THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! verybody can you guys hear my voice okay right now? I'm bout to uh op the chat out and Got our countdown go on Cool all right, I'll be back in about 15 minutes give our people a chance to come on in and join us You Check-check you guys hear my voice Okay

I got these headphones on just need to make sure we're good with everything And Just try to clean this desk Don't be good All right Cool let's do this Hey, I know that guys I Um I'm doing now is Popping up this chat for everybody How's everybody doing today? Opening you're doing well Hopefully you're making money All right cool, then I'll go ahead and uh this desktop Wow anyone likes that's awesome, let's go ahead and ask our question at a data question of the day is What coin should we buy tomorrow for our 100-day? Actually we don't need to do that all we're gonna do to pick our winner We got we got 92 likes We'll do that at the end We got 96 likes That's awesome Okay, so now All you guys need to do to win some Cash is jump over to the Facebook group and share This post right here live on the air like the post and share it, and then I will pick a winner From this list right here alright, so that's the post number one Bitcoin group in the world

I will go ahead What's going on Jason that's going for the next cone four hours That is a good question I Like that So yeah, this is a let me send you guys a link for the Facebook group What up what up nice first hundred dollars and BTC hundred accounts good See this Made a lot of money good job Good job Where I can lick the best Okay good, let's do this, so yeah This is all you got to do jump into Facebook group share this post right here And then we will go ahead And get started with everything I Was just trying to find an email for this deal You Hold on We could go ahead and pull up a couple charts since this will really be the only time We kind of have together go over to market, so let me know What kind of turns you guys want to see real quick and We can jump through a couple of them wait You know we're still able to talk about the markets and everything ADA PPC what is PPC is that populist? What's PPC? All right, let's do it Okay cool so um xlm

Let's check out Excel Do xlm and maybe one of one one more And I just have to set this up again we had That's not bad We'll do a X element Aida That not got the part I see I do see what you did there it's interesting with excellent lemma I haven't touched this chart in a while I Think I might have posted this one, too But basically I said this segment here was going to be An uplifting section you see that you see that see what I did there Let's see let's put it on the 343 Yeah, I did post this one I said the sun's rays were gonna make it jump up But So I have that on my page I have that on the PD Kelly 1203 already posted it, but what I'll do now is I'll just clear that out And then we'll kind of look at it fresh I mean honestly guys I don't know what you know I'm supposed to look at here the white is above the blue You know what to do if you try to make some money you better jump on the train Now what we have is a situation To where this thing has definitely broken out made a bunch of money I'm I had to check my business account see how much I got on it But I'm in on this one Right so now I Don't know why why does like my cursor jump like that? I don't know why that happens a lot? Yeah, so essentially now What's happening is it's running into this little ceiling right here That goes all the way back into the past right So we're probably gonna break down right there But more than likely we'll be able to catch ourselves, so let's just do this The only floor Water likely will be able to catch ourselves probably right there Actually it will be on that blue Yeah Okay, so what's happening with that Simon right now is this it broke out Why it's about a blue you know what to do, and that's by We have a situation where We're running into the ceiling and this is already confirmed at our level in the past So we're gonna run into some resistance right there But the good news is that? Just same as we have on them hard stuff right there We have a bounce Right there right so the same little channel We're just bringing out over here And so we'll probably consolidate right there you may get an opportunity To buy this thing so if you don't have it yet And you're wonderin when you should buy it I would say that is your entry point Alright and so Essentially you're gonna be going sideways for a little bit probably like a day or two Because this is a lot of money This is probably you know thirty percent something like that Wow 74 percent yeah, I'm definitely go ahead check my Bridget's account cash out Just makes it look pretty happy about that and that's in Bitcoin to you guys that ain't no us fetus BTC You know sandwich is way more value

That's the Boy, I'm pretty sure I posted a turtle Lumina did not call something in the Facebook group set the money thing all aboard cash trying Money turning something like that Let's do this real quick make sure you guys share this post as soon as I'm done with this next chart We are jumping Jumping over and picking a winner, but let's do this thing At the xlm Solyndra I'll find it I'm pretty sure I did Yeah, somebody say yeah, you did Okay, good Yeah, cuz I saw this one setting up It was setting up for a while, but if you don't have it then More than likely you'll get a chance Because you can see that it kind of waved you know sideways here Right there, so that's where you want to look at buying if you can get lucky, and you know scoop it under 700 That's a solid solid pickup Right there, but I would put a Buy in right at 7 You know 701 just to make sure you get in there now you're talking about any so it doesn't really matter But as long as you're in you're good You know I think that Facebook post that I put up Let's see And Also you guys I am actually just met with somebody today They happen to be in this chat

