that's good to know any other important updates you want to tell us about light point before we kind of get into some other topics here about there's a lot of news going on recently I've been working on getting lightning Network working properly on litecoin main that so I've been testing lightning labs lnd with Jeff molars zap UI I got that working but waiting for some other people to actually start testing some Lightning Network payments and stuff so that's really exciting now I've got a question cross-chain atomic swamps it sounds complex can you explain that to us people are excited that litecoin will happen have this ability okay so let me try to explain this terminology right cross Gianna Tommy's swamp what does that mean cross-chain just means it's between two different chains right atomic swap means it's done atomically by atomically it's a computer science term which means it's done either the Swamper happens or it doesn't there's no like I give you Bitcoin and I don't receive like coin on and so the swaps have to us both happen but at the same time so that's what it means my atomic swap so this is talking about via like lightning networks so if I if I send I can send Bitcoin via lining network to a load that will convert to like coin instead like coin to the receiver so this way the node that is doing the swapping either it does the swap or it doesn't so there there's no like that node cannot steal either Bitcoin or like coin from you so this is this is what basically what that term means so yeah this is a very cool thing but what is what does it solve what is what is the point of it I think it's I think it's awesome but what what are we getting at because people keep on bringing up like it's so yeah forgetting that is the feature I envision is we were able to convert easily between any of these cryptocurrencies so if a merchant accepts like coin but not put a coin or vice versa and you only have the other type of coin you can send it to them and atomically swap to the coin that they want we thought like we thought you need any worry too much about what the exchange rate is what like all the other details right so you just send Bitcoin it will swap the like coin and then receive every life and also like one example I like to use is people use ether to power the center of decentralized applications but there is no reason why you need to hold efer for store value so you can convert from Bitcoin or like crime to ether on the fly as needed the example I give is it's in real life today you don't have barrels of gasoline in your house for for your car keys you just buy gasoline with your US dollar when you need to use it so same thing if people think that if there is like oil to bitcoins gold then you don't need to hold oil you mean you don't need to speculate on the price of oil to be able to drive a car excellent excellent explanation I hope people get that because you know we toss around a lot of complex terms here and a lot of people there are a lot of newbies to this base and I don't expect people who know what that means by the way pound that like button we have like close to 500 vite live viewers right now people are pumped for you but yeah we have a lot of newbies we have a lot of people wanting to learn things what have you been inundated by and amazed like I have these last three or four months by just how many new people seem to be in the space I mean it is a positive thing but it can be very overwhelming and kind of frustrating in the sense to when you're getting it people seems to be confusing some people can't send a Bitcoin transaction but they're buying I SEOs mm-hmm I mean this is the space where everything yours there's a huge like pump if you and rise in coin prices and when that happens mainstream media starts reporting about it people just get really excited and they buy the coins and they got getting teenis they get into cryptocurrency I made a tweet yesterday saying a meme saying like coin is an all-time high and like like give me give me your Bitcoin or like show me your you're a Bitcoin basically like at the all-time high people just everyone hears about it and people are just buying through it right yeah so but it's cool and all but the downside is that we've seen it many times where after the whole time hi it's gonna make go into a state where the price could drop like 80 90 percent and sadly the people a lot of people got in at the high price and they would have to go bear through the bear market before it comes back so I mean I think it might happen again so be careful it can leave a bad taste in a person's mouth when they they buy at an all-time high and then they have to wait a very long time and they they drop their coin I mean you're kind of making some references to the 2014 time period early 20 I mean like coin hit a $50 high at one point a long time ago now and it went down to like three bucks or two bucks or whatever if even a lot of people had enough of it said it was dead this that the other but over time long-term thinkers I think long term like pointers are pretty happy now I don't wanna I don't want to put you don't want to get any price predictions out of you that's not what this is about but you you mentioned newbies buying things at all-time highs and let's talk about newbies buying coins kind of blindly there are people buying B cash that cannot be denied people are buying B cash you have come in at a lot don't be cash on Twitter and by the way I link to Charlie's Twitter below go please you know follow him on there he's quite entertaining he sends a lot of information out in one of your tweets you mentioned be cash or we up to you many times