what is going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we're going to be talking about China banning crypto currency what I do during the crypto currency crash or dip whatever you want to call it and the few coins that I'm looking at picking up during this dip so guys before we get started if you have not subscribed yet make sure to smash that subscribe button and hit the notification bell to get notified every time we release a new video also the winner of the previous giveaway has just collected his coin so I'm gonna be sending him that after this video is done recording after I'm done editing this video I'm gonna send him over so if you guys do want to take part in the future giveaways if you're gonna be doing much more often make sure you are subscribed and leave a comment on this video now guys also make sure to go ahead link in the description go and join our cryptocurrency Allstars Facebook group 169 members already were growing extremely fast as you guys can tell we're super active giving a ton of insight and a ton of information and value to everyone now let's get started talking about the older china band and the overall band and where cryptocurrency is right now so if you guys remember in one of the previous videos I talked about chase not allowing purchases of cryptocurrency where their credit cards so now one of Britain's largest banks has officially decided to ban credit card purchases of crypto currencies now I'm not gonna say that's a good idea I think that's a pretty bad idea on their part I think they're going to be losing a lot of business on this but you guys can see it says their ban falls directly on the heels of JP Morgan Chase Bank of America and citigroup's identical decision yesterday to ban credit card purchases of crypto currencies for their customers now I'm gonna tell you guys my opinion on this after we're done looking at the China ban as well so here we go ban complete China blocks foreign crypto exchanges to counter financial risk now what I haven't fully understood I've read several articles on this and I've gone to different perspective perspectives one of them is that they are banning foreign crypto currency exchanges and the other one that says foreign and local so I'm not a 100% sure which one it is either way you know trying to banning it I was gonna try and phrase this in way in in my words but I I posted this on the group too I figure there's no I couldn't phrase it better then John McAfee did if you guys or McAfee or how everyone pronounced I don't know how to pronounce it but I think you guys like him or don't like him he's huge in cryptocurrency right now he's a he's very bullish on cryptocurrency like a lot of us are so that's why when I read this I thought it makes a lot of sense so he says China bans icos and Kryptos but it can't be enforced banks refused ICO and crypto payments but we have alternatives technology always overcomes legislation this is truth I SEOs are our future and must be fought for and crypto is our right stand on our side without fear so basically what he's saying is do not fear when you hear these things you see these news yes a country can enforce they can force as much as they want but that is literally what cryptocurrency is about is not having a centralized system where all of a sudden all of your power is controlled or all of your power your data your form a whatever it may be is not controlled by one central you know source and that being the government they can't tell you know you cannot buy cryptocurrency in China that's what we're literally trying to get rid of so you know standing on the side of that you we don't know where it's going in the future obviously but this technology is here at 100% to stay and the reason I see a lot of countries like China in the us

why they're made especially those two which are huge countries and they're you know very forward and innovation they love innovation you see you know some of the biggest innovation coming out of the US and China and the reason why they're so skeptical about this is you have to understand it's I've got the question a lot like Oh China's like so full of innovation why are they scared of cryptocurrency why do they ban cryptocurrency and it's because exactly that they're scared banks are scared of crypto currencies because crypto currencies can take you know destroy banks can put banks out of business and that's terrible for banks right banks don't want to be put on a business so they're trying their best to fight against it similarly to you know the government you know Google holds a lot of our information and that's a centralized system I love Google I use it for a homework and stuff all the time but it's a centralized system and they know they have a lot of information which then again every time you use your credit card and stuff a lot of people get your information I don't remember exactly what the source was but again I heard this from Tai Lopez way too many people get all of your information every time you use your credit card way too many people I don't run the exact number feels like 20 different sources I don't know but way to make you and that's what we're trying to get rid of but that scares big government's big banks because that's we're literally trying to take away some of their power and give it to the people so that's that's pretty much why a country that's so big on innovation technology is so against cryptocurrency I wanted to make that point clear that's my opinion on it at least do I think they stand a chance banning it not even in the slightest short term may be sure the markets are down today we're gonna take a look at that soon markets are down today but that's just today you know there's several days there's several years there are several decades for many of us still to live so the technology will be changing and there's not much they can do about it countries like Russia countries like I think was stretched in Japan maybe I saw one of the comments here actually Japan and Russia already legalized crypto so they're leading in that aspect and the rest of the world is going to have to follow soon or sooner or later it's really it's it we're gonna see how long it takes them but they're going to have to follow sooner or later now another thing I want to talk to you guys is about what I'm doing during the crypto market dip or crash whatever you guys want to call it I get this question a lot and I talked about it in so many of my videos now the two things I'm doing one I am mining a Bitcoin so on platforms like hash flare I have a link to hash flare and Genesis mining down below a justice mine you get 3% off you use my coat so make sure to do that and hash flare unfortunately there's no code but it would help me out a ton if you guys use my link down below if you're interested in it now I'm not telling you guys you have to invest none of what I say is ever financial advice this is just my opinion and this is me giving an information to you guys from how I interpret it so I'm mining cryptocurrency mainly Bitcoin I get paid out in Bitcoin every single day so Bitcoin goes up or down I still get paid out every day and the thing a lot of people say is like oh Bitcoin mining is less profitable now because the markets did you're right you know you're the payouts are less because cryptocurrency price is down but you have to remember that you're getting paid out the same amount in Bitcoin it's just worth less in dollars so if you keep it in Bitcoin and the value of Bitcoin goes back up you've officially you know been paid out the same amount as it would have been if the price was higher so that's just something to keep mind you get paid out in Bitcoin people have to stop looking at