Hello to all and all his friends and welcome to this 4th 22nd day of the pass had a good time i came back from ukraine and i found a little bit of health this week as bails made headlines with the launch of these cards of payment one also has ledger which highlights new vectors of attacked on the geese the help of his competitors then by track his bananas which limits access to their services in the united states I will complete the whole by a few brief as usual and we can now go to the poll of the last week the bitcoin was at $ 8017 on Wednesday at 5 pm on colmar 4 capes so we can say that the majority of you has done well I invite you to vote again for the next edition at the top right of the screen and finally we go to the game digicode I answered the three comments having proposed the values ​​closest to 8000 17 dollars you just have to send me an email to retrieve your code and the game is again news for the next newspaper but with a single winner this time here i remind you the rules in a comment pinned you no longer have to check and I also rely on you to support us on the chain that this either by a like a comment a share a retweet a postcard everything is good for us and I also remind you that it market analysis every Tuesday proposed by hakim to have a relevant account of last moves on the crypto all that being said we can attack the newspaper we start with cowboys who launched payment cards in France it is possible to order this visa card for less than 5 euros since June 12 besides with this card you will be able to spend your crypto currency stored on as a basis for realizing your daily expenses on operation is very simple you choose the crypt where came to use with the map via the app as bays and you're done playing can realize your payments and you withdrawal nevertheless attention of the expenses of conversion of 249% applies on each transaction which gives think for what about retirees not additional costs up to 200 euros which is the image of the offer basic scheer and volutes and given the large user base of kanbay this new product can be seen as a major step towards the adoption of crypto and the ease of spending crypto see here a new com plan down to buy your crypto conducted against fiat at a rate it would have of course profitable if you ordered this card is that you have it received I am curious to know your feedback I continue now with a chapter regulating a lot of ex crypto leaders take some important measures vis-à-vis the us zone and it is certainly linked to the rigor of regulations there down victrix for example decided to block access from June 21 to thirty cryptocurrency for its users Americans will have to use the service international bitrix to continue trade and as for bananas this one blocking access to aix has been decided in 29 countries including the United States quoted first more site bing

com will close on 12 September 2010 new in the United States to make room for a new platform called banana this point us addressing mainly to American traders we can imagine a new platform similar to the previous one with however some adaptations and restrictions to make it more in accordance with the American legal standards that's exactly the exchange shows us an important influence of the regulators on the development of crypto services it is now hoped that this impact is not too excessive or risks drowning the platforms under the constraints and surveillance measures case to follow very closely the last big title now with ledger who continues to highlight weaknesses in his competitors after the flap flaws on the treasure wallet last march the young legends team extended this research flaws on wheels offered by other brands we learn for example that attak by extraction of sid does not concern only the treasure wallet but also the bio breast milk or the hardware or using clips that also the security experts raiders are went further stating that it is possible to noise to force the word of coldwell pass is elie pale or even that it is possible to recover the private key stored on a crypto smartphones htc exodus by compromising only two trusted contacts out of the five to be filled instead of the 3 theoretical is a lot of marks I quote here but there is no reason to panic these attacks requires physical access to toilets and equipment with very specialized skills if you consider changing wallet houdan acquire it again we offer you a wide range of tests on our site to help you choose the model best suited to your needs we come to the parenthesis of thousands of diaries and I'm going to take this to remind you that it's possible to follow us on other platforms you can find us on twitter facebook or telegram we share our content but we also do surveys on which your participation is welcome we do not forget the newsletter in which offers a complete and concise review of the latest news important every day of the week and to register it is very simple it is pass down the article or on the link did you leave in the description this is now the time of the brief first title his flocks rex who launches his level on the excellent Congo jeans that ex fundraising will begin June 13 for customers check on oust and rex and on june 26 on okc this through these shots or alex put on sale 1% of the available tokens must be remembered at rex is the first start-up that proposed a map aims to associate with wallets crypto the water and rex community and over 2 million people this w xt token offer its holders reduced commissions to becaud and rex and more cash back on purchases of bitcoin and other small advantages remains to see what gives the following we have a number which gives the smile one often accuses the bitcoin network is to be an energy-consuming horror but according to a report to coach 74% of the energy used to mine bitcoin is from renewable sources which makes bitcoin is the industry relying much more on renewable energy than the other major industries in the world and more than half of the village fake world the indicated would be done in China where hydropower abound but also in north america this is an observation that gives consistency to the estimate of coaching one connects with a dirty story for the relays t exchange gates web this is 23 million ken rippel that were stolen on 1 June, which represents a loss about $ 10 million for foreign exchange then this loss would be related to a flaw on github actually a hacker would have gotten hold of a database with valid access tokens users and allegedly siphoned off many wallets one expects more information but for the moment all access tokens have been disabled preventively the investigation is still in progress to finish $ 14 million is the total amount lost by the lenders over the counter on the polonia platform ex why just a crash of the crypto claims in fact the automatic liquidations did not work the borrowers have not been able to repay their loans to lenders and remained in position without being able to buy back the bitcoin loans on polonia xi are gathered in a common pool so the loss has been distributed among all the borrowers so were 1800 bitcoin that were lost by 04 percent of platform users after that few people will lend and the rates will go up to attract the liquidity probably what they say is that the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others is the end of this edition do not forget the description to find all the links to articles and pages presented in jt I'm counting on you to share this log the lake and commented on their post and we go back to the classic regime so I tell you next Monday the friends did not capitulate learn every day and do not forget to check the rules of the game good digicode week and that the crypto be with you normally Oh