We're gonna be Looking to build out a notification alert system You know because I'm you know I can definitely Help a lot of people make a lot more money well if I'm just able to get the word out right And so that's something we'll be solanell Probably begin enough January 2018 I'll have a bunch more Tools for a community you know they're coming together make some money with Right so that's a xlm long story short xlm is still you know legit It's good It's just getting started here Goes right there This was back in November temp 719 I am hold on let me let me pin that down Wow number 10 no way Wow Wow November 10 719 yeah look at that All right so again with iota Hopefully you are in our I'm sorry not iota, but uh stellar lumens Hopefully you are in our Facebook group That's foxholes Dang it

I post it what about So that was farther off, but that will made money mm a lot of This chronic used for it exert for words that I know I use back there Like I said like stellar to moon or something like that I might add it on my Twitter page Pretty sure I did it on Twitter Oh well I'll figure it out anyways I've been I've been longer Xlm for a while, but but this is a good This is a good pick up you guys still Just give it a minute to come back bounce down if you want to check a chart you know drill down on a one hour you'll kind of see where that you know second level of Consolidation is right up in there

That's where would you want to buy uh? if it gets below there you probably want to look at Jumping out of it because by then the seven would probably be under seventy seven You know cuz it would it would definitely slow up This thing is gonna shoot up here and once that white drops flow that blew the candle will probably be down there somewhere So it's just something to look out for Let's jump in on a de check that one out a da Then we'll actually check out our Trade from yesterday, and then we'll go ahead and jump in our content for tonight Oh Let there be light Let's see I haven't posted on ADA in a while cuz it was a sitting sideways for a while, but is still a magnificent coin Do I still have this one I don't think I have this one Mm-hm wow that's pretty incredible Wow So stellar jumped up 70 percent and Eight is up three hundred That's not bad We're doing card I know no ADA idea And so I mean this one is just basically it went to sleep for a while But that's when you want to get it like let's let's turn on the 343 right and again, this is a DEA We're using a boss sniff that I change the colors up on this thing It's a newer coin So now basically the color scheme is white blue and the columns right the columns is a 231 our white line is a 7 day moving average, let's make it all the way white so it pops up Oh yep, and Those great columns in the background is our 231 just to give it some depth and let you guys see exactly how The energy is behind it There you go so hmm Now with this one this one was interested right because it's a relatively younger coin The 231 you know didn't really have any significance at all Because it had it basically has to break out at some point so the 231 kind of was Non-existent if that makes sense it was there, but it didn't play the regular role of a 231 now What's interesting is? once this blue crosses that Column then I think we're gonna get a second wave because that's kind of like the Calvary whenever you get the 77 Going above the 231 on a 4-hour chart That's basically your second Wave so although this thing looks pretty crazy right now More than likely it's gotta go much higher on this second round here

If you're interested in buying it I certainly would be I would look to get in down here if you can get in 9:50 I Think that's a pretty good pickup Right and again the way you do that is you jump down to probably a 15 minute Or 30 I'm using a 21 because I have to pay to come and you can see right there That's kind of like the bottom line so we can draw our little three bars That would basically be that would be a pretty good entry point right there right where the candles cross the moving average see that So that's a good entry point for ADA Now let's see where it would go where it wants to go Let me figure that out Let's see if it's done with its first cycle, yeah Yeah look at that I'll tell you what ma'am that's how you freestyle long Fibonacci But honestly we could bring it down right there But yeah, that's that's the resonance right there anytime you cap off right in between not four two and four six that's more, or less like the maximum extension of Growth right now we can this one's interesting So that's a twenty-one You go on two three four three Yeah, that's crazy That's a twenty-one – Yeah Remember what I've told you before About expecting a next wave I forgot I do these cyclic lines in here This is basically the wave length right here You guys know like the sine wave like back in high school You would have to like do something like that Well, that's what these are right here And I'm showing another major wave of energy Right around the beginning of December a lot of these alkaline charts are showing the first week of December December 2nd December 6th is being another major wave of energy to come into the charts I Mean this one That'll probably be right around the time that 77 gets poked at 231 and we get this second wave break out and when that happens then things get interesting then We probably go from this one and probably go from Well We probably go right here, we probably do a reverse consolidation, so we probably go something like break down Break out or I'm sorry break out break down and then throw it back And that'll be the count more than likely out of next time We break out and it may come down and do something like that It'll be something on this wave right here this Section of the chart is gonna give us the energy for our next break out Because we don't have anything else to pull from it it has to come from somewhere, and this was like a major area you know of influence within the market To determine what what comes next so you know? Probably down on the 21 minutes somewhere You know those intersections on the 21 minute will come together to give us this next cycle will probably come all the way down To this to 4 right here right around 850 870 somewhere right in here I'm a greedy so I put a buy in I were you I will put it by in right under 850 I'm just to fill it right just so you're in on it my drop down a little bit maybe down to even 750 I wouldn't get worried though this thing has a lot of energy in the game once that blue crosses that white is Making money all night