you've mentioned be cash but you said that it might fork actually that they're gonna they might have enough problems that in my for can you elaborate on that or do you know what I'm talking about there yeah um so be cash for it away from Bitcoin with the same mining out girl uh so sha-256 fee so what that means is it's competing with Bitcoin for miners so being proper driven miners will should only mine the coin if its profitable right it would mine the coin when it's profitable and when it when difficult changes and becomes unprofitable they will leave and this kind of cycle has caused big caches chain to come to kind of a halt or really slow down where blocks are found every like few hours um and then be caches difficulty algorithms specifically changing algorithm would would kick in the emergency difficulty kick in and reduce the difficulty and sometimes that would overshoot and made it a lot more profitable to mind be cash and then every other miners were jumping in mine again so this like this thing could just happen and it's also if it if we're lucky and it gets into a stable state any price a pump or dump on B cash price could cause us to happen again it could cost me what do you jump back in or just on all abandon it um and I think the only we can fix it is to fix the mining algorithm or fix the difficulty changing algorithm and that would require a hard fork so that's my prediction that eventually they would have to hard fork now that slowly I mean not necessarily split into two different points but they would have to do a hard for it and get everyone to update their software in order to fix this problem but what we were seeing today is that there there is one of a few miners that are mining purposely mining B cash at a loss well not only lost but at a they're leaving money on the table they could be mining bitcoins instead they're making more money but they're mining be cash making less but keeping the difficulty keeping blocks happening keeping the difficulty stable and they're doing that I'm not exactly sure why they would be doing that but I think they support be cash and don't want to see a die I mean is it there's collusion going on basically miner collusion that's going on I mean um I think that's yeah I mean I mentioned previously the way the mining works for B cash is it it basically incentivize cartels right incentivize either mining cartels that would kind of squeeze as much money out of B cash as possible or cartels that would try to keep it afloat but losing money so yeah there's something going on all right there's a question from the audience here someone sent a super chat donation so that was very nice so I'm gonna read off what they had to say charlie litecoin and deke read plan to announce lightening network on may net together well being decentralized currency there's no like we're not making deals with that a coin to people like to announce um partnership I mean recently did you hear about the a theorem new is making a deal with a bank which is kind of weird for it essentially its currency but we're not planning to do anything like that it will happen I mean we'll work with all these we work for Bitcoin the credit Burke or whatever whoever has lightning networks will work with them to get something working you make a very good point about decentralization I mean what do you think about how again I'm going back to the newbies but it seems like people don't care about the centralization as much as they used to in terms of at least buying coins I mean there's a lot of coins that are clearly not very decentralized be cash but people are buying them what do you mean is this a lost art or is this just gonna be forgotten is it not important anymore yeah I mean the speculators will buy whatever they think will go up make it make more money off of it right there's always going to be speculation and speculation is not bad in and of itself I mean it greases the market so but yeah just I'd be careful write some coin don't like don't be don't be left holding the bag well I'm gonna let's move on to some uh some new developments here you heard about the GPU mining coin people call it Bitcoin gold it's going to be a fork off of off of Bitcoin I'm calling it be gold what do you think about that in terms of the the GPU mining does that make it more decentralized if it ends up existing um well a lot of coins are mined by GQ right theorem is my my GPU GPU mining basic mining tends to centralize the mining or at least a mining hardware maker I think over time it will be more decentralized as the chips get us smaller and more commoditized but initially at least it centralizes the mining as we've seen with bitcoin and litecoin so GPU yeah definitely will be more decentralized where anyone can buy a GPU and run it in mind a coin but like there's really no reason to fork Bitcoin again like you guys did other than like a kind of a cash grab right because if you there's tons of other GPU my noble coins already well that's that's what I'm I call them Bitcoin well crypto dividends they're just it's it's a way for the holders of Bitcoin to be rewarded so I report on them when I hear about them but I mean I think the btg people the bit the big old people and again you you heard about this before I even talked about it I'm pretty sure because you're in the oh they're they're doing a friend it's a friendly fork and it's only fork the only thing I like about it is they're doing them and I seal on top of that right they're mining a lot of coins and basically selling them basically it's it's it's a way to make money it's a way to make money off of speculation I'm not I don't support it I think like