the US dollar value and more of the big coin value if you think bitcoin is a hundred thousand dollar thing and you know a sane one it's gonna be one day if that's what you believe I'm not saying you're wrong you very much could be right but if it is a hundred thousand dollar asset and you get paid out 001 Bitcoin and you get paid out when it's worth one thousand then if you hold it in Bitcoin when it's worth a hundred thousand that's zero point one Bitcoin is worth significantly more so just something to keep in mind Genesis mining is out of Bitcoin mining contract so I use hash flare for Bitcoin mining Genesis mining I bought Bitcoin mining way before so I do have a good amount vest in here but you can also get Z cash mining just came out and in theory of mining also have contracts out there two-year contracts no maintenance fee so both again if you think the value of Z cash and aetherium will go up I believe those are the only ones available ya believe if you think they will go up then they are definitely definitely very good options now how will you how can you guys calculate the profitability I'm not gonna do it for every coin in this video so you guys can head on over to coin warscom and then just type in like coin wars and then Bitcoin profitability on Google or a theory of profitability you guys can put in all the information here you guys can put 0 for power 0 for power cost put in the rate this is for bitcoins you're gonna put in the hash rate the pool fees there is a pool fee for Bitcoin but you know you guys can look at that accordingly but how much you paid and then you guys can calculate your profitability for your contract so that's one way to do it for all of them you're gonna notice Bitcoin is less profitable right now it is still profitable and the reason I investing is because it's safe sure I'm not gonna make a hundred times my investment in one year but at least when the markets are down you know I'm still doubling money or tripling my mind depending on the price every single year so that's that's one thing that I really really really like about mining Bitcoin is that at its peak we are making like 16 percent a day and that's not from any Lending's scam or anything people want to talk about like you know we've had issues with before with such as big connect a lot of lending platforms out there are scans we are mining Bitcoin so that's an actual asset we are minding mining bitcoins an actual thing so as long as you pick the right companies you know you're not only helping with the network the overall network of Bitcoin because you need miners in the network but you're also you know benefiting by mining Bitcoin if you keep in a Bitcoin the value could go up if you believe it will it could go up and what your mind will be worth significantly more in the future so that's just another thing to keep in mind now lastly the thing I'm doing is I'm buying a ton of undervalued all coins guys go on over to buy Nance again I make this easy I leave a link down below it helps me out if you guys use my link making accounts it's a hundred percent free and start picking up your favorite all coins like do you like card ah no it's at 31 cents it's a huge huge discount pick up some card oh no do you like Bitcoin cash pick up some Bitcoin cash do you like finance coin pick up by Nance coin it's so cheap right now it's six dollars and 64 cents I'm about to load up on so much finance coin so much finance coin so much my name is coin you guys can see by NS coin right here let's just show you guys a quick chart so it says six dollars it's been an all-time high of 27 dollars it's by Nance it's backed by in exchange it's going to do well in my opinion I love this coin I'm very very bullish on this coin so just head on over here and pick up all your favorite all coins now I'm gonna tell you guys the coins I'm picking up a ton of you guys already know you've heard of it a ton let's look at the market cap though three hundred and twenty seven billion dollars we're down again a significant amount you guys can see everything is red but my god is this the perfect opportunity this is a mix of you know I I called a correction coming we had a great day I called a correction coming in a red day but this is also a mix of the information that's been coming out with China and everything and what are you gonna do except for take advantage of this opportunity if you like any coin any coin they are on so much sale right now nano that used to be rate blocks is down 40% what a steal I'm a big big big fan of this project what else is there just so many and the coins I'm looking to pick up our Bitcoin $7,100 neo 83 dollars and stellar 32 cents so neo it is so under priced right now so under price this could be a thousand dollar coin by the end of 2018 which would mean you more than 10x your investment worth 1112 extra investment in neo stellar same thing it could not a thousand dollars obviously the total supply significantly more but it could be a huge huge coin we can seed stellar at several dollars by the end of the year and of course bitcoin is the OG it's going to go up you know it's it's going to go up another one's I'm looking at Bitcoin cash it's another great when I'm looking at ripple is down to 69 cents I'm not a fan of ripple but my god at these prices aetherium at under $700 oh my god thank you so much yo ass honestly any coin right now in the top I don't know 15 20 you cannot go wrong with um in my opinion you can't go wrong with obviously I wouldn't invest in teather that's not really much of an investment um just holds pretty much one dollar you're not gonna make much money but like Manero – iota any an EOS me Oh stellar like card on all of them in my opinion are great pickups at these same at these type of discounts the next time if you guys missed out on the last opportunity this is the best time for you guys to hop on in and pick up the you know pick up some more coins and not miss out on the opportunity to this time so again go to buy and s if you guys are interested in picking up some coins and I want to show you guys lastly when I think Bitcoin is going to start to go up guys this is a big one and everyone's saying when's big we're gonna start going up so currently we are at 700,000 $100 we were getting very close to touching 6,000 I'm not sure if we did on coin base I'm not sure if we did maybe the lowest point here it was close but one thing you guys can start to look at this is this is a big big big thing his Bitcoin is finally oversold we hadn't broken the oversold line in a long long time last time we actually broke it was my God all the way over here right I don't even know what Davis is this is 2016 mid and mid to late 2016 is the last time we broke the RSI carbon we've touched it a few times and that is usually when we've seen a bounce and a follow-up coming after so you guys see we came close to touching to hear how to run up after his Bitcoin start of trend upwards then we had all the way down back here we touched it again huge correction touched it again went back up and we haven't touched it or cross it at all until right now so we're finally oversold it's looking like it's time for a Bitcoin to take a bounce and start moving upwards so again you don't want to miss on the opportunity I don't know how much longer we have until these coins start heading up so guys let me know in the comments down below which coins you guys are picking up and don't forget to leave a comment if you guys want to be entered into future giveaways guys make sure to subscribe to channel if you guys are new smash that thumbs up and if you guys did enjoy this video thank you so much for watching guys I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video