hi all this is Mehdi and I welcome you in the World of Cryptos chain in today's episode we'll talk about what Coinbase that the registration process the validation system methods payment of the purchase procedure bitcoins and safety aspect at all right now then Coinbase created in 2012 is a platform that offers not only of bitcoin storage service but also a place to buy bitcoin after raising more than 100 million since its inception it has become an essential place for lovers of bitcoin are more than 3 million users who have an online portfolio Coinbase and 31,000 e-merchants using its payment module Bloomberg is also used for its price as displayed by Coinbase official rate of Bitcoin so you'll understand is Coinbase must then for the registration process So you go on and there Coinbase recording so you name first name email address then you choose a password you should know that you get the equivalent of $ 10 in free bitcoin once you have bought or sold for the equivalent of $ 100 btc is one the few services to offer this so enjoy there so I put a word I'm not going on a robot they ask me to select signs the check that is I'm not a robot I certified that's over 18 I'm 18 years old so I do not save this fact sends a mail to confirm that it is indeed your email address to subscribe to you Coinbase find the link at the bottom of the video so normally once it is confirmed it will start the process that is let's get started start So choose your type of individual account where they ask for a code validation so they will send the phone so they ask your phone number so you put next step therefore they send sms you simply enter the validation code to verify that it is voting phone when we arrive on the table Coinbase board was told the pages Here we see the evolution of the price of bitcoin Ethereum, the litecoin and therefore we descend we see the different steps to complete our deposit here we have our portfolio with different and there Wallet we did confirm our email we have added our good number phone remains to verify our identity and add a method payment so when we add a method payment he will propose the two methods is where our bank account or via credit card bank account so it takes four to five days therefore transfers, then, is it simply asks you to complete the data from your bank so the Iban, the swift code the code bic and after they ask you to make a transfer via their own bank or via Credit card begins when there is this enough to purchase an Instant and there must be before you can perform these transactions must identify and validate your identity and therefore be introduced So either your passport or driving license in your ID and you have two choices to download the photo either via webcam or camera of your mobile device and then you have just present his identity card in the rectangle to confirm and then you press ok in the addition process of a method of payment European customers they will deposit euro should know that for validating the validation process EELV asked to deposit via your bank account on their accounts which is in Estonia and they do it through a reference number that will be essential noted and no mistake when you make your first deposit of euros on the platform so Once your payment method is verified it is added to your So different payment masters here is my bank account bnp paribas fortis and at that point you directly to purchase and therefore Here is your payment methods so the euro amount as you go file will be shown here if the € 500, € 100, € 2000, € 1000 and depending on the amount of bitcoin that wanted to buy you enter here simply the price in euros it will give you correspondence BTC therefore bitcoin and then you validate the purchase of Bitcoins immediately and if you have a representation of the strain your purchase once you go so buy your bitcoin you go into storytelling and there you can see your different wallets your accounts so there you have the amount in euros and the amount you a bitcoin is from that time if you want to make transfers is simply sent and therefore there it's btc enter an address by which you send your bitcoin and you simply specify the amount and continue as Just like that then about safety Coinbas says that 98% of funds of their clients are stored offline offline storage provides significant protection against theft or loss they distribute fact the bitcoins in chests and Safes everywhere so once you have transferred so your euros in your account and that you have in your Bitcoins I recommend the accounts audit two steps to add an extra layer of security to your accounts and why you actually activate when you are in table board you go to settings then security and then you turn the two-factor authentication and so they ask you to download an application and you will be able to connect directly with your account I invite you to subscribe link at the bottom of the video on Bitconnect platform and join our team to start your investment strategy feel free to email me with any questions I will attend your first steps if you liked the video make sure you and liker subscribe to the channel if it is not yet the case for more videos on the investment strategy crypto we say very quickly in a next video