الس٘لام علیکم: Hello and नमस्कार Dear Friends! How are you ? I hope you all are fine Friends! Today, we again are present with another video related to a new topic

Today in this video we will give you some updates related to Coinbase The way we, related to Bitcoin and Tbc Give you updates Similarly, we will give you update related to Coinbase and in the previous video, We gave you update related to faucethub account I hope you have understood, so,in this video we will give you update related to Coinbase Before we start the topic if you have not subscribe our channel yet, kindly subscribe our channel So that you can get daily updates And there is no issues later, And you can get all the help, so, The Coinbase update is that: The Coinbase As you all know! is a Blockchain wallet mean, Cryptocurruncy wallet mean, Bitcoin wallet Where the bitcoin is stored, and according to information, In Coinbase Wallet, BTC is already available Ethereum and Litcoin Ethereum and Litcoin are also available Right? These are also added so, By Wallet, the update is that I tell you with translate Because, often our viewers want Information in Hindi/Urdu so, let's start The update is that: That time another bitcoin is launching That will be launched on November 16 right? Because of which, now there will be two Blockchains A coinbase, Which you are using which is related to bitcoin Now there will be another blockchain This is a Project And this currency name is Segwit2x fork segwit2x

its information is down here