Hey thank you so much Guys for clicking on this video in this video You will learn Two Things Number One the band that Happened From China and All The roller-coaster ride That We are seeing right Now and also What are the recent news regarding that and Secondly You're gonna find Out more Good news That Happen in last Two Days and we Try to evaluate What's going on in the Market and how we can See the feature of this Cryptocurrency so please Enjoy This video hope You like It thank you Hello amazing People hope you Guys are doing Great today i know there's Bloodshed Everywhere Where china then is talking about the price of Going down There's so much Rumors so much news coming on and it's Very Hard to keep track so Today we're not gonna discuss about how the Market is evolving Today we're gonna talk about all The recent news Related to cryptocurrencies That we Can Know on one platform That's my Channel so please subscribe It and we Will start right Now all right So let's discuss What's going on in the Market capitalization Web side Which coin Market Cap Everything Is in Red i Mean Everything Bitcoin The Market Capacity Is Going down et Reom Damn it's 26 now from all the Way from Tori's to 77 so we know everything Will go down slowly And Right Now we don't Know When it's gonna come back Up we will find out figure it out When we Have some news What? Happened and why here is the reason so High cusine Was the first one to report on the ico band before the official document came Out Bitcoin price Drop After The report today That's is the reason Why we are seeing this issue so By The Way i do go on to that a Lot nowadays now i've Joined it so please follow me at sure be world and So that are gonna keep posting Good Information for You Guys and We Will continue Grow Together alright so What Happened on twitter is this China Bad Bitcoin Exchanges You remember That This news came in because of This news That i co Was Bad So What Happened in according to the recent notice from the china public bank of China and Requests from Various government offices balance One of The Exchanges Where they operate ico Token They were asked to close so they Mention Sunday Morning Today As for the chinese time that in accordance with the recent notice from the china public bank of China Requests From Various Government offices Balance Will Make The following Adjustments or request from Their respective core team We Will Suspend trading and Deposit service of the following Tokens at Cc ll te Lc B Tm Yoyo Withdraw Will continue to work ht will announce to refund Plan of The tokens so this is the news that we have last? Monday That Now those Exchanges Where isis you took an are the main operation Are going to close down now so this is a Very Big step against Cryptocurrency But i don't know iF it's a negative respect or not Because we will continue gonna see an improvement and you know the crust It takes time to gain some trust on anything so we are Already ahead of Initial Status Now We are going Through Next phases so these i believe these are all phases so? What Will happen to balance is they will refocus and redouble our efforts in servicing our International audience Which is Currently account 825 of Our user base so That's Kind of a Big accounts That They have for the international other Than China so this is What'S going on right Now on this Ic O—- Been but What Happened there Was a to eat That Lead to all of This chaos Right Now this is this is what the chinese Say Exene Dead they posted an article where they claimed That Countries Regulators are Planning to bend bitcoin Exchanges This Was not a Clear Statement Where They They didn't Mention Out there the banning Temporary or their banning It completely so these This article created a Lot of chaos in The Market and They Mentioned that the China Will shut down all Exchanges That's What Happened By The Way the Funny part was that After This New Schemes that came in according to the Bloomberg China reporter Lulu the person that i Just Showed You on Twitter Bitcoin Exchange ok coin in hobby Said They have not Received shutdown notices from the government and i still operating as normal so Regional Cryptocurrency News Sources contacted The exchange confirm That They are functioning normal so this Is so surprising That Even though They are they mentioned That They're gonna shut down this Thing but those Those like for mine still Working Right Now and This This was Kind of This Was Kind of a News that still Creating Another Chaos in The Market One Thing i have to mention over Here is the second largest platform? Exchange in China Mentioned Today That They gonna regulate as for chinese Instructions With Clear Information if They Get It They Haven't Received anything and The information that Be TtC i believe They provided is Still Unclear There's Still Unknown There Is no official statement in The Market Should The Reason That Is one of The reason That People are still panicking People are still selling