You know I'm saying especially if it's going up once the blue gets above the white now We're talking about the caps so I got to come up I got to come up with listen to rhymes, but uh you know this is a this is a It's a good It's a good cycle for the aucoin somebody said can you talk more about the energy? Around the 6th of December I would love to understand more It's just it's just what I've seen in the chart It's almost like reading a horoscope, and I guess understanding how the stars come together and influence different stuff I have no idea how it works to be honest, but I just know that over time I start to see certain trends in the coins And so I was saying if you go back to my videos around the middle of October I was saying that week of Thanksgiving Late November early December would be a very good season for the alt point This is because I basically saw the convergence of some of the major energy lines that were going back You know into the summer Early early fall, and we've done six week

You know six six weeks six months somewhere in there energy side book I Really, don't know how to explain it I just know that after I look at like 20 30 40 50 charts I can start to pinpoint General areas just like I did on this chart right here of Influence right this line right here I didn't draw a chart to this one and draw it in but basically This line I knew that this line would be a major point of Influence Right and basically it's like it's like an energy You know note that you know more or less Amplifies the candles in a given direction someone will go up someone will go down But this one just based off the past I was pretty confident We'll be warming up I had I had it, but I had a lot of xlm to so I know Excel But I didn't I didn't think this one will break out as quick as it theater

I knew it's a strong coin it sits on one of the lists so if you bought the list you understand that I Saw, this one a while ago like just honestly right now I don't know if I'm still holding it, or if I traded it for something else Because it was so new I didn't think it would have that reception But even then it's still a great chance to pick it up on a bounce It went up you know 300% so normally the rule is a one two thirds down so if it went up you know 300% Will go off the candle 260 percent you go 70 percent of that Probably right there around 200 and we'll play it safe You know well It will be will have a good pickup right there, right? And if you can't get it that cheap and don't worry There's plenty other money to be made on the market You don't have to just buy this one and you know only make money with this one There's plenty of money in the market right Real quick words, I don't think on cabbage mean I gotta jump in and we'll talk about this uh This announcement We call cache 343 white below blue You know what to do That's a sale bloob of white it's gonna be a cold night Dang look at Otto's ring a candles goodness gracious I don't even think this is Bitcoin caches fault I think this is just the market running to Bitcoin

I don't think this has anything to do with it called cash, right But one thing's for certain There is a group of people out there that value it enough to make it bounce 10% in size couple hours fin So you know take that? Take take that you know take it for what it's worth um Let's see here What can we do? We could do a quick through ninety Why why I? Don't know why this thing Why are these tools are so stinky now It really doesn't make any sense to me I Think that's close

Let's see really You see that like it doesn't even want to like give me the nodes anymore It wasn't always like that that's pretty frustrating All right So the light just crossed a load of five that means that candles are gonna be bouncing off that six one eight which means you Could buy it down there right there right on top of that six one eight that'll be your best return if this trend stays positive the problem is gonna be that the 77 is Coming down so you have downward pressure Coming from that 77 and the last time that happened Our seven was not allowed to break out at Marla's had to go all the way down to a full cycle reset Which we just came from so do you see that right there at seventy? Seven is coming down now the good news is It's still above the point so we may have a chance to do like a little Bullish flag here, and that's how a bullish flag pattern forms I'm just realizing this in Microscopic terms but basically as long as that blue is still above that 05 then that means the trend is still positive and so you know to a Analysis standpoint this could just be kind of like a bullish flag right there right so That's a good thing, that's a good thing But where is probably what we did it over here, let's see, let's see if it held over here hold on Broke down Wow yeah this was like the exact same situation Yeah hmm it's interesting so yeah this thing remember this was this would have basically been where we are right now right there candle flatline I'm sorry right here candles flatlined Right on top of it uh? 382 Right the 77 Is right north of the 05 on the Fibonacci? You get a little break, so maybe you could put you know like a limit cell right there If you wanted to gamble right at the top of that 77 because we know the candles are at least gonna test that line so if you wanted to a gamble on like a jump trait you can buy the low and You know stop sailed too high I forget we'll take all that like a fire sale or something like that Which is still you know six seven eight percent want to inter day trade if we bought it down there and sold it up there That's more of an advanced move you gotta have some big cojones to pull that off That's a boss move right there I might do that on my video tomorrow just to show you guys how it's done So we buy a love soda high before it even comes in that's still 20% That's not bad Then the candle you'll get at least one candle that tests it on this bounce But we do have this momentum from that breakout, so I think this is still a bag right here, you know I'll just watch it and If the white crosses below out the money zone, then I look at selling it right, but yeah This is definitely a buy because you still have a lot of bubble left above that 231 Actually, you know what I need to stick to rules like the low blue get out of it This is the and honestly these are the nuances right you see how it just went like back and forth four times To try and convince myself what to do with it But this is the nuance of the method right because at certain times And that's why I say it's only about 90% accurate But at certain times that energy inside the chart is literally we created itself You know to enter a new cycle, so if you think about it like you know Vortexes you got one vortex pulling up on it another for text pulling down on it in this vortex over here You know it was running trying to escape it so it's like you know has all these different forces Acting on it that we don't even see you know And it's it's fighting

