Hello, my name is Alexey Today I will show you the miner of your dream No more need to to assemble huge GPU because this device is coming to the market In comparison to all existing devices Papa Carlo miner’s characteristics are better Effective hash rate is 28-29 Th/s Effective hash rate is 28-29 Th/s, power consumption is 1,4-1,6 kwt this power supply is 24w in comparison to competitors 12w because of that we can promise better characteristics This miner has 189 chips, like the main competitors Basic configuration of Papa Carlo miner consists of 3 computing blocks and the head module In the head module there are: power supply, the control board and a touch screen One of the distinguive features is water cooling system instead of competitors air cooling Let’s see Fire a little bit You see – the water pump has started And now the system is filling with water All the settings can be seen on the touch screen, as well as in the web interface On the left – mining start button, on the right – settings Here you see bitcoin wallet address information Information about computing blocks in degrees Information about calculation speed in Th/s The speed of the pump in liter per hour and the device IP address Let’s go in settings Here we enter bitcoin wallet address Here we enter IP address These are the pump settings This is the mining pool address Let’s start mining The pump is on Speed is 500 liters per hour Consumed power, volts, amperes, there is a graph Manufacturing will be implemented in South Korea at Samsung Foundry Final board assembly will take place in Russia For us it means lower custom costs and for you – lower price Also we are planning to open 4 service centers in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Khabarovsk It will enable us to sell Papa Carlo with 18 months guarantee Pre-order is possible on our ICO web-site