Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Blink today in sofázão here that post-lunch siesta, that pretty hot quickie after hitting a feijoada in Ball We eat too much pork this week, huh, porcada? Again, no? Parish forever

Tamo with everything, send your questions, we all here in a minute, on the sky, the earth, water and sea Come on, one, two, three and now! [] 3

47%, huh? No, I do not know, I think it will be a positive thing How, exactly, it is a hell of a kick [] No, you already know everything that will happen, can not be a positive black swan It can be a symmetry, not confuse things It can be a gray swan But I do not like Hi, I think too much risk, I think you should not align with Nelson Tanure Tell who your friends are, I will tell you who you are, something like that

[] Ô porcada also a big hug [

] Look, I think I have to buy calls of dollar saw For 2018, the exercise price up there can be good for you [

] Difficult, eh? [] Putz, no, bitcoin for me is something else, My, it's just an asymmetric bet, is all and only that, right asymmetry [] A lot of risk, a lot of potential valuation, you can not talk about all this in a minute

I think the CESP will end up privatized, the CMIG never spoke of this case I prefer to concentrate on CESP, but have to wait privatization before will not walk Thanks? A big hug, next week is over, probably with both hands in the bowl