It's trying to figure it out so right now It looks like it does that but it could do something like that and go right back up We don't know yet That's where this 231 comes in because this is kind of like the MACD momentum This is like the magna carta right once we get that 77 that angle of acceleration out of that 231 it's like explosive honestly I haven't seen a 77 come out with that kind of magnitude one a 4-hour chart before So I would I would buy this if I were you even though If I was looking to buy this and I actually might hire someone I increase my position I have some right now, but I might get some more Let's see what it's what's the price 14 5 VL about is This is a Buy You still have a floor down here? Right that's kind of like your concrete floor in the basement right that's earth drop

You know What call this our drop a point Because once thick point cash falls below that One that I'm talking about the moving average once that white line goes below that then none of this matters, right? But as long as we're above it Then we got the magna carta Playing around side and that's the blue the 77 over to 231 right And that's just built into the chart so it's literally nothing the seven could do to overcome that much energy you see that the angle that that's 77 like it came out in and bam it almost went like straight up You know so if that's still built into this cycle right here It's just Correcting just a little bit But yeah as long as it's above 13 It's a buy you know even with this 77 tailing off a little bit Just all that negative momentum It has to bounce at some point right this thing has lost what 60% 30% 30% you know five days that's not normal so I would expect about of at least half of that You know in that same amount of time right? So you know I might honestly I might do a video Tomorrow where if this is still at this level Which it will be I probably put a couple thousand one just to show you guys actually We'll do it for the trading challenge if this if this chart is still like this tomorrow if it's inside the zone, and we'll do it on the trading challenge, and I'll show you how to Slingshot, right Yeah, this is what app is this this is I? Don't know coin tracker

I think it's going tracker So yeah, this is the coin cache Cool right, but this is a good chart This is a good trade a good pickup You know you're getting it at a huge huge huge discount right there It's a lot of people out there that bought it up there I actually sold it to him If you saw that video, I'm pretty sure I showed you less so big one catch right up there at 31, so you know I'm looking to buy back in an increase in opposition and Fourteens a good price for it coin tick Yeah This is a coin tick out in the App Store for MEC It's really good pretty good pretty good Video I got like 28 videos I need to do Cool, so yeah, I hope that helps with Bitcoin cash

It's a solid chart It's just a little bit perplexed right now again because bitcoin is Doing something crazy that it's never done before so whenever that happens You kind of gotta You know take the spotlight off of whatever offline you like at the moment and put it back on Bitcoin there can only be one Sun and right now right now that is BTC Cool let's go ahead and um get this show on the road All right all right, hope that helps you guys I try to I try to go from charts every day Pete asked me is this Bitcoin cash my long-term favorite Let me My longtime favorite is whatever makes me the most money That is my favorite comes in and says Ike is like It's like somebody is I mean no moe It's like somebody that got like over five girlfriends Everyone favor you know her favorite is The one I'm with tonight it up so that's the favor and that's how you could be as a traitor It's like you don't I'm not I'm not married no no You know so it's literally you just change them in and change them out cuz it's one objective and that's to make profit right with Bitcoin You know we trade anything Or more Bitcoin I will trade you a bag of rice if you go give me more Bitcoin than what I bought for it Right, so it doesn't it doesn't matter what coin It is on the other side of the equation the objective is to accumulate more Bitcoin as a result There you go Wiping the other room so I had a you know saying nose that Comes with different story, okay, let's go ahead and do this And also guys, I'm I'm on trading view a lot so if you're new to the channel you cannot definitely follow me on trading you

It's an amazing Eclectic community of Charters like this is no joke one probably the best You know resource on the Internet outside number one Facebook group work of course, but this is the best resource I found To just look at charts to learn from people like you can follow other people and you know look at the charts that they're making right and understand the analysis that they see This guy's predicting NXT I looked at a chart for NXT and our greatest thing is a buy it is like a lockdown stone cold pick You know so but but it's just interesting to be able to understand and identify all the different Shifts on the market, and how these other traders see it, right And it's just good to be able to learn and you know see that I don't have the only method of trading I have a very unique method you know that probably not to look many people in the world understand how to execute right And that's why I take the time you need to take you guys because you'll never learn it you know with the Forex traditional Wall Street Trading you know Videos that everybody else does I don't I don't do that I've learned that understanding how it works I understand how those methods don't work And I created an alternative that I believe supplements you know their inadequacies to a pretty good degree right But it's not it's not the end-all be-all You know I just see it's like you walk into a museum in look at picture They say you know What are you seeing on this painting some person? Why so you guys sometimes when I see this? I just tell you to charge how I see it you know But uh when I what I'll start older goes right there excel them the drought is over Oh You're gonna excel in chart This is what this is what we picked up This is the first one we looked at I see that's why I'm saying you guys can follow me On trade of you, and you would have saw that on November 14th when Tex Ellen was five five eight That's when I bought a bunch of it your boy, BK jumped over here and said the drought is over Right Lumens will be eliminated by the Sun For a nice break out here in the near future you see I had them 5 g bars right there You know saying that's that that's that radiation right there

