The business integrations continue, the Dash Core team has hired 12 full-time developers, and there’s been a significant price bump More on all of this, in this week’s DASH: Detailed

Hi, I’m Amanda B Johnson Thanks for tuning in Let’s start with this week’s Business & Headlines And may I be the first to tell you, that within the next 24-48 hours Dash will be integrated into Coinapult

And namely, Coinapult’s relationship with Crypto Capital as well What does this mean? How does this work? To tell us more, I’ve contacted Coinapult’s CEO Gabs Sukenik A couple of years ago now, Coinapult — much like many other crypto companies in the space — we had a lot of problems with banking So we were already in Panama and we met and started working with Crypto Capital And so they’re licensed as a money transmitter essentially here in Panama, similar to a Western Union or a Moneygram

And so that’s what they’ve been doing for a bunch of years And so yeah, we’re now going to allow Dash access to Crypto Capital and their fiat wire transfer processing through the Coinapult API as well as user interface on the website So all of Europe is covered, the United States is covered, Canada’s covered, most of Latin and South America is covered, Asia’s covered So, they broadly accept customers internationally I wanted to learn more about how Dash users can use Coinapult and Crypto Capital specifically

To learn that, I reached out to Daniel Diaz, Dash Core’s head of Business Development, who was the one who brokered this integration in the first place And he has this to say Now the reason why this is different from what you would normally do when sending money to exchanges or other brokers is that on Crypto Capital you’re going to create an account in your own name or under your companies name So for example, if I want to buy some Dash, I’m going to send money to myself So I’m going to wire money to Daniel Diaz, account number such-and-such, with SWIFT information or whatever, so I don’t loose control the moment I’m sending the money on that first step

So the moment it gets to Crypto Capital, it’s still completely under my control Right? Which is a big difference you know, from sending money to some exchanges I remember the first time I bought Bitcoin, I bought it on BTC-e — so I had to send money somewhere in Eastern Europe, I was very nervous for a week, had to put up a support ticket So it really takes away all of that friction Elsewhere in Business, the Korean exchange Bithumb has just opened Dash trading

A coffee bar in Vietnam called B-COFFEE takes Dash for payment And the marketing agency Paart One, based in Hamburg, Germany also takes Dash for their services Moving to Headlines, Finance Magnates covered the 20% Amazon gift card discount that’s now available to Dash users through BitCartio And our very own Stellabelle had her article that detailed working for the Dash DAO mentioned in a VentureBeat piece on the future of business organization

Moving on to Developments Dash Core CTO Andy Freer has hired 12 new — well, some new, some have become full-time — but most of them are new, full-time developers The first six are C++ developers and they are, Will Wray, Oleg Girko, Karol Rychlicki, Ilya Savinov, Sergey Gladkov, and Ian Marshall The next six are as follows: Alex Werner has gone from part-time to full-time and is the lead of the DAPI team Chuck Williams has gone from part-time to full-time and is the new, user experience development lead

Liubov Samusenka is the new Operations Manager for the Evolution Team Pascal Meyer is a DAPI Developer Chaeplin has gone from part-time to full-time as a Dash Core Tester & Developer And Pierre van Rooyen has gone from part-time to full-time as a DAPI Developer Welcome, all you new people! Elsewhere in Developments, the treasury-funded Crypto Show sponsorship for these next few months now includes a cannabis outreach tour done by Danny, one of the show’s co-hosts

To find out more about what exactly he plans on doing, I just asked him Over the past few years we’ve done a lot of cannabis interviews Every April, we just, like all month long, that’s what we do is cannabis interviews So we have a lot of connects in the cannabis industry I think that the ATM is the first thing that they need to know about

That we can draw people in “Hey, you know, there’s these nerds that are running around with a lot of money that can come in and use an ATM, and then realize that they’re in your dispensary, and maybe they might want something else while they’re there” You know, you’re going to drive traffic to the dispensary just by having people coming in wanting to get crypto — whether it be Bitcoin or Dash I am probably going to be heading out within a week and I’ll get back when I get back We’re going to hit Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana’s medicinal but I think I can try there anyway

And elsewhere in Developments, on April 19th, the Digital October Center in Moscow had a blockchain event and our very own Alex-ru, along with the exchange MaRSe, as well as the payment kiosk manufacture Predprocessing threw an afterparty for it Here’s a bit of footage from that And it was this treasury proposal that funded some of the expenses of this afterparty And finally in Developments, Dash developer Kodaxx is seeking testers for the imminent release of his DashPay Point Of Sale system No special skills are required, so if you have an Android device and you are willing to help test, just shoot an email to [email protected]

com And now to Network & Price Dash is currently trading at $8595 In the last 24 hours our trade volume has been roughly $19 million

And our current coin supply is just under 73 million Dash Our market capitalization today is $625 million Over the last three months our market cap has looked something like this Here’s over the last year

And here’s our lifetime This means that our treasury can pay out up to $617,000 worth of Dash this cycle Of which, $583,000 have been allocated So the voting deadline has passed, and the payout is set to take place in the wee, early morning hours of Friday, May the 5th At which point a new treasury cycle will begin

In our network today, there are 4,460 masternodes Here’s our lifetime chart of that And in mining, our hashrate is 318 TH/s And here is the lifetime chart for that hashrate

That is DASH: Detailed for this week Before I sign off I’d like to say, “Congratulations” to the three winners of the Dash Force Video Contest of, “Why Dash Is the Best Cryptocurrency” Congratulations to first place Wilmar Toro, second place Edward Stoever, and third place Wei Gu And on the note of contests, Stellabelle’s Art Contest is still going on To enter, simply create a Dash-themed piece of your own art and then Tweet it to @Stellabelle using the hashtag “DashForNewbies”

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