in 2013 it was the year of the all coins right people just create all coins left and right and speculator speculate them and make some money and people make a lot of money 2017 is all about I see owes and some say I think you might have mentioned it mm hmm this is all about Forks right like dividend or whatever you call it so it's it's speculators making speculating that something will be worth something and making money off of it yeah I agree that the crypto dividend trend is is just getting started but I think one of the positives and is that if this they really get their GPU coin out there before 2x does the 2x gets their coin out there it's gonna neuter the people are worried about 2x are you worried about 2x a little bit 2x is very contentious and it's gonna it's gonna hurt they coined more than mortgage because did because be cash is more like a small community of Bitcoin split off in its own coin well that's 2 X it could potentially be like liners in some exchanges and Merchants processors split off and then you have like a lot of users and then some exchanges and the few miners wanted to stick with the original coin and all the developers are staying with the original coin so it's it's actually like splitting the community you know in a really bad way it's it's very you some people are gonna stick with the agreement despite that you know it's just written on paper people can do whatever they want to do and that I mean a lot of people are speculating that maybe they you just signed it so this Segway could get implemented and probably need to get Segway implemented but some people are a lot of a lot of people are sticking to their word which is good alright can't fault them too much for that yeah and from my point of view like the agreement is pretty much null and void because of be cash right some miners already start I mean the whole point of agreement is that you all stick together but if some miners are gonna start milking another coin and like dividing the community and start mining be cash and then can the community area split off then the agreement kind of falls falls falls down right there's no there's no agreement anymore I agree man pushing that today we'll even divide a community even more so it's not gonna do any good okay okay III agree with that that it is null and void based on on that interpretation of Evelyn Oh his phone's ringing that's nice that's mine no everyone knows Charlie's ring right now pound that like button 613 live viewers 613 that's how many Commandments there are you know people think I'm a mess actually 613 yeah that sucks Wow the phone rang right then when we were talked about 613 uh-oh get get worried people that muscle numbers and say they have something to do with the crazy thing you ever heard by the way someone saw I believe people giving uh they want to ask you questions here there's one a two dollar guy charlie we plan to add light point to our BT and soon okay that's that's good news what's ATM I guess point color regime should they be called LTM yes well I guess they're going with that a brand name there be you knows when I was in Hong Kong I I met a guy that said hey how can I get them the litecoin type of Bitcoin well that's cool to hear that more like there's gonna be more like coin ATMs out there that I actually haven't seen one in a while yet so I'll be very proud to to see a like one ATM one day okay Paul out in San Francisco I know and Paul has a question he's and again thank you everyone for these uh these are super chats what kind of scenarios messiness can Charlie imagine if real replay protection isn't put into segments to s so basically what happened with if they're in classic would happen with Bitcoin where exchanges would could potentially lose money they would stop all withdrawals and implement replay protection and replay protection would be even harder on Bitcoin because the theorem you can do a contract with Bitcoin you would have to use newly mind blocks and kind of pink your coins to protect yourself a replay from replay so it's gonna be a mess it's gonna be hard it's gonna be confusing it's already confusing enough when you accidentally send Bitcoin to a be cash address or vice versa it's gonna be really really confusing and Bitcoin unlike ether which is really not use much outside of like trading speculating Bitcoin is actually really used by merchants and it's it's used and that's why the blockchain at school is because it's really used and so that's gonna be really confusing I I don't really want to see that happen now of course nine again it goes back to my point though we've already had this be cash crypto dividend now we're gonna have a 2×1 we're gonna have a big old one in some way isn't there a psychological change here where this shouldn't be as scary that it is just a way for holders to get mortals free money and if it's if it's like be cash or be gold where they kind of split off clearly then it's just a dividend right but if it's big its Segway to X where they're the they basically want to take they want to take Bitcoin in that direction and basically drag everyone else along and a lot of people don't want to be dragged along in that direction so that's gonna cause a lot of problems with people like you're basically saying they want the Bitcoin name they want the Bitcoin game they're gonna say they're the real Bitcoin but we're still have be cashing that that they're the real Bitcoin yeah but they're they're gonna like they're doing this fork and they're forcing like forcing everyone to come along because they're they're assuming they have the hash power they're gonna use all the hash power is going to to mine