You know Santa's banking in the microwave but baby That's it That's it You know and it it is there right there on top of the 236 so all that ten minutes twenty minutes We just spent at the beginning It is call we could have covered it in about 12 seconds right there so there You go make sure you have follow me guys I'll try to post more charts this is a very good cycle to get in on some of these out coins and Hopefully we can make a lot of money together, and then your boy come out You know a couple months from now with lists of a nice little platforms, but you know to facilitate the process of our apology, right? Cool, Oh Y'all can't even see my screen y'all been looking at my face all this time oh man Y'all been looking at my face all this time There you go Yeah, crypto Jake crip topless does not have numbers, but if you just start at the top and count one two three It's the orange coin That says love it or leave it You know we talked about it in this column ready But yeah, it's a retail technology calling It should be more of an industrial, but I think I think retail is gonna be doing like international retail Mercantile Exchange, it's gonna use it So there you go BT Kelly 1203 on trade view I'll let you boy, let's make this money Okay hmm last call for the Facebook post We'll go ahead and pick a winner here in 30 seconds

Hope that helps you guys and I will be coming back on tomorrow To update the trading challenge if you if you Bob the trade if you put your limit buy-in When we're where we did at 1100, then you definitely made some money on that congratulations, so we'll have our update video on that tomorrow but for this one it was more so an announcement just to get the word out about Some opportunities we have in The community so that's the biggest thing I wanted to do on this call Cool cool Somebody's asking Oh, thank you experience Thank you for life Yeah, thanks Somebody asking how somebody's asking about kyc um? Academic uh what did what did I say before? Let's run through that real quick Because once I start the video I really don't want to talk about it But since we got 150 of my best friends right now live on the air with me We cover it real quick I Used to have the Twitter thing that came through on the preview Thank You Brandon say a kripp topless is dumped Am I always online around this time? No

I am NOT This is late I normally do my videos Earlier in the day like 4 pm 5 pm I prefer to be watching Netflix with my girl right now, but I can't even do that Netflix and chilling, that's what I would like to be doing right now So somebody guessed about VPNs If they were interested in you know changing their IP address from inside of the United States to outside of the United States You know being a academic professor certified instructor I'm sharing informational Content this is one of them Protected under First Amendment Bill of Rights freedom of speech I could say whatever I want you can exercise your right to do What it is that makes you happy you know and this can be one of them for whatever reason? Who's who's here to judge right? Who's here to judge so for whatever reason you wanted to change your VPN of your digital device from One place to another place for whatever reason you want This is how you do it There is a Google Chrome extension? Things set up VPN lifetime free VPN 3000 reviews 5 stars Almost quarter million users and their ego, right the thing about the black train I think you guys have to remember is No jurisdiction controls it There is no central authority

There is no Big Brother There is no tax man There is no police force There is no military on a black chain all of those entities Have been placed into establishments and facilitate in control hierarchical structure for the US dollar or Another version of it in another part time That doesn't exist so If you choose to follow You know whatever barriers are placed in front of you You want to go straight through that barrier? You're gonna Have a pretty hard time but if you just stop in your tracks and Look both ways It's a lot of creeping people out there that uh you know find solutions for problems and This is one of them It's called a VP and it stands for virtual private network As far as you know anybody Looking at looking looking out looking in pardon put it this way a big pn is almost like Closing the shades on your window as far as i'm concerned There is no law there is no governance There is no the You know overriding body that can tell you legally you need to have your windows open at all times and so Privacy on the blockchain is essentially the exact same concept if you choose not to disclose What happens inside the privacy of your own economy that is your decision This is one of the ways you know You're able to accomplish that pursuit of happiness so With that being said let's go ahead and get started hope that answered your question Or

Uh kyc and all those three letter Manipulations We have to deal with in today's society Here we go if you haven't shared about now you're just not gonna share it Alright, let's do it guys Let's go Let's go I know somebody said I'm sorry I just gotta respond to this because obviously people are people are so Says I heard stay away from VPNs like that free ones because they use your IP address or someone else I Don't Put it this way now if you use it just Go to Google type in what is my IP address? Before you use it Go to that exact same website Type in what is my IP address after you use it And if it shows up in a different country, then chances are it'll accomplish whatever goal

You're trying to accomplish Free or not you know efficacy is you know still accomplished King burning in front of dudeman trade masternodes cool Guardian masternodes hey Guardian master knows before too tense, how much is it 5,000 welcome welcome? And is that what it's called The Guardian bastard Let's go, I'll look it up later Yeah, no problem guys listen, I mean, you know I know sometimes when I'm often give people a hard time But uh then they I'm honestly I'm dedicating my time Likes to you know longboarding as many people as I can on to this Magnificent structure we know to be the black shirt So yeah but the biggest part of it is changing your thinking and your perception about the world around you because the minute you do that you're Able to change your reality, right? Often all too much all too many times We're product of our environment and our environment is suppressive manipulated exploited You know And that's what we become subjected to and we think that it's normal, but that's not normal It's a lot more to be accomplished than you know 30 years a cubicle of 401 K And a little plaque on your dresser That's not in aa You know so that's all that's all my goal is And then build some pretty amazing platforms as well, and you know try to do what we can with the time we get By our username tradingview be the Kelly 12:03 5k for wild messin Oh good good all right cool