People believe that the China is not regulating It anymore So some people Say That China is planning to create Their own Cryptocurrency Where they can have a control Over it They Know that the Cryptocurrency Is so big right Now in the Market the concept the proof of concept Is also Has Already Been done The Good Part is that Has Only Been done they cannot ignore the fact the Cryptocurrency Now Acceptable Among People and it's Working Very fine That's What People are trusting on it That's the reason They believe in this technology and They might be Doing some their own coin Where they can control That on the other hand some People Say The reason They are Doing it Because? Right Now there are a Lot of Bad Activities in the Market That People are using it like The Silk Road at a time They were doing it so people Do They Still want to regulate it in a Way so i believe Whatever They are trying To do is What the Russian it last time if you Remember Russia i mentioned That They don't believe all of these ico They don't believe This mining concept They don't believe This Cryptocurrency They Feel like It's it's still like a Pyramid Thing and All These news came in and then What? Happened The Funny part Today The Funny if i did a What Happened i was going Through coin Telegraph Website and i saw One of the Blog where It mentioned that the Russian Government Plans to subsidize Bitcoin mining Electrical cost This is Very Funny to see that the new Russian Newspaper I don't know if i can pronounce It right is bestia alright has reported that the Russian Government Intend to subsidize the cost of Electricity for Cryptocurrency Miners The Report indicated the Russian Government Through The institute for internet iri development and the Russian are Abi k Russian association of Blockchain of Cryptocurrencies Have Led Up plans to make Electricity cost Lower for Russia bitcoin miners i Don't believe that this new is gonna be for Every individual Miner i think it's gonna be some institution That They were planning for Bashir Was trying to bend that or she was not Believing on it now these names are coming in Also There's another U-Turn i saw online on the Bloomberg Technology Where the headline Say The Russia Makes you Turn on cryptocurrencies after backing from Putin So we can Say That What's going on in the Market it's It's a lot of Initial Stages Where People sometimes they believe in its and Times They don't live in it so these are all sometimes They're Reimers as well That is causing these issues What Happened like What dimension is specifically reported The state Certainly Understand That The cryptocurrencies are a Reality There's no point in forbidding for prohibiting them it is possible to Regulate them so the Finance Ministry Will Draw Up a bill by the end of the year so we can Expect something Bigger By The end of the year about i seos and How we can how Russia Is Looking into it okay after Telling You That There's some Good news is that i saw that the canada register first Cryptocurrency investment fund Recently i Saw One of My friend in canada Intolerant Two Days There Is a Atm for Etherium Now so it is a Good Thing and Now the canada is accepting the first Cryptocurrency investment Fund They register it now so What's going on in the Market It Says that on September 6 the british columbia Security Commission Announced that It Would Be Allowing first Block capital Operational Status This the investment fund seek to be the first in canada to allow investor to safely and legally invest in Crypto Currencies Moreover first Block Capital Will Be Equipped With tools to help Monitor Any Changes or development in this New field so we know there gonna be some development they need We Know that They're gonna be something New could Happen Let me report you the Exact Words What Happened it Says That the Cryptocurrency Investment are a New and normal form of investing in Canada We Have Seen from the Market and from? Investors That There Is a strong appetite for access to these Kind of investments Also i have to Mention? That Regarding Bitcoin so bitcoin on bitcoin news i Hear i saw this Blog Where it Says Bitcoin are a Adds Bitcoin cash litecoin and aetherium to the retirement account So it's all about future people are talking about future now people are accepting This as a Fact That This new Money is coming the Market and it's a New way of Transitions Where they can cross and they can Talk about Inflation and can Fight Inflation Between ira the irs Sanction retirement account has Added Bitcoin cafeteria Man Litecoin to its list of Token for investment the company is based out of Los Angeles and Focuses on helping People open Cryptocurrency focus to time in funds and so When We Talk about Swiss bank You Know Swiss Sizzlin Is Doing Amazing When it comes to money They know how to figure out the money so what They Now they're gonna Accept Tax Payment in bitcoins That's another news that we Have Today from suze ellen souza line Ramped up