So you've decided you want to buy bitcoin, the world's most valuable cryptocurrency But you do need a little bit of help getting started, which is why Finder is here to show you how

Bitcoin of course is the world's first digital asset It's seen by many is a form of digital gold that is quick and easy to transfer With Bitcoin you can transfer wealth all around the globe in just a matter of minutes And Bitcoin is also starting to catch the eye of Wall Street and investment banks, because it's provably scarce with only 21 million bitcoins that will ever be produced And best of all, you don't need a bank vault to keep it safe

So to get you started, we're going to show you how to buy bitcoin safely and securely using an online exchange with a simple step by step guide In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to sign up for the Coinbase exchange, deposit your local currency and safely purchase and store your new Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies And along the way, we're also going to give you tips about security, explain a bit how markets work, and all sorts of other helpful bits of information to help you get started with cryptocurrency Now, if you'd prefer to read as well, then check out Finder's super simple guide to buying Bitcoin in the description below, as well as a review of the exchange that we're using today Just before we start, I want to clarify that none of the exchanges or products mentioned today, paid Finder to make this video in any way whatsoever

Finder is one of the world's largest comparison websites, and simply makes money each time a user signs up for a product through our website That just means that when you do go to our website, click on a link and sign up for an exchange where you receive a small fee from the company for helping you do so But don't worry, because this doesn't cost you anything at all At Finder, it's in our best interest to help you find the best deal or product so that you become a Finder and continue to use our website in the future For instance, if you go to our how to buy bitcoin guide in the description this video, you'll notice that we list literally dozens and dozens of exchanges so that you can compare fees, currencies and services to make sure that you find the exchange that's right for you

And you might also be wondering, what exactly is an exchange? An exchange is an online marketplace where you can trade fiat currency like dollars or pounds for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum On most exchanges, you can even trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies It's really a lot like a traditional currency exchange that you might see when you go on holiday to another country Basically, each currency pair like US dollars in Bitcoin has an exchange rate that fluctuates depending on market conditions At first, this can all look a little bit daunting

But don't worry, that's why we're here to guide you through Online crypto currency exchanges are actually, by far the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they usually offer the best rates and can be accessed at any time from your computer or phone And if for any reason, you decide that an exchange isn't the right method for you, then that's no problem Just check out our "how to buy bitcoin" guide below to read about some of the options available to you For those of you that want to know how to buy bitcoin with Coinbase, let's get started

Okay, so let's get started buying Bitcoin with the Coinbase exchange So I'm going to walk you through the process step by step to make it easy as possible for you to buy your first Bitcoin, which is really exciting stuff to be honest So the first thing I need you to do is go down into the description of the video and open up the Finder review of Coinbase You'll find that just in the description, or showing up on the video now on the right hand corner Now in this review, I definitely recommend that you read through this because it has all the important details like the types of fiat currency it supports, which is well over 50, which is why we're using it for this video, as well as fees payment methods, the cryptocurrencies it supports and all those fine little details that you need to be familiar with before you use any sort of financial product

Also, with Finder, if you click on either of the green buttons there, they'll take you through to Coinbase And you'll actually get a special offer through us, you'll get $10 of free Bitcoin whenever you spend over 100 US dollars on the cryptocurrency So $100 or more on crypto, and you get $10 worth of free Bitcoin in return, which is a pretty sweet deal So if that's what you're planning to buy, it's great to sign up through us to get that offer So the first thing we do is we go through that redirect portal is we want to scroll up to the top

And we want to go for the create your account But here we're just seeing all the sorts of features of the platform, just a quick little overview But yeah, head up to that get started button and you just want to put in your first and last name, email address and create a password That has to be a real name Even though I've used an anon, one day, you will need to use your real name for this

I'm just going over to the temporary email account that I set up earlier, I've just forgotten the name of it Hold on with me Just a sec Okay, so back to Coinbase And just with your password, they're just keep in mind that for Coinbase you need at least one capital letter, one number and one special character and it has to be at least eight characters long So it's just telling you about the usual GDPR stuff like everything these days

I do recommend that you click yes on this because you want to receive all sorts of updates in case the platform changes pretty important Now you gotta go through CAPTCHA Like all good cryptocurrency services and exchanges, there's a million layers of security, but that's actually what you want Okay, so the next thing, it will just send you an email to verify

