hello guys and so how are you guys welcome today we will learn the windows mineira the action program and also it's good this is a series of four videos this is the first of four videos to want to make this is the first of mining the second video we'll learn to learn how to transfer money to checking account and start the mining part of bike the first thing that we will do is create a subscription account of these just you click that you will already start registering and clicking there will place your email and you will enter your media inbox and confirm the registration and from that you will be able to log in to the site you normally made this first stage for you to see how very simple the easy site has no problem here In Portuguese I will not put here for you would see very simple ok good so this site you can mine byte which is what I'm going to teach ok i'm gonna give it to me from Minas Gerais i can't make a video In this class it takes a lot of video processing but the processing processor so you can't mine and use the computer to do another ok thing website program you can install the program on several computers mine the same coin from multiple computers the case i have three op linked computers not just a mining buyer dubai program installed on another computer is very simple you download the loga program choose what you want mining you can download the program several computers general place from several computers at the same time show how you download here i'm already improving will know you the case that 30 will know you a little to leave here from unconfirmed anyway for total portfolio I've seen it here I I commented yesterday yesterday to today debate good acquisition of the mining company now that is using the program tap the low mining rate all in this good site I get the block chain and the difficulty of mining here it shows the top 50 of this site you can also model mining almost chicco in alcoentre light with bitcoin other types of digital coins ok i recommend the byte with that it's here you you and then converting in 2041 dedicated to make later that on this site you cannot make the buying another that you can only attach to other wallets bitcoins to make withdrawal that are other and also has the wallet of each digital currency are you already I've made some withdrawals by another website that is another portfolio that pulls you out of various classroom values ​​is the byte darpa extract created the register in another site that with you do the register there there ok so don't miss the next video lesson let's go here is the basic part of mining so if you stop it there the miner lasts that will queue for the numbers here do this now because it's not you also have available the web version you click here and just click here start from the kind of currency you want to release are good just being available these coins here I wish I had for the processing capacity of your browser doesn't apply in start it starts dry glow 280 filling for minutes per second you can see that is very little you mineral by the browser is very little to rate on the computer is a 16 gig i7 core and a gtx 950 can see that not me dera sounds like a lot but it's a little bit from here I'll stop for you to see the new on the panel show you what I'm learning there was the stuffing and half a second the rate of 16% of mineirão with the priority my program computer so the program that is usually going to tri 3035 is the maximum rate and mining another reason she now went to 55 that I also leave both basic months already explained what you need to start mining so we'll see now that the downloads section and download the program of national you can directly download the bikes already identified the version that I I can already download but here you can choose down your system the windows grass i'm going to download the save version doing 12 megs It's quick download I'll start the installation of the program you can install on any computer after you are there you can also processor and video card or also another install this counter here twice the program saying that already have a program installed so click here what it assumes is to install beauty so just you are there it will usually appear here when you are there it goes itaim next agree next then install i won't apply because i already have trouble talking about personal work here is the same as the same shadow site password as it starts to withdraw any coin was all at once however sequentially goes mining and acquisition some options there for users who are mining we will not move with none of this now we'll see that see me miner if you notice just one coin you go on your dad was having several options you see you can take me whatever you want x mr any kind of currency you will be able mining but we are miners only byte with the beauty that is bc will be missing here so this bcn it's short for short since then what happens us the ideal is mining one coin only if you took me several clothesline all at once will not have the same result so here you heard you leave the cpu gpu mining by the video card of part that is to appear here but I have to tell you the following they include data rather than tac balances signed through the program has no mining tradition it's from the other computer that is mining this rate will rise considerably and already confirmed there is equal here debate with the unfortunate and colniza and here show that I I already have a computer at first I can leave 1 4 that has on the computer how much more a mining for now – and let you get mining and also use the computer for other things is also the video if you do not have a video card or an old video card won't show up so i'll put the mining town team that will be put four I can't do anything else by agepel will start selling the session sometimes takes a while what happens you have to close the site to talk show Minas Gerais not him said the federation the site started mining I'm going back here through the site site he already changed mining already the show contains devices leading beauty i'll pause mining was just for you that it is possible for several computers to same time but I can't record now that the processor so you will notice here it is much faster just letting it cool is you leave Iran overnight while you sleep will work for be still agenda only i go there and now you can come here after you had yes you can see here taken the other wallet and transfer to another wallet online later discussion we'll do that us and with the base mining part that any doubt leave a comment down there that I come back answering good straight is also in low I hope you enjoyed and until the next stage