hello everyone so today i will introduce you the Coinbase app so it's an electronic wallet here I have my activation code because it's on smartphone so you have when you enter it on the tracking so cryptocurrency that is are available on Coinbase so here for example, bitcoins are at 696665 euros so they are decreasing they are at -1

43% so you have the real-time value of bitcoins just below ethereum of the xrp and therefore several cryptocurrency so just below you have some crypto currency news that have just been available on Coinbase so they have just been added so Coinbase still adds cryptocurrency from time to time, gets updated so if you tap on account you will fall on your wallet to you what you have in real time cryptocurrency then we will take for example the ethereum to show you so here I have 10 cents in euros so that equals 000045250 ethereum so so you have all the transactions that are here that I received so this is in relation to the application that I showed you in other videos there are applications to win ethereum, litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies also no you can exchange the cryptocurrency, you can buy cryptocurrency sell them if you want to sell if you bought cryptocurrency or you have a lot of ethereum and you want to sell them or convert them into another cryptocurrency so if for example you want to go from ethereum to cash bitcoin you can do it and so you press one of the three you want to choose

so if for example you want to make purchases you can make either a single purchase or scheduled a purchase so a day a week a month here you can really choose so obviously we must add a means of payment so be a credit card so visa mastercard or your current account me here I do not do it because at the moment I prefer to win with applications for free rather than buying and investing in it I still have not really envied for the moment but once I will be safer and I will really want to buy I will buy obviously but time that now I prefer to win them for free on apps so if you tap on the top right on small squares you obviously arrive at your address so here we gives you the address so you will have to encode when asked if you go to applications and you are asked address to which sent of the wallet address so here you have the link and so you can copy it and send it so if you want for example send ethereum to a person you press at the top right on the small arrow and so there you are obviously asked if you want to send the whole half or the amount you write the amount we will put for example half you continue you must register the email address or the address of the ethereum of the person to whom you want to send if you want to send a little word you do not have to, and then you send it by coinbase me here i'm not going to send it since i dont want to send but ethereum to someone so then you can schedule alerts so the alert is for example if cash bitcoins go down you can put for example if they go down to 5000 be warned that's you can create a small alert you put the amount on which you want to be notified so for example here we will put that I am warned at this amount there you created the alert and then we put it to you for bitcoin or ethereum or litecoin you choose also no so if you want to invite a person you can invite a person what is very interesting is to share your link as I will make me in descriptions in my video I will share my link knowing that if a friend puts your link on you can benefit both of 883 euros which will be free of charge compared to the moment when you buy where you sell as long as you sell for 8828 euros so be it the ethereum the bitcoin the litecoin here you can really win yourself as your friend who shared the link it's really very interesting so you can skip your link by sms by the link simply by an email or share on social networks it's like you want or like me I'll do it in my video I will share my link so in descriptions so you also earn money then also no you have the parameter so here I associate my account paypal for when I want to remove everything but crypto currency I my paypal account for if I ever want to remove them then my account and a level 2 because I have not yet removed crypto currency on paypal I did not associate cards so it was a credit card or my card banking I have not done so by cons so I have already checked my number of gsm so the phone number is simple you go receive a confirmation SMS just reply to SMS also no identity card so we will ask you for a picture of identity card or you can scan it with your printer but now it's easier now with technology to send a photo of the ID card it's going faster and so the identity card we ask you because that you have to be an adult to be able to have an account coinbase because obviously since we can buy you can really put money in to buy yourself bitcoins and ethereum cryptocurrencies that it is suddenly there we are obviously asks to be major otherwise you can have the information so personalities so obviously it will have to answer to some small question I already encoded the local currency so I put euros but you can put in dollars all you want also no so messaging settings so that's if you want to receive emails when there are offers from products services that's really it's very interesting the confidentiality so obviously it's here as I told you we're going to go on coinbase but I'm not going so it's for computers it sends you directly to the coinbase in fact which is the same as on the computer that I will show you in another video then if not so here you have to ditch the pin code and android apps so you can either put it on or not but frankly it's very interesting in case of theft like that nobody knows how to go on your copinbase you put your pin code and you are protected so here I did a little bit around cornerbase if you have any questions do not hesitate to mark them in comment I will try to answer them so I put you the link of my coinbase in descriptions so do not hesitate to put it if you are interested because you will win too as I told you money as soon as I remove all my cryptocurrency so it's really interesting too no so if you liked the video you can put a lover and you can subscribe to my channel here I wish you a good evening goodbye