Hello everyone ! It is the Nicolas CryptoInvestisseur In this video, I'll show you how to easily buy your first Bitcoin with your credit card through the intermediary Coinbase

Know that at any time in video, you can use my referral link is in the description of Video to receive € 10 bonus Bitcoin on the site Here we are on the home page Coinbase So before you log into my account and really show you a deal from A to Z, I'll buy Bitcoins with my credit card to show you how it works I wanted to introduce you Coinbase I'll talk a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of this middle so you know a little bit what we are talking

So the main advantage of Coinbase is why I show you video is that it's very simple If you want to buy Bitcoins, to see how it works, it really means to choose to do so If you are, here, neophyte If you discover this world of Crypto coins that you lets go, to put a first foot on it So what is good is that it is available in French

More and more intermediaries are, it is true that the basis of most are in English, but this one is in French so it's always a plus This is a very simple tool So, it really is, I find a great force for Coinbase You can in five minutes create your account and buy your first Bitcoins by credit card So it's Sure, it's pretty good

This is among the top 3 worldwide platforms that can be used to buy Crypto coins They also have a part So Coinbase, it really is if you are an individual and want buy Bitcoins, the Ethereums or Litecoins, there are only three Crypto Coins for the moment available So it's true that it is a fault of Coinbase, only three Crypto available currently It's more if you want Coinbase if you want to buy for medium and long term so over several months or years Crypto coins and keep them in the portfolio, keep them with you

If you want to do instead of trading is with actually trading of Coinbase called GDAX But this, I think I would do another video for you speak I also speak to you tips that can be used to reduce with GDAX the costs you pay on Coinbase But for now, in this video, I will really keep it simple, you show Coinbase then I would do other videos later If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll try to answer in the second video

So that, in short, very easy to use At the security level, them, they are really focus on security, therefore, I find it good Secure storage, protection by insurance funds, funds who are online, Crypto coins that are online are protected by insurance so it's pretty cool What is important, I find that really is a point to be careful with Crypto coins is that if on Coinbase you begin to deposit relatively large amounts, greater than 1000 €, they will directly send you a message to say if you want you can use the safe option This, I'll show you later how it works? I think I really would do a video dedicated to safety

But basically, safe, what that does is that your Crypto coins instead of stored online, they are stored in a safe So that even if you you hack your account, the hacker, the hacker can not go with your Crypto Coins There is a fact within 48 hours for the Crypto coins are unlocked when they are in the safe So this is something I find really well that allows you to really secure your Crypto coins What is good too, I find with Coinbase is the recurring purchasing system

If you left to invest on Crypto coins, you know that right now there is high volatility, this can rise very quickly in a few days, very down quickly within days and sometimes within the same day So if for example, you say: I want to invest € 1000 or € 5000 on Bitcoin, you can either buy once You connect then you go buy once If you pass on a base 5000 €, let's say you go 5000 € buy Bitcoin This is quite a large sum, but I know good there are people who go on this sort of strategy

It's a way to do or else you can say, for ten months, I'll put 500 € / month Like this, I can not know in advance whether in During the time is up or down Is it going up or down within days come in the coming weeks But suddenly I spread my purchases as this time, and as I would have an average price, at least that will be the price Bitcoin means rather than buying at one time And maybe at that time, it was very high and the week after, it will fall

This purchasing system recurring is very interesting So much for the presentation I you Coinbase says it is rather an average optical, long-term, if you want So keep your Crypto for several months or even years If you have rather with a view to trading, thus making purchases / sales multiple days on the short term, rather GDAX But as I say, I speak to you in another video

Now I will access my account and I will show you in detail the purchase of Bitcoin Well, I have quite blablate in the first part of the video, so here we go, we go without login without password password, it connects Small two-step verification This really is some thing I suggest you do to secure up your account two options you will have in Coinbase when you create your account

Is no security in two stages, secure SMS So in this case, When you connect, you will receive an SMS with a six-digit code to enter The SMS is free You receive for free You enter your six-digit code and you can connect

Even more secure, it is the authenticator I you put a small picture on the screen of the authenticateur Google So it allows you to have a small application on your smartphone generates automatically every 30 seconds or every minute, I do not know, a code And this code you enter So I will not go into details in Video why this is more secure than the code by SMS

But now, know that if have the choice between the two, the authenticator is even better than the code by SMS So then, here I connect You have my code for the first time you log on Coinbase This will allow you to have 10 € in Bitcoin offered once you put 100 on minimum € Coinbase Here, the link is in the description

