You are interested in investing into some crypto currency you've heard of Coinbase, what do I think? Are they worth, or they are not worth it? I'm gonna do a review, and give you my thoughts I am not an investment advisor, I would just say that if you are thinking of investing, trading, whatever you wanna call it, in the crypto currencies, then just make sure that it's money that you can afford to lose, light on fire, and it doesn't affect your life in any way

The last thing you want is, for you to make an investment and then you lose the money, and then all of a sudden you and your family, are living under a bridge begging for money So, if the money could put you in that sort of situation stay away from it This point forward though, if you have some disposable income, literally disposable that you want to, put into the crypto currency market, how could you do it? Maybe you've seen Coinbase, maybe you haven't heard of them and you're wondering, how do I get involved in the crypto currency market? Well, Coinbase is, pretty much I would call it, the leader out there in terms of a way to get involved in the crypto currency market But the first thing always becomes, well are they legit? And to give a little bit of context here, I use Coinbase for my crypto currency investments So, this is both a review that's based on, just information on the website, and then kind of my thought process going through, and why I ultimately selected them So, I guess that's kind of a spoiler in a sense If I'm using them, there's price and pretty good things going on

So, I guess we'll call this a review, or maybe we can just look at it as, why I chose to go with Coinbase So are they legit? Well, there are two things that stuck out in my mind, is first they are in the USA, in San Francisco And then the second, when you look at their site, in the about section, they've raised, at this point in time, this could always change depending on when you watch this video But as of right now, over $270 million, and if this was some just scam, some fly-by-night operation, they wouldn't have raised 270 million, I guess just because they are in the USA doesn't necessarily mean anything But you know that's $270 million, that's a lot of dollars and then on top of this, what's there track record? What's just overall history? They've been around since 2012

So, you factor these all together and I reached a level of comfort where yeah, I'm willing to proceed further So, how does it go in terms of signing up? So, let's take a look at the sign-up process and as far as signing up, if I had to summarize this, I will just use one word, very, very easy Now, at first it was uh, this seems little too good to be true, a little too easy But the thing that I liked about it, was that during the sign-up process, yeah it was easy But there is all sorts of verification, that needed to be done

What's your phone number? We're gonna text you a certain code, we're gonna email you this To really make sure that, you were, who you said you were, in terms of, like I said, phone numbers, text messages, sending you codes It was a good system, that again, put me at ease and made it feel that much more legit So, sign-up process very, very easy Now once you get signed up, how does it all work? Well, the next big question always becomes, well, how do you fund? So, how do you fund the account? How do you get money available to trade? And again, easy but I'm gonna add in the words scary, easy

I cannot believe just how straightforward it was, to all of a sudden, start getting involved, start making purchases And even to the point of credit cards, that they will allow you to use a credit card So, just quickly I wanna circle back to the whole thing up front Only use money that you can afford to lose, and make sure you I'm not gonna this to a personal finance lesson, but if you're gonna use credit card, please make sure that you have money available to pay off that credit card balance Because if you don't have money, and you're just using a credit card and things go south, that's a great way to just, kind of I don't wanna say ruin your life, due to the minimums that they have and I'll talk about that in a second But it just kind of put a damper on things and hang a anchor around your neck that didn't need to be there in the first place So, scary, easy, in terms of funding the account

Now, I mentioned limits So, when you do sign up, there are limits I'm not gonna give a certain amount because that could always change in time But as when I signed up, and at the time of this video there is a limit, for credit cards for the different purchase options And you can't overcome this limits So, if you're thinking oh, wait, they're gonna limit me on the amount that I can do? Kind of

But you can overcome these, you just need verification in the form of some sort of ID And then you can start to make a certain amount so a number, of your dollar amount purchases Buy this amount, and then you will increase Okay, now I'll buy this amount, and it'll increase And then as far as the ID, that was once again, kind of the theme here, very easy to set about

They had, you could use your WebCam, you could just use Upload something, directly to the computer So, very easy to get your ID in place, and to just kind of get that next level verification where as far as these limits are concerned, you could then begin to raise them

