okay so we are back with a nother video welcome to crypto secrets in my last video I talked about you know what is cryptocurrency for newbies and I explained it in a really simple way because you know it's kind of a little coinbase bit confusing when it's new to you I mean as a city in the last video it's quite new to me too so I'm just trying to teach you guys as I learn more about it so you can see what I'm doing see how i'm profiting from it you can also see my mistakes and avoid it too anyways today we're gonna talk about how to buy a Bitcoin with a coinbase wallet because you now you know what cryptocurrency Bitcoin is you're probably thinking well how long buy it what's the process and to kind of like show is that I'm here with my friend Dalton who actually got me interested in cryptocurrency in the first place he basically my with me for about three months about Bitcoin and I ignored him and then I kind of started looking at it I realized actually it's a really smart financial play right now and he's a little disclaimer as I've mentioned the word smart financial play we are to give you like financial investments right anything we say to you must be taken with a pinch of salt and you get and need to go do your own due diligence without financial advisers but we are here to show you how we're making money with cryptocurrency so with that being said Dalton 2 is about how people buy Bitcoin and what you know what is a coin based wallet and try and explain it Dalton as if you were speaking to a five-year-old keep it simple simple simple Gaga goo crypto no I'm just kidding my name is Dalton so I'm super involved in all this cryptocurrencies stuff I've been doing it for about a year now I've been investing which I would have done in earlier we all say that but actually getting Bitcoin was the hardest thing for me when I first got started so basically it's a lot easier than you may think there's basically an exchange the exchange is called claim base all you do is go to coinbase comm and you're able to create an account creating account legitimately takes five minutes and then as soon as you add any type of payment method they have a lot of options there you can use your bank you can use a debit card the fastest way is to use a debit card legitimately you go to coinbase comm and you're able to put your debit card in there put the amount of US dollars you want to spend and they'll tell you how much that's worth in Bitcoin you press Buy and within like ten seconds that Bitcoin is inside your coin base wallet and your wallet is just where you hold Bitcoin just like any wallet you have in real life it's where you hold your money and then from that wallet you can send it out and do other stuff now that's a little more advanced but buying cryptocurrencies with coinbase is by far the easiest it's the one that I use it isn't the cheapest but if you're getting started you definitely once you get a claim based account and we're actually gonna go in I think we're gonna go into your account bed and we're gonna show them us buying Bitcoin on coinbase yeah and I personally recommend it to anyone getting started and basically how the coin base works is they have a very large quantity of Bitcoin and when you buy it they just send that directly to your wallet so think of it as they're a big storage house a Bitcoin you're buying from them they charge you a small fee to do that and then you can move the money off of their platform coinbase and send it to your own wallets or accounts instead you know as you get more advanced with crypto there are ways to like avoid them I think it's a 3 or 4% fee that coin base you know charge which if you're dealing with a large amount of crypto stacks up what to begin with and this is this is what I do right now I simply buy straight from coin base because I'm just learning the ropes and it's just the easiest place so don't some like if I'm understanding you then to put this in kind of any easier way for these guys to understand hmm normally let's say if you were dealing with dollars you'd store your dollars and a bank account right you'd walk into your bank or you and you put some money in or you get somebody to send you dollars to a bank account coinbase is kind of like almost like an online wallet where we store our digital currency that's basically all it is right yeah I would say that's awesome buddy come on Dalton sorry now you can buy digital currency you store it right there in your claim based wallet then you're able to either send it to theirs there's a million a different one software wallets again this is more advanced but you there's other coin bit I'm sorry other Bitcoin wallets you can get paper wallets software wallets you can do that but you can keep it right on coinbase and the cool thing that a lot of people probably question that a lot of people have is how do I turn that back into fiat currency you can actually do that right on coinbase so let's say Bitcoin goes up to $7,000 right now it's like almost 6,000 you can sell it to people he took and while I pull plug in my laptop charging live video keeps Pelican okay so you basically can sell it at any time you can get the money directly if you have a PayPal account you can sell it and they will put the money directly in your PayPal account and when I've done that it literally takes like 20 minutes to maybe a couple hours to get the money out so a lot of people worry that they're not going to be able to cash out they're gonna be stuck in they're gonna be stuck in Bitcoin because a lot of people are looking to do this to turn X into y so turn $300 and get $1,000 if you want to do that you can do that directly on coinbase so in my opinion it's the quickest easiest way it lets you sell it lets you buy and it gives you a ton of different payment methods so if you're looking for the fastest way to do it I personally recommend coinbase it's what I use so ya know I think I think that's about everything I guess we should just show them how you go about buying it ya know so it's gonna say I do although I don't want to go into this in the video bitcoin isn't the only thing we can like buy and selling coinbase there's all the printers we can like deal with and coinbase I can't remember the two oh yes so you can buy on coin base well there's three so there's Bitcoin which is what we're talking about here then you can buy let's call aetherium and you can buy what's called light coin I'm heavily invested into both the theory and litecoin but that is a little more technical if you're looking to just get involved in like crypto currencies I I definitely recommend get Bitcoin and by buying a little bit you're gonna start learning more and more for me it was like I bought a little bit of Bitcoin and you look into oh I can buy aetherium here what's the theorem what slight coin and you start going into each of the cryptocurrencies and once you look at it's like a whole new world like there's like hundreds of these crypto currencies and you start researching each and every one but a hundred percent buy some Bitcoin before you look at these other things because