Hey guys bit connect that here just want to do a quick tutorial that shows how to purchase Bitcoin on coin base and Transfer that to bit connect and then lend that money out so I've logged into my coin base account here as you can see Two ways to purchase Bitcoin guys you can purchase it either with a credit card here or with your bank account I mentioned this in the earlier video, but if you do want to use your bank account to buy Bitcoin I would Highly recommend that you actually deposit money into your USD wallet here from your bank account first and Then once it's in your wallet You can buy the Bitcoin on the coin base The reason is is because a bank transfer and coin base right now it takes about five to seven days so You want to go that route because if you go and you buy Bitcoin with your bank account It locks in the price today, and then you can't do anything until that transaction actually goes through in like 7 days so if the price of Bitcoin falls Well, it doesn't matter

You bought it at the price of today, so if it falls in 7 days then You know that's the time you get to actually do anything with it trade it, so you potentially lose money That way if you do that, so just trust me on this if you do buy Bitcoin here using your bank account Bring it in to your USD wallet first And then you can buy the Bitcoin once that has gone through and you can trade it instantly after it's gone through so today We're just going to use a credit card so I've got Bitcoin selected so I'm gonna go here and use my Visa car which I have a limit credit cards here at this point still $750 a week I think that limit changes after I'm a customer on corn-based for a number of days, but right now It's still 750 so I'm just gonna buy $150 worth of Bitcoin using my credit card so Here we go 150 This is the amount of Bitcoin that I get by instantly which is pretty good There's the fee? okay, so here we go by Bitcoin and Credit card confirm the buy Purchase was successful Okay

Let's go back to our dashboard And now you can see if I go to my accounts Here it is 154 bucks so looks like After fees and everything that's getting out So what I want to do now is quickly Because I don't know if bitcoins going up and down It's pretty volatile I want to go to my Wallet on bit connect so once you've logged in to bit connect you go to your wallet So I want to deposit Bitcoin into mine That connect wallet so Here's the address I'm gonna copy this Okay, so I'm going to receive Bitcoin from coinbase into my bit connect Bitcoin wallet I'm gonna go coinbase now I'm back in here I'm gonna send This so I'm going to enter that address gives me that Looks like the fees are not too bad today this changes based on How much traffic is going on with Bitcoin so 1790 fees so here we go I said put that in I hit max and Then it calculates Automatically how much after the fees so now what I'm going to do is continue Okay, then I've got a student now 2-step verification, so it sends this to my phone so Let's put that in Total Upset wrong, that's wrong Say let's try this again 4 3 3 4 1 1 Here we go I just sent this amount a Bitcoin over to my bit connect a Bitcoin wallet So now I just have to wait and I can refresh refresh the page But I know it's not come through yet

Oh, it's actually showing that it's incoming so that's good that was pretty quick Looks like there's not a whole lot of traffic today So Looks like it's coming through so Let's see here, we refresh this again Okay, it's not in here what I'm gonna Do is pick up the video again Once it's in here And then I will show you how we actually transfer it to the lending so that we can start earning interest on this so I'll be back in just a sec okay guys looks like the transaction has gone through now, so if I look at my Bitcoin wallet This is the amount that I have in here now So to move that into bit connect coin and in order to lend it to the platform, so we're gonna go to exchange Again we're buying bit connect coin with our Bitcoin that we've moved into our wallet here, so I'm gonna click all Then I'm gonna hit by bit connect coin It's telling me how much I'm buying it really doesn't matter what bit connect coin costs So you don't have to worry about that For the sake of lending it back to the system, so I'm going to confirm that Okay by placed now if I go up here, and I refresh this page I should have Money in my bit connect wallets Do not yes I guess it takes a minute yep there It is what to go through so Now I love to lend so this is how we finally get it into the system To start earning interest, so I'm gonna lend bit connect Okay, so here's the amount

I'm going to say because I know I've put in 1/35 But there was a little bit of fees let's see do 135 What's that zero point three seven two zero one So I'll have to do is verify that this number is at least What this number is or lower in order to move this in and again? It's got to be I Believe it's got to be in increments of a hundred so I'd have to do two hundred think about maybe not let me see them Right or I think it's got the increments of ten Yeah, so 140 is not going to do it 135 Would but we can't do that so we're gonna do 130 And that's what 0 3, 5/8 You don't worry that the leftover amount you can still use It'll add that up as you're lending and everything goes You'll eventually get to using whatever is left over So that's lower than this amount

That's in my wallet so 130 bucks and again I'm in this range here a hundred to a thousand so that's locked in this 130 locked in for 299 days But the interest that I make on this I will be able to pull out at any point in time So I'm gonna click on that Pay from good connect wallet No transaction fees for this guy's which is awesome confirm There we go so I just left 133 130 bucks Two-bit connect it to the bit connect trading buck, and now I will start earning interest on that investment so if I go here We'll look at my total investment is $130 and tomorrow After let's see what kind of a return we're gonna get tomorrow on that hundred and thirty bucks looks like One point two nine percent not bad so Tomorrow I'm Gill here We should see Money that comes into our linen walk, and that's the interest that I would make tomorrow and then that just continues to add up and Again, if you want to know how big kynect works check out my video on the overview of bit kynect And it goes through all the details of how you earn money, and how much you earn and so on and so forth But this amount will basically go up every time I earn interest and I can either pull that money out Invert it to cash in my pocket or I can real end it to the system and keep making this number go up and compound it and make more money on my interest each day So that's it guys from coinbase well from credit card all the way To the big connect platform to the two actually lending it to big connects so that you can earn interest So I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe and thanks for watching