Now, the one thing that I would probably be prepared for, again, this does come about in terms of when you're watching this If you're watching this three, four years from now, maybe the whole crypto currency market is more widely accepted, who knows, maybe it doesn't even exist anymore And you're laughing at me because I put money into it I don't know, we'll see where it's at three to four years from now But as it stands right now, it's still pretty speculative, so I would expect going in, in terms of fraud

Now, not fraud in the sense of anything shady is going on, but my first attempt to buy was rejected, and my bank the way it is set up, I got a text message saying, "Hey, did you attempt to do this?" And I had to verify, yeah I did attempt to do it, and then I had to resubmit the order again So, I mean don't be shocked if there's some sort of original rejection on your bank's part, and doesn't allow you to do this, because yeah, things are a little sketchy right now at the time of this video And for my sake hopefully it becomes wider, and more normally accepted, where two, three, four years down the line, banks are like yeah, whatever, it's a crypto currency, and that's a lot more widely accepted But right now, yeah, if you get something that pops up in this sense I would say that's perfectly fine Do I need to talk about anything else? Oh, the one thing here, that I've seen how to gain some Coinbase, and I'm not gonna say that it's not justifiable or anything like that

But cost So cost fees In this regard, they are pretty high but the way I kinda just rationalize this my perspective, if you wanna to do more shop around fine, but for me Coinbase, I just wanna go with somebody that's established, 2012 That just seems most legit So, for me to gain peace of mind in this regard, I'm gonna pay a little bit more, but on top of that, within the grand scheme of thing if crypto currencies, is some sort of new

It's here to stay, and it keeps on growing and growing, then the amount that you are charging fees, is gonna be massively washed away by the fact of, hey, the investment has grown that much more I believe, actually I have no idea I'm just doing this to diversify and I'm using money that, if it disappears, so be it

But I don't wanna be one of these people that, "I wish I would have" So, I had some money, but in the event it does go big and keeps going big, and keeps going big, then yeah, those fees don't care They'll be drops in the bucket compared to what could happen, if things go well So, yeah, fees That's an arguing point, but over all, very, very pleased

Very, very They eased my skepticism, and they made the process extremely straightforward may be a little too straightforward I guess when you can have somebody out there just buying with their credit card within several minutes That's a little scary

But assuming and hopefully you're responsible with money and your personal finances, from that point of view, I really don't have that many complaints and I would say, definitely give them a try, again I let the cat out of the bag earlier, I personally use them, so this is who I would recommend And if you wanna learn more, I'll put a link down below Just for disclosure, that link is an affiliate link and right now I don't know how long this deal is gonna go on but if you use the link below, you're gonna get $10 of free bitcoin, and hey, to get paid $10 for taking a split second to click on a link I'd say that's a pretty nice little payment there Now, I don't know how long that's going to last, or if you're just like, "Clearly you're a scum bag

"I don't want you to make anything at all" Well, full disclosure, that is an affiliate link and if you don't want the $10 of bitcoin or whatever, because you don't want me to get anything, then hey, that's your prerogative, but full disclosure, it is an affiliate link So, those are my thoughts I would go with them, I would definitely give it a try, and if you feel uneasy or whatever, then hey, that's your personal preference But I think that it's at least worth researching more and seriously considering if you do wanna get involved in the crypto currency market

If you are out there trading alone currently and maybe are in the market, looking for a community to join To assist you in your trading, or to just help you, give you another set of eyeballs Then I do have a private trading community Where you can trade alongside me, and other experienced traders So, what you see popping up on the screen right now, is both an information link

So, if you click on the inner circle one, that is gonna take you to the page, where I explain all the details, of what exactly come with the community Both the chatroom and the newsletter And then the other image that is popped up, is the behind the scenes tour, where you can see exactly what is going to be contained within the community I take you through like I said, a behind the scenes tour of everything and that way you'll know, precisely, what you are getting when you join So, definitely check that stuff out if you are interested and thinking about wanting to join a community, and let me know if you have any questions