The first time you log on you, they will ask for information, they want a scan of your ID card or to photograph your ID with your webcam It is quite normal for security Moreover, it is true that this might be a bit surprising if you wanted Crypto buy and they ask you anything security level, this can also you put a flea in the ear It's very simple to do

The first time I had Create my account, it had taken me about five minutes They asked me actually my webcam to my passport next to my head, as they had saw that I was the person's passport So that was very simple, no worries and five minutes later I could buy my first Bitcoin So here suddenly, Homepage You see the evolution of the price of Bitcoin

You can watch for a month, a year or forever I think it really is forever, but since the Crypto in question is available Coinbase on, I think This in check But in any case, it is true that it is pretty impressive for the Bitcoin price trends So then, it's about to $ 4

8 million at the time of the video Then if you go down a little bit on the screen, here we have the portfolio section Personally, I have more than Ethereums on Bitcoin Coinbase because I have elsewhere But now, suddenly, here was three Crypto We also have the euro portfolio

Because in fact, once you have purchased your Bitcoin, you can possibly sell and suddenly you will have available euro on your account Here you can see a graph shows the distribution, so the blue Ethereums here in yellow / orange Bitcoin So I have approximately 20-25% of Bitcoin And there the litecoin It is a relative balance the current price of Crypto

Since saw that it is changing very fast, this is not the amount you spent in each Crypto, but it is the present value of Crypto each And here we see as the current value at about the dollar It was the home page I'll show you now, we enter finally in the thick of things, the purchase of Bitcoin So here we are on the look buy / sell so if you want to purchase Bitcoin, you click here on Bitcoin

You use as payment method, then, there is by credit card But you can make a transfer to Coinbase This is also an option Or if you have Crypto you sold, you can use the money, euro Coinbase available on your account But here I'll show you the credit card since this is probably what you will use when you buy for the first time

So we choose the Bitcoin We choose a amount For example, we can say: I'll buy for 25 € and there's Bitcoin So, it will tell you the amount of Bitcoin you will get Of course, Bitcoins, it is divisible as currency We are not obligated to purchase a minimum bitcoin since otherwise it would make $ 5,000 Bitcoin

Every time we would like to buy one, there should be $ 5000 on the table So no, it is divisible in the way for the euro, we have € 10 notes, coins of 1 €, pieces of 10 cents, parts of a penny Let's say for the euro, it stops at a penny, but for the Bitcoin was much more decimals behind So if we say for example 25 €, we will be entitled to this amount of Bitcoin By law, we have a summary of the transaction said the fee will be € 1

49 It will blow for 23,51 € Bitcoin In total this will cost us € 25 It is also possibly do the opposite if you do not want to have too many decimal Bitcoin You can say, for example: I will buy 1/100 of Bitcoin

this will say, in this case, it costs € 4321 You can also 1/1 000 Bitcoin No, it's too small It is a little bit over the limit

No, I was on 1/10 000, 1/1 000 but is he accepts Yes, 000 1/1 Bitcoin, he agrees There by cons, it is not too big since you pay once € 511 and € 1 fee So with respect to costs, when less than 200 €, it is by landing costs, so for example, where I showed you 25 €

For € 25, I € 149 fee But beware, if you put 27 €, one passes to € 199 So, this is not really the big hit since going from 25 € to 27 € and it, there are 50 cents of costs that go up in smoke

So what I recommend because besides the costs, then I give you the video now, but if you watch the video in six months or a year, maybe it will be a little bit changed the picture of the different costs What I always suggest you do is if for example you go about € 25, try to see if you put € 20, would change that If you put 30 €, does that make? History always fully optimize costs Currently, in any case, when it is exceeded the € 200 it becomes a percentage Either way, it becomes a percentage

So then, it is 767 €, but if I spend 400 €, this should be battery double A tip, like elsewhere, since then I put 400 € and I realize that I forgot to tell you By credit card, you'll have a quantity limit that you can spend on Coinbase So basic, I think it's € 325 over seven days slippery

Basically, we will say 352 € / week So there, that's why 400 €, he said no € 400, you can not We can then increase these limits It is Although at the beginning, when creating the account, basically we have all the features of based

The credit card ceiling, I have not tried to increase it because can be purchased by credit card, but you can also make a transfer So at first I you advise, test and make a purchase by credit card, you'll really like it works Then you can wire transfer In fact, by transfer costs are much lower for putting money on Coinbase I, now, that's what I do

This takes a little more time when you make a transfer It takes maybe two or three days time than money reaches Coinbase It must be added as a beneficiary for your transfer The map So bank remains simple It goes from 25 € at once