that is the staple and if you're looking for the safest bet bitcoins were to go you know when you see my screen yep I can see it now this is my coin base wallets I've already set it up guys so you know I can't show you how to connect payment methods but it's real real simple when you get inside coinbase is going to prompt you on how to do them walk you through step by step also should probably mention if you're watching this video on my channel there will be a coin base link underneath and imagine the same if you're watching this on Dalton chow hall tonight what is your channel just shout it out for us it's just a crypto crypto Dalton so just crypto and then my name Dalton and you'll find it right away and I'll link to Dalton's child in my description too if you want to go with challenge videos but once you've connected your payment methods guys it's a simple case I want to show you this real quick as well one one quick thing because this is quite interesting I want to show you in the last month what happened with Bitcoin so Bitcoin in the last month has gone up by one four hundred five hundred and fifty three dollars and twenty eight cents that's thirty seven point twenty seven percent uh you know that's that's how much it's gone up by I'm like when's the last time your bank manager gave you that kind of you know again we're not here to financially advise you and kriti cryptocurrency know is volatile it does go up and down but if you go do your own research and you listen to the videos on our channel noted that go to the one-year for them quick so your honor you want to see the one-year this this guest salts and all excited yeah it actually does yeah look at this in the last year it went up five thousand twenty two dollars forty four cents which is a seven hundred and nineteen point five eight percent rise crazy crazy crazy we're not going to go into all the details on that what guys do your own research and you'll see that cryptocurrency is a very smart move right now and we're going to be doing more videos by the way on how we buy this Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies and then turn it into passive income so we have ways where we can turn it back into profits in dollars in our bank we'll go into that in other videos you know we just want to show you point base today but what you set up your payment methods it's just a case of clicking on buy or sell and then you can see here you've got Bitcoin of theorem litecoin we're gonna choose Bitcoin you can see that's highlighted with the green checkmark there then for your payment method you're gonna choose which payment method you want to use I've got two attached one allows me to do five grams you know I can go buy five grams worth the other one allows me to go get $300 worth and you know there are ways where you can get your limits increased we're not really going to go into that because that's although it's easy you know I just want to show you the basics of coinbase today and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go down to where it says US dollars BTC I'm gonna click just by Max right dholtze and I just want to buy the maximum right now yeah if you're if you're game to spending that three hundred dollars which I mean I would but I always spend as much as I can on because my my limits on this actual with this natural payment method inside of coinbase is 300 books so if you know if you wanted to justify fifty books you just just tie you know they just had 5000 in the box there you can write as low as dollars so if you guys are thinking like you can do whatever you know even if you've got two books and you just want to test this spend two dollars and just just you know get some if you want to spend the whole amount you can just click buy max you can do that even in dollars or BTC I'm just gonna click buy max which is 300 and then I'm gonna click buy Bitcoin instantly and then I'm just gonna click confirm by so simple you know and then I'm going to go to view dashboard and you can see it says October 28th bought Bitcoin a basically football 0050 one and some other numbers and I can already see it was it was added there to my Bitcoin wallet already and it's really that simple right Dalton nothing more to it yeah you legitimately bought it he has it in his wallet and right now if he wanted to send it he can send it instantaneously to either a paper wall at a software wallet whatever he could even it would make any sense but he could sell it right back right now and get the money directly and just PayPal account if you wanted to exactly and you know I can also go some programs aren't involved with where I'm kind of compounding my Bitcoin and using using the Bitcoin to make me even more profits which I can turn into more Bitcoin or profit in the bank I'll get to that in another video but I'm really going to cut that one there guys that that's how you basically use coinbase you know when when you join you can do that through the link below this video then you know they can explain to you how to out the payment details the rest is exactly as we showed you start with a small amount something you can afford look out for mine and dalton's next videos I'm going to link two filters channel and we'll be giving you more ways you can make money with crypto so we're going to show you how you can take that Bitcoin and turn it into profits that's what we're doing right we're not just buying it because we like buying this like magical kind of digital currency we're in this to make money and both the short and the long term that's what and that's what we're here to show you guys so that's pretty much it for this video don't dotson gonna feel any closing words before I will highly highly recommend any of your viewers if you have $2

00 which I hope you guys do for for god sakes if you have $200 please just invest in this get started because you're going this is the very early days for Bitcoin this is the very early days for cryptocurrencies just getting in now even a little bit can really change like a lot for you because like just understanding this fact you're the you're the 1% nobody really gets this stuff and just having this information and understanding it can one make you a lot of money and two puts you into the like innovators because like nobody knows what about cryptocurrencies yet so I think that's exactly yeah I know awesome finishing words remember guys I'm linking to Dalton's channel below you'll also find a link to go set up a coinbase wallets and I'm including a link to a free cryptocurrency course if you want to learn more if this is wet wet with your appetite to learn more about cryptocurrency I'm giving away a free course below to so just go in the description section comer's links get your wallet set so go check out Dalton's channel and then you know get your free course make sure as well if you enjoyed this video you subscribe to both of our channels you know share the video give us a thumbs up and all that good stuff to help us get the word out about cryptocurrency but that being said I'll see you in the next video catch you later these guys