Coinbase vs Coinmama – Buy Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency hi again with another video so today here so I'm going to show you the difference between one base and the Quan mama so there is not that big difference but it's really simple and easy so here in corn base just go to sign up and put your informations then your email and password then click create account after you to ask you to confirm your email then you need to put your phone number then you need to upload your ID so to verify your account then it will ask you to put your payment method and bank account or credit card you can skip it till you get your account so here I'm going to show you how the account looks like so here is I'm in my account here so here is you can see dashboard bitcoin etherium and let's go in so the shot here is you can see the deposit and the rest are and here you can see the amount of cryptocurrency that you have and the shot at the total balance that you have in your account so after here you're going to see boy and sell so home base doesn't support the country I am mean so I can't buy or sell using the credit card or bank account so I'm going to show you just some images so you can see how you can borrow and sale so to buy you just choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy and then click the method that you want to pay with if it's bank transfer or credit card then put your amount of cryptocurrency that you want then click confirm then you will get your cryptocurrency that's you bought and for to sell if you have Bitcoin or less coin or any other currency that's home base supports you just choose the cryptocurrency then then you choose the method that you want to get paid with in dollar so here in accounts you can see the cryptocurrencies here is the Wallace so if you bought any cups of currency here you're going to find it this is like a wallet so here's you can see when you click receive you go to tools you're going to find your wallet address and it you can use it even if you have multiple wallet addresses and the old one is still working lifetime in your account so if you are the type that wants to earn some extra money just go to here invite friends and you're gonna find here your link so when you invite someone with your referral link and he boys or sells $100 of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency you bought you get ten bucks so he gets $10 you get $10 so here's how chromebase works and how it is so now I'm going to show you Quan mom so here is I'm in Quan mama here so as you can see it's really simple as you can see in the first time here that you can see it's only Bitcoin and a terrarium that you come by so you here you can register easy email and first name and other informations and then contrary didn't click register so you need to confirm your account here is you in the account so click verify your account if you didn't appear in the first time you need to fall fill out your personal details so you get into the level one so you can have the limit of five K then level two you have to spend 4 K to get to the level tool so you can spend more and write the limit so then the level 3 so let's get to here in the main page so as you as I've mentioned earlier there is the boy Bitcoin and eternium you choose one of them that you want to buy and the currency you want to play with it euro or USD dollar so here you can see you can choose here from this packages here or you can choose your different amount of cryptocurrency that you want if you have exact amount that you want and the here is you see these packages this has some countdown on it so you come by before it's n so and here is you can only buy with your debit card not like on base you have the bank transfer and debit cards so click the Y and here you choose credit card and here you put your atrium or Bitcoin whatever the currency you but you put the wallet address in there then click process to checkout so after you process to check out you get your amount of cryptocurrency that you bought instantly to your external wallet so here you can see a valid it's different combats in the first you can see it's 15% Commission and this forever not like corn base that is 10% and you get paid monthly so here you can see the Commission tape and so what you need to know here that even if you have an account on corn mama the affiliate program its external not included like com base in your account so even if you have the coin mama regular account you need to create account in the affiliate program or you can just create an affiliate program without the regular applet program account as you can see the leads and commissions and here your link and here is some banners to embed in your website this is how Corinne mama works and the difference between coinbase and core mama it's as you can see it's in the affiliate program and as you can see here it's separated from the regular account and it has more commission and as you can see here in just by Bitcoin and aetherium and amount you buy gets directly to your external wallet in the opposite there is corn-based that it's soared in your corn base wallets and then you can extort them to your external wallet and there is the fees so one base has 4% fees in credit card in con there is 5% so because it's directly and this instant you get your cryptocurrency you cannot sell your cryptocurrency in-kwon mama income base you can buy and sell so this is the difference between them so I hope you liked the video and don't forget to subscribe thank you for watching