So € 25 Here, we still have the summary, here was the price that appears in euro not in Bitcoin because in fact we like it is in Europe, in France, when you create an account on Coinbase, the base currency is the euro that rate So that's why it was the price that is displayed in euros and not in US dollars Summary, confirm the purchase Next to validate your purchase, as a purchase by credit card, there might be bank will ask for additional information

Me at my bank, I made sure to secure max So they'll always ask me some info when I want to make an online purchase So, I get this info there This will depend on your requests Maybe they will not ask you anything or they ask you something else

I, in general, they call me and they sent me an SMS Although at one time they called me on the sets so I said yes, but , I am not at home then it is not very convenient so now your thing this is SMS Finally, you know, when they call you, it is a kind of robot that tells you a code, etc But I do not even know if it still exists such thing In short! Then we will have a little time, we will say 30 seconds while the transaction is verified

There is awaiting confirmation purchase on Coinbase I will go immediately on the dashboard, see if verified transaction That was the deal we see here it there is, it's done So you see, I blablate much to explain more possible in detail, but in itself the transaction goes very fast and there, it's good

I have 00570117 Bitcoin more in my account You see it's really easy to buy the first Bitcoins Here, what I can get you? It was the other tab is the sales tab So there is a little bit the same operation

If you want to sell from your Bitcoin wallet and drop Euro money in your wallet, we can say for example that we will sell 001, a penny of Bitcoin So then, it says, like the sale, how do it would bring us, and even summary of expenses We can do the same for the Ethereums There also were recovered on the euro portfolio

So much for buying and selling Everything is simple Everything is going well We will go see also the other things I wanted to show you Here you see is the sponsorship

This is the bonus Bitcoin I received on that rate when I had created So this is really an account I created to show you How does it work Then what else, here you have your portfolio in different Crypto coins There I showed you how you pay and how we buy Bitcoins with a credit card But if you already have Bitcoins, you can also transfer your Bitcoins on Coinbase or conversely that your Bitcoins you have on Coinbase you can send them to another Bitcoin address

Same for the Ethereums and litecoin That I'll talk in more detail in a video This is to secure This is the safe which I had you spoken, but I'll show you in another video for it not too long either Last thing I wanted to show you which is very interesting, these are recurring transactions

So that, as I was saying is true that it is currently very volatile Crypto coins, including Bitcoin This can rise very quickly in a day or a few days such decline So if you have for example a certain amount you want to invest, if you said: I do not know how this will Crypto happen, I think it has potential, but I'm not sure either so I want to put 1000 over € 5000 or € or brief Now you have a certain amount Either you go buy a given day, but maybe the next day, it will fall or the following weeks it will fall

You say, I bought the above, it is a pity! Either you say: I have a certain amount, € 1000 I'm not sure you can timer well as the market is said to be able to buy at the best time for the best price, so what I'm going do is instead of buying has 1000 € at once, I'll buy ten times 100 € and I'll buy every month for example 100 € Here with Coinbase, you can very simply We will say, there is dollar US We'll buy it for $ 100 from now so today or else you can say from tomorrow I would buy for example to 4 hours

So you can adjust the time of day, you know that the market is like the market Currency in fact, the Bitcoin market is open 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7 and every day of the year So every month, 12 months to four hours, I will buy $ 100 worth of Bitcoin So following the price at this time of Bitcoin, I would have a greater or lesser amount of Bitcoin, but I will invest all of regularly at a fixed amount Note that from 2013-2014, the United States, he has a lot of people who use this technique then, they say, I will put $ 50, $ 100, $ 200 a month And they were happy with their investment because it makes times 10, times 50 or more

But in any case, I wanted to tell you about that perspective and also what is great with this is that you do not to worry about it You are not obliged to monitor developments, to look what is happening You do not have to take your head You put that thing in place You can tell the time too

Is you do it five times? Do you do it 10 times or do you do it until canceled? But now, with this, you do not need to spend time, no need to think That is what is called LazyInvesting: investing of lazy way, or just, we have other things to do, not necessarily And it is also for optical investment, it avoids saying last month I forgot to buy so I'll have to buy twice as much after, etc So much for this little presentation Coinbase So I tried to be fairly comprehensive

Sorry, that's why the video is a little long But now I think I have shown you, so in any case, how to buy your first Bitcoins very simply on Coinbase? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask Thank you really so you use my link to create your account You will have the small bonus I too have the same bonus so it is always nice

Do not forget to put a little comment, to subscribe to the channel and put a thumb up, it really makes me fun too If you have questions about whether Coinbase or more generally on the world of Crypto coins if you want me make a video on a particular topic, feel free to ask me in the comments, I will try to answer you Well, I really wish you very good investment on Crypto