welcome to the coinbase create wallet 2018 tutor, we will show step-by-step how to create a coin base wallet coin base is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets available it's a web-based wallet meaning that you can access it via any web browser coinbase also provides exchange capabilities between Bitcoin and US dollars making it easy to purchase your first bitcoins for new Bitcoin users I recommend coinbase create wallet 2018 as the place to start first enter coin based calm into your favorite browser whether you're running on a PC or Mac the coin base home page will appear similar in functionality to any other website on the Internet this site however has special capabilities that allow you to trade bitcoins coinbase create wallet 2018 is quite simple simply enter your email address and enter a password and click on coinbase create wallet 2018 in this case my password was considered too easy to guess therefore coinbase is requiring that i enter a more difficult password specifically coinbase requires that I use letters numbers and at least one special character like a dollar sign or an exclamation point I'll enter a more difficult password now and I also recommend that you write down your password on a piece of paper for safekeeping be sure to save this password along with your user name and website name in a safe place such as a safe in your home coin base has now accepted my new password now I will need to verify that the email address that I entered is my account by going to my email and looking for an automated email message that coinbase just sent me looking at my most recent email message I find an email that I just received from coinbase create wallet 2018 with the subject line please verify your email address inside the message is a link called verify my email address just click on that link to a short cone base that the email I use for my wallet in fact mine as you can see clicking on this link also brings me back to the web browser now I'm presented with the CoinBase Create New Wallet 2018 user agreement that defines coin basis responsibility and mine in using their service you can scroll this agreement to review it in detail I recommend that you read this agreement before going on once you do simply click on accept and continue that's it our wallet has now been created take a look around and familiarize yourself with the various options within coin base for more information please watch our additional videos or visit our more in-depth learning resources at the http://bitcoinandcryptocurrencyigcom/CoinbaseCreateWallet until then keep learning about bitcoin and profit from the knowledge