this Segway to X coin and whoever wants to stay in the original chain would be left with very little hash power so that's that's gonna hurt so the original change the original chain might have to switch up switch proof-of-work or something to stay alive but we'll see what happens I don't think all the hatchery is gonna move over to the b2x coin but that's why it's it's so it's so messy and the amazing thing is the Bitcoin price is still goes up the honey badger doesn't care I mean well that's the thing I tell people that are in our space here I think we're in a very small bubble to take a step back and try to analyze all the people that are into Bitcoin now and how many really even know all this is going on and because so few people know that it's going on I think it's not as big as we in the little bubble make it out to be because if the price is still good I mean the price is a reflection of the market the price means something it means something and people the general market is not as worried as I'm not saying you're worried but you're giving a hesitant uh concerned you're concerned about this hello Bette yeah I think I think Bitcoin will be fine I mean the price shows that people people believe will be fine just like the the USS whole Segway thing right it came out fine yeah yeah that's the way I see it too I think we get through it there's a day after tomorrow November might there's gonna be some nobody issues probably but I'm just just today after pull release a statement saying there they're backing away from the secretary X agreement I think more and more pools and companies will see that there's really no need to push for this this controversial show of fork-like seg we just activated a lot of wallets are adding support for it people are paying very little fees now they're using summary transactions and realize okay you can pay like half the fee I think over time over the next year the blocks will increase to about two megabytes and it'll be fine for now and then we can think about how to do a safe hard for I don't think any of the Bitcoin developers are against a hard fork they just they're against doing it when it's not needed when there's a solution like segment that does everything including increasing block size for a very little risk so there's no reason you push for a risky hard for but I think we'll plan for a a safe hard fourth in a year or even two depending on how much time we have so doing something like you know in the next two months it's just it's stupid do you think that the market the people the community of Bitcoin I mean you're on Twitter every day I think you get a taste that most people are not fans of this possible crypto debiting 2x hard pork whatever you want to call it they have a bad taste in their mouth do you think the people if they keep on making a big stink out of this and threatened boycotts of these businesses that it can lessen the likelihood that this is even gonna happen or if it's it's even gonna wreak havoc like a few people are worried about yeah I think from my point of view I think the majority of the people are against a hard fork especially one where the developers are not on board so yeah I mean it's kind of stupid the developers have been doing such a good job with the code and you're gonna have hard work away from them just because some because of something that's stupid so I think a lot of people are on the side of not doing the hard fork but from but I may also be in lay in a kind of a bias like a bubble where I'm only hearing when I want to hear so it it's hard for people to to see what's going on and change their mind because they may say oh those are just passed from curtain thing maybe someone paid a company to actually pretend to be a lot of users and be against the segment 2x artwork so it's easy to convince yourself that you're right and for all I know I'm convincing mice them right but I'm actually wrong so I it's hard to you it's hard to be it's hard to change your mind right so we'll see what happens yeah I say that all of us out here who are hardcore sanguine people we we appreciate we appreciate that you're speaking your voice you're putting it out there you are a respected person in this space and when people hear you you don't hold back I mean you you you just said what you said about what's going on and people appreciate that and I think we there a lot of thought leaders out there that are on the same page is you and you talk about astroturf thing it's see it seems like the other side of the debate kind of plays into that or or buys that there's there's a lot of weird fake accounts out there sometimes well I think it probably affects both sides I don't I wouldn't say like one side is doing a lot more to another but it's it's kind of what Satoshi and Bitcoin solve right which is the Byzantine generals problem where but it doesn't really solve it fully because hash trade is not everything from for my point of view it's basically ashrita is a proxy of what people want but it's not it doesn't represent people falling in and being a decentralized system it's just inefficient I mean bitcoin is inefficient it wastes a lot of electricity to to achieve the this consensus and make it censorship resistant right and likewise the community is inefficient you can't easily come to an agreement or come to consensus you have to fight and just bicker on Twitter and go through all this problems to try to figure out like what consensus whether there is consensus and that that comes with the territory I think it won't be the last of it there there are gonna be future arguments that hey that's that's the strength of Bitcoin does and we got a