Let's go Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the dose of Bitcoin the greatest off crypto is your boy BK And then you don't like me you must not like money Thank you for joining me today is November 28th and I got a major announcement you guys a couple things I just wanted to uh you know reach out to the community one to uh you know Participate you know with you guys in a collaborative project It's called a crypto compilation who wants to be In a video you know my goal is to create a viral production of community and what it means to be in the crypto verse so everybody listening to these words right now I Need your help I want to hear your story And we will get to that in a second first up we're gonna talk about this into hash something I know a lot of our community members are involved with that I CLI think it's an amazing amazing opportunity You know after we have to pull in about a month ago and spent about a week with the team learned about their business you know learned about the culture learned about their team you know more So how they're gonna execute you know their their platform on the blockchain and really transcribe The value they provide right now in the USD rewrite that Recoding you know I'm saying throw it on the ERC 20 token and and call it in – that's gonna Be pretty cool, so if you're not in on that yet if you're in the chat right now I will give you guys a link

Let's see here I know we had a couple people asking about this earlier, so there you go if you're watching this off the air I'll have a link in the description and a number one comment on this video so again look forward to that What we have within the hash is about to be announced as well their main ICO is coming up Let's go ahead and make this money There's no first down tuning in Congratulations, baby You are now riding with them best My name is BK You probably know me as the crypto trader, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out Every day our grace this microphone with Monday is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception So with that being said we're gonna jump back Into our community hive and the chat right now and get some people Paid let's go ahead and get it done What we're doing right now is we're actually gonna go to Facebook And jump in the number one Bitcoin group in the world that is our official Facebook group right there You just type it in to the top yo screen number one Bitcoin group And we'll come on in the doors are always open sixteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week To empower each other prop it together to learn together You know and to uh, you know really really live through what it takes to be successful in this crypto world alright every day It's somebody making some money in this group and that's pretty incredible right so this was a post I put up um Right before we jumped on the air here And I said all you need to do is win all you need to do to win is share this video so I got 38 shares and Let's pick a winner Here we go I Want to make sure everybody is all loaded up here Here we go good alright Alright alright, let's go ahead and do it Let's see who we got who we got who we got who we got here

We go BAM Let's go with my man big Ross You are our winner of the day look like you playing some tones right now I'm gonna say big coin The red laces man, thank you for joining us again Do me a favor shoot me a message with your Bitcoin wallet I will send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation I do realize that you know past couple weeks have been pretty hectic pretty chaotic at one point You know I had about 60 something messages that I had not responded to you know And I had you know a lot of those messages were from the previous Bitcoin winners so what I did earlier today I had I also had two world ones I had a business call you know I wish my daily was you know more Not so Structured and committed to where I could just pay everybody a little bit coin the minute they win it in you know But it's not it's not you know I think that's a good thing, but regardless I Went through and I copied all you guys is Violence so there they go right there if you haven't won yet or I'm sorry if you did win and I have not sent you your Bitcoin and Your wallet is not on that list Then you need to message me and make sure I take care of you But everybody on this list will be getting their BTC sent to them immediately after this video I said I would get it to you today

I'm living my word I still got another two and a half hours to hold true to that right So let's go ahead and keep it on Rolling with this into hash I see Oh again if you have not Heard about in the house before I think it's a really great opportunity I do not come on here To waste my time I don't come over here to waste your time freeing and providing information I don't think you will profit from or find valuable this is Not an exception I think in that no joke is probably one of the most well set up Businesses I've come across on the blockchain dealing with digital marketing social media Beat it b2c Advertising you know a lot of big big time money This is what I got my MBA in at the University of Notre Dame digital marketing and entrepreneurship so I understand how these types of businesses work from the inside out understand how the the corporations work and basically there you have a beautifully designed pipeline To connect big big brands with people like you listening to the words of this video right now they tokenized that process and built it around a Blockchain platform ERC 20 token and now they have a CEO the main ICO before I think that was the pre ICO, right And I think they sold up on Tokens on that they filled their goal so to speak so this is the main I see land again I just copy and pasted the link in the chat I can do that again for you guys real quick We've got about 200 people on there highlights boy Hit that thumbs up button for player one time if you haven't done so already Register for ICO, this is your email address your aetherium wallet, right? And you still get a 20% bonus, so I guess that's the biggest thing to note is This is one of Actually, this is the best opportunity you have with the time remaining To get the most value for your aetherium one aetherium in today's market gets you 3840 into hash tokens right 20% bonus, and I think it's a dime Per token right they only have 400 million all together 3:20 in the circulating supply minimum go 40 million maximum load 320 So this is basically you know the coops Where they caught at the big the big dance? The the the granddaddy of them all you know they got this thing running for the next three weeks It looks like I took three or four weeks But it's teared down So essentially tomorrow in a couple hours here couple hours this thing opens back up And you will have the chance to Get a 20% bonus