So keep that email inbox open, because you might get a few of these as we step through the process Okay, now you need a phone number, this is so that they can send you an SMS verification code, you need this every time you log into your account, unless you choose to set up two factor authentication Instead, I actually recommend using two factor authentication That's my personal preference there Because if someone gets hold of your phone actually need to be able to log into your phone and open up that to FA account

Whereas if it's SMS authentication, that SMS might actually display on your phone lock screen So if your account was compromised, and they got the password, they got your email address, they managed get your phone to FA just adds another layer by meaning they need your phone password or you know face ID to get in Whereas SMS just gives you a code So once that code arrives, it might take a few minutes, depending on how the servers are, pop it in there And then we'll move on to the next step

Okay, so once you've got your code, you can go ahead and put that in And deciding I noticed, didn't do properly early on was I didn't put my proper on my real name Rather, you will need to do that because you will, as you can see in this step need to verify your identity But unfortunately, it does give you another chance But just letting you know that if you are someone who prefers to use bogus names, that won't work because this is a you know, legally regulated financial portal financial service

And you do need to give all your real data But let's continue Cool So now we verify our identity, I'm just going to use my passport since that's the one I've got available I you can use any of those methods to upload it, whether it's webcam, take photo or upload an image

Fortunately, I have a passport that I prepared earlier So that's what I'll be using That really there's no recommendation here on ideal method to upload, it's just up to you Just whatever you do, do make sure the photos really clear Make sure your fingers on you know obscuring anything while you hold the document and make sure the lighting is good and there is no glare, especially I day photos can be really clear because they tend to have that plastic cover, which shines back into the camera

So just keep those things in mind Then you'll need a proof of address as well For instance, I just use an online bank receipt or statement of funds rather, you can use you know things like electricity bill, gas bill, really, whatever you've got on hand is good Okay, so once you've passed KYC And remember that can take a few days, depending on how things are going at Coinbase how busy they are, you'll see a screen like this when you login

So it's just got the prices of the different coins And if we scroll down, we'll see your portfolio as well as complete your account So before we do anything else, we want to go to complete your account and add payment method, you can use a credit or debit card for small purchases So that's just what we're going to do here today to get started, but you can link things like a bank account or PayPal account later on But I'm just going to use this example to get started

So go ahead and put in your payment details there, your payment address as well as your card details Okay, great Once you've put your card details in, you'll see that this page is changed a little bit your portfolio's now on the left and recent activities on the right giving you the option to buy now, what we'll do those was scroll back up to the top since this is what you'll see most of the time And we'll go to buy and sell up the top Now you'll see the option to buy or sell cryptocurrency but of course we don't have any yet

So we're going to go with by option You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy from this list by clicking on the name and also shows you the rate Now just keep in mind these rights here displayed in Australian dollars, not American dollars So they might be looking a bit different to what you're used to And of course, price fluctuates all the time with cryptocurrency

So one thing to keep in mind that the rate will vary So there is options to set up a repeated buy for daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, that sort of stuff So just keep in mind that if you do set up a repeated by the rate at which your purchasing Bitcoin will vary So to make an order, simply select the card that you want If you've only got one or that will be the only one there, select the cryptocurrency it like

I'm going to use Bitcoin And then just put in the amount of fiat that you want to SPEND Or alternatively, you can put in the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy, and it will show you what that is, in fiat So if I want to buy $100 hundred euros worth rather, since my cards in euros, that's how much Bitcoin I would get And if, for instance, I wanted to buy, let's say, 0

01 of a Bitcoin, it'd be about 100 euros So one thing that we did just say there is there is a weekly limit on cards So you can see what the limits there are, but you can increase that by going into your account and increasing the amount there But just to finish this demo up, let's say we want 100 euros worth, it shows this much Bitcoin So you can buy it instantly using the button there

But just over on the right hand side, we see a bit of a breakdown of exactly what that will be So we see how much Bitcoin we're getting, what the Coinbase fee is, and then what the total is Alright, so once you've bought that, and so now if you wanted to go and sell that cryptocurrency, all you'd have to do is go to the sell side and sell your crypto there, you know if you want to sell it at a later date So that's the basics of how to get started buying Bitcoin with Coinbase if you'd like to get into a bit more advanced trading, and we're going to put out a video on Coinbase pro to teach you how to actually trade and how to have a look at markets and that sort of stuff And we'll also be following up with a how to use binance the binance exchange guide soon so you can use that as well

All right, that's it for me for now Let us know if you've got any questions, leave those in the comments If there's anything that you'd like to see us do differently next time, let us know as well as as I mentioned will be making the videos But that's it for now