question out there does Charlie this is from Paul again out in San Paul is awesome does Charlie think big exchanges or wallets might be interested in running their own lightning network hubs how does he see lightning Network growing and developing yeah I definitely think that um exchanges our wallets will be hubs the Lightning Network I think will be a bit will be more centralized than Bitcoin you'll have you have the major hubs like coinbase I see as a big example of someone that would run a Lightning network hub and people would use coinbase and coinbase would send lightning over transactions to other exchanges or whatever and coinbase being exchanged will also run lightning network exchanges where it would be on running my neighbor on top of bitcoin and litecoin and expose their exchange rate whatever is the current exchange rate on G Dax on the Lightning Network and people can atomically exchange make one for like coin and vice versa via coinbase excellent shout ask the coin base hey I kind of like bun people out there where this thing is just beautiful we're getting toward the end though I want to say that you talked about you're not a fan of the the forking of a big point for it to form these crypto Givaudan have you heard anyone talk about in the rumor mill forking of litecoin and forming their own crypto giving him that way um people I mean people I wanted to fork like coin for a long time like when when Asics came out for like coin there's like a coupon people or maybe even just one person who was really against it and wanted to wanted to take like went back to its original route circle and forked to a letter algorithm that is war ASIC Cooper at least doesn't have a six-way right now like like coin X 11 so he friend to fork like when X 11 but that didn't happen I think forking of coins is always a threat and a possibility it's basically how people express their displeasure of what's going on currently like you can easily fork away and if you have a large enough people behind you then you can become the dominant coin right that's always a threat that will exist and it's a kind of a stick to make sure that the current people in charge so to speak is doing a good job well I want to say that speaking of Forks again we had a question of a sentiment on the chat and this is kind of deal you you talked about being be gold very briefly how they're they're gonna be forking from a past a past block here's I have heard that the Bitcoin Gold team is debating whether to fork from the same block height as be cash or at a date in the future with a few weeks preparation what do you think they should do I don't know what they should do to be honest I don't really care that much but for me from the past like that brings up the it creates a pre mind situation don't you I mean don't you think the fourteen from the present would be leave a better taste in people's mouth I guess does it doesn't really matter I mean if you unless you're talking about protein from like a long time ago like a year ago but this being from like a a month ago I mean the people who own Bitcoin Danvers since joining now it's about the same people I mean sure there will be people who bought Bitcoin between then and now and they'll be upset that they don't have be going a dividend but it's very small amount of people and I assume I think I heard that they support Sigrid so it doesn't matter if they didn't support I would they would have to vote from back then when segment hasn't activated yet yeah they do from when I heard they also mentioned cross Atomics swab you know that what we're talking about beforehand that they'd be able to do that with litecoin cross chain Atomics I came in say him cross Kate atomic swaps terminologies times mystery there's there's here we have two more questions from the audience here yes ten ten dollars are whatever that is Charlie do you think we should hold some be cash for November turbulence do you see potential for any altcoin besides litecoin in your personal portfolio which ones okay so I won't recommend what people should go there to not buy but I can tell you what I hope I don't want any be cash currently I hold Bitcoin litecoin Manero D cred and if they're in classic right now Wow all in my top tier pound that like button Charlie has revealed that stuff before people just love to hear that for some reason but it it reassures me that when I hear about all these johnny-come-lately flavor of the month all coins when you hear a guy like Charlie talk about the top the ones that are clearly in the top tier in my head you know they're on my shirt or weight or they or all the ones you mentioned yeah all the ones you mentioned are on my shirt it's here in classic isn't on my shirt but alright here we got we have another question though if you send Bitcoin from a point from coinbase to bid tracks but you use your Bitcoin cash address is there a way to get your Bitcoin back that you sent um why are people asking me this question because a coin because you worked at coinbase at one time I believe send it from coinbase to big trucks or vice versa if you set Bitcoin from point base to bit right yeah if you sent if it's sent to big tribes Atlanta contacted tracks to say I sent you the wrong coin please help me get it back if you whereas if you sent coins from big trucks to corn base then you have to wait till coinbase actually supports withdrawal of Bitcoin B – B cash Bitcoin cash and when they do you should be able to enjoy those Bitcoin cash yeah everyone be real careful about where you're sending you're I mean I I people still send the etherium theorem to if you're in class I mean there's still all sorts of mistakes when you're sending stuff the exchanges they are too fast to correct the mistake and just pay real close attention on this ad you know these crypt of dividends definitely add a new level of confusion and you gotta be careful got to be careful where you're sending people stuff people and again if you just hold instead of trying to flip this stuff and I mean trying to buy all every altcoin on earth you know you'll be in your lessen your risk and again control your private key that that's a we're talking about forking from the past if you still have your you know your private key and everything for the past your you're in good shape if you want some of these cryptic dividends that might fork from the past okay well I think I think I cover just about everything here and we've gotten the people's uh people's question it Charlie is there anything you want to add to this side it's been great to have you on the show yeah I love to you stop by Oregon done you've been trying to get me on for a while now I've been always busy but yeah we we've tried we tried to surprise there was one time Charlie came on in the middle of a show it was totally surprised I tried to kind of arrange that that's really hard to coordinate but you never know when you turn into the tune in to this channel who might pop up in the middle of a regularly scheduled show and speaking of regularly scheduled shows tomorrow 5:30 pm

is this week in Bitcoin we got Ari Paul coming on Bitcoin Joe we've got Jorge from Argentina it is going to be awesome 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time just too real and again check out the notes section below check out Charlie's link is below again that the floor is yours Charlie if you want to say anything now um to the moon how crazy could this Bitcoin price be after the 2x drama is over I don't know I mean I I thought Bitcoin would do this why this do well this year I did not think to myself I made it I think that I couldn't reach like three thousand at five thousand that best-case scenario and right now it's like forty seven hundred so it's almost to my best case scenario and I did not expect to be honest I did not expect my twenty be at $74 right now I thought initially that if we could get back to 30 and we're like basically challenging the all-time high I would be extremely happy and it's at $74 it's ridiculous I think it's another pump just be careful yeah question continues our yeah so I'm it's weird when when the price suits up like that I get scared because I'm I'm worried about people who like see the price jump up so much and they just like mortgage their house and put all their money into the coin and basically those are people died were just they're buying high and selling low and they would lose a lot of money so yes a lot of people who already hold quota coins are making money making Bank right now but there's also going to be a lot of people who are gonna be buying at a high price so yeah you are you are definitely uh careful and modest if you're in your predictions that's good we've got okay so let I do want it someone sent two dollars and said thank you for the show that is really nice here another percent will there be like coin US dollar wallet like Bitcoin or coinbase this which remember Slee help merchants accept litecoin what what's a question will there be light coin US dollar wallet like Bitcoin on coinbase this would tremendously help merchants accept litecoin for currency Oh like a basically instantly exchanged like coin into US dollar I'm not sure if they're gonna do that I hope that when they did will actually support merchants accepting like coin that would be helpful to okay I think that's definitely buddies get I assume that is what that he is getting at Thank You Jake fire so what do you what do you had a famous reddit post people were unhappy about an appearance you made on mainstream media because you Punk up litecoin I mean yeah and you're just you're honest and again I get asked questions about people want like coin to be like the second coming here I mean made they wanted to be a super superstar they want me to say the most positive things about it yet we have the guy who came up with it who has just takes it like a very conservative approach what do you have to say to the people that think that you should be the the pump or the marketer the the king of the world so I think like I think like coin and Bitcoin they would just they would do well over time you don't need to you you don't need a pump it the problem with pumping is you have more volatility right yes it could go up like if I went on CNBC and basically just said everyone should buy my coin it's awesome it's amazing yes you'll get more people buying it but they won't be understanding what they're buying yet there'll be a lot of pumping the price will shoot up but then I'll crash in the end in a long term it won't help that much long term it's best for for people to slowly learn about like coin and to kind of do invest in it knowing what it is and slowly have it go up in price so no need to pump it Charlie a long-term thinker Adam Meister a long-term think over thinker the bitcoinmeister channel for long-term thinkers don't be impulsive people do not be impulsive this is a lesson that you all should have learned from this talk today so Charlie thank you very much for being on the show 670 live viewers pound that like button real right now spread the word about this this has been a very informative video you don't get this kind of thing anywhere else these unique topics so again thank you very much charlie pound that like button everyone I'll say hello in the chat if I can bye bye