I think for the pre ICO We were able to get a 40% bonus if you Participated here It's down to a 20% bonus Through December 6 so again if that's something that interests you you can go ahead and click back I did an interview with Barbara Not too long ago as an amazing Honestly an amazing experience amazing team Thank you for the hospitality and also for extending

You know an amazing opportunity to our community as well one quick thing to note with that Someone else had spoke about it, but I will try to Pull it up for everyone on this Email let's see there we go Let's do this real quick I'll just trade places So here we go So, this is a email that just kind of just sent up to general Information talks about 24 hours in the hash main I see ok ycm details explained 24 hours kyc below to IC o—- opens on the 29th Participate you need a RC 20 wallet you can get that on my either while and you can also check out the video guide I will have a link to this video in the description as well I think it's a you know pretty I actually watched it when I was trying to figure out how I had to explain all of this stuff to you guys It's a pretty cool little video They have this to show you how to set up some of the platforms that they used Decide on how much you want to spend the minimum is 053 again So you know aetherium is a what is it 400 today 480 so about 250? $300 is the minimum You know you want to use to get in here The link to register is in the description so again they have ERC 20 wallet from my theory and while I do not transfer for point based metrics Polonia X you know any any Exchange while it's they're not real wallet So you don't want to you know use those to try and fund Your IC o—- because that that's not going to be a good situation right and it says during the possible Account verification we may require a proof of ID and proof of address Citizens of the residency United States China Singapore are not allowed Keep your banks in business do not participate in I ciose Warren buffett does it like I ciose You shouldn't either oh my goodness so again again read between the lines you guys and Let's be grown-ups and make our own decisions, but again 20 percent bonus on this guy and we Do have some general information purposes Set up VPN free lifetime VPN on google extensions Chrome extensions set up VPN so for whatever reason If you choose to change your digital you know IP address from one location to another or whatever reason That information is protected under the First Amendment Bill of Rights freedom of speech and press not 1789 god Bless America On this is an academic exercise just to And inform you of you know information that's out there public information on a public domain So there you go It's a lot of people that participated in that I see oh so hopefully that that information helps you and if you did not get Involved again, I do think it's a legitimate opportunity For you to make some real deal money We have a global audience not everybody lives inside of those three countries that they said could not participate without possibly meaning an idea, right We have a global audience so you know if you're not in any of those countries Go ahead and jump only in you know gets 20% bonus And make some money With the family right next thing And this is this is where I need you guys help

Let me Uh I wish I wish I could play like the music like You know what this Bitcoin mean to me What I want to do is I want to make a crypto complex, and I want everybody around the world to take you know 20 seconds out your day and recorded message you know just Look at the camera and let me know what this big coin making you It can mean anything it could mean you know happiness I can meet money it mean You know a new house a new car I mean you know not having to work for 30 years for a job you hate You know it mean anything it mean You know it could really mean anything if and I think just the simple fact that Bitcoin went to in thousand dollars Shows how much the world really does value it right so I want to put a video together to where I capture That message you know and rebroadcast and Reese indicated all over the world I'm gonna put money out of my pocket You know just to make sure our words are heard I think it's too many people out there and then corporate offices on Wall Street But they really still to this day think Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme a pump and dump of a flower tulipmania well I've got two words for I Can't say I'm on the air I can't say mom there, but I think you can be creative enough and guess with those words on You know I had a chance to to be one of them You know rich fat cats you know on Wall Street sitting sitting sitting in a big Corporate cubicle the fact that I was already in luck back in San Francisco looking over in market Barrow

You know I'm saying that Making way too much money when people can't even you know a Ford next month's rent You know and I think this is one of the opportunities We have and crypto versus really to write that process right society pays for what society values in just a simple fact that we went from 1,200 to 10,000 inside of 12 months tells you that society values this little Token we happen to know as Bitcoin It's it's the world's largest beta Prototype like this thing is still a work in progress It's not you know finished product is not perfect It's not all shiny gift wrap and driven off the lot like one of them in Tesla's This is a literal chunky ugly you know Manuscript that was built that the world is building together to solve the world's problems On the fly that is not a pretty process at all But it does the one thing it doesn't our since I hope and it does offer the possibility of a better tomorrow you know if we do come together and recognize the capabilities and the potential and the possibilities that exist on the other side of the blockchain so you know that's what I need you guys for I have an email address and This is my email address I'm going to do it right here So do me a favor you guys if you're in a check right now I'm sending my email address right there And If you're not I'm gonna leave it in the number one comment on this video They're shooting me twenty or thirty seconds Let me know what Bitcoin means to you you Know and then I'll chop it to I'll do you know I dance only like Biddy do magic in the studio to put together a nice little production to get our voices hurt you know cuz I think this is an opportunity for us to speak and stand together because We have spoken and they have heard us, so let's make sure that message is heard loud and clear right Last thing for the community again BT Kelly 12:03 on tradingview if you missed it I posted a chart November 14th where I said stellar lumens was about to break out And it was gonna be some money to be made you know Hopefully you saw that post hopefully you made some money with the blade bouquet If not then you know jump on follow me And I'll be able to post a few more charts in the next coming days here to try to help you guys make some money If you're an attack right now doing a favorite subject country out we got 126 people rocking out live on the air I'm coming right back to you in 30 seconds if you just getting set up just getting started you know I'm saying they call me You know I'm saying a young Trump in the making cuz I'm building an empire baby dollar by dollar You know flip by flip you know boy be cable-stay on top, and I bet I don't slip so here

We go boss Oh Bitcoin calm if you want to trade like a boss if you want to chart like a boss if you want to cash out like a King you know this is the best that you've got And the best price in town the profit package the all-star team encrypt them this the mover to fakers and the money makers number one Round draft picks for the last ten years thin and strong at a billion dollars plus $25 that list will be yours next up is the dream team just imagine if you had Kobe LeBron Steph Curry, and Shaq you know baby Shaq not big cheque like baby Shaq like back when he was on land on that you don't say thirty two for the magic right That's the dream team the next generation of greatness these are I see some of the ICO points some of the emerging technologies You know not yet, built out But still pretty Prominent in the process and then last up we got the Crypt a police report this the bread and butter right here next ten coins That will change the future week our Rebuilding our civilization from the inside out every day We wake up is another day We're resurrected On the blockchain and these ten coins are leading the charge on that process It's actually one of my favorite lists I put together I reached out to the communities I've reached out to the mines and we put together up Boehner lists for you guys so again three different lists Three opportunities for you to be profitable in the last one right there is The one-on-one meeting this is when I open my calendar up for you You know we get some face time to really speak and identify what you need to be successful as a trader I meant would have got a day

You know two guys my dude on the west coast Ray Charles You know saying was irate We go school Do we go we go make some things happen make you think that happen out there But uh next guy He was just getting set up and brand new brand new you know and I Recognized that a lot of a lot of the calls I do the first twenty thirty minutes are always the same Right, and I feel like that's what it doesn't see that's a place That's a you know That's not me giving that all to you so what I've told them is that listen I'm gonna You know take a step back

Let me do a video where I'll walk you through You know the first 20 minutes of my call 30 minutes of our call you need to have this exchange that you need to have This wallet setup you need to you know send the money from here to here, and then when you do that We jump don't call together, and I can show you the inside of the chart We can make a trade You know you can see how it works from the inside out It's on one hour You know and so that's what I try to do I try to Lead you as much as I can in limited time that we have together to where I leave you in power to leave you encouraged And I leave you informed of what you can do you know? Financially to change your path I think the more people we have come together more people we have profit together more people we have empower each other the best all People will be as a result That's why I'm here I promise you I can take my Degree from the other day

I can print out my resume I can put my paper only in and I can go work for almost any fortune 100 company in the world I know because they're adding me on LinkedIn and right now Every day one of them is at me every day I'm kidding recruiters looking at my food I don't want to do that I want to help the society pays for what society down so make me Pass some of that value down to the pita And that's how we do it with the boss method And with each other So the opportunity does exist one-on-one meeting deposit? You know you get a personal invite to my calendar We sit down Chop it up for about an hour And hopefully you leave you know more well off than you came we actually both learn something from that right We both spend some from a conversation that's one of the favorite parts of my day right so with that being saying let's jump back in to Our community and see who we got rocking out with us live on the air Right now here we go Colorado in the house Miami Beach holding them drinks better yet, oh I see What's going on man, it's gonna be a good time if you a South Beach Let me know I'm gonna be down there in a couple weeks me and a girl we go we go we go hang out in so be one Time we don't have like a beak a cake back You know I'm saying on South Beach somewhere so stay tuned for that one Ireland What's going on Jersey Belgium Seattle Kenya across the ocean what's up? Houston, Texas Chicago a shout out shot town young-sam San Diego Houston from da brush in white Texas oh They said they boss walking on the west coast Seattle, Washington stand up planet crypto

I like it I like it you Kate What's going on in? Australia back to back Good, I might Stamper San Jose and bound wrong time that being said guys It's that time of the day signing out this stuff both Yeah boy became matter where you stay from Brazil to debate California all the way back out dude jerk my name good night Good morning a good day Thank you for joining me Thank you for your time make sure you subscribe share this video copy and paste it Send it to some care about a family member mother brother cousin do that for me if you appreciate mine? If everybody listening to my words just brought one person into our community

We would increase our Power by a Magnitude Yet to be determined It's just the beginning you guys each one reach one reach one teach one together We will achieve more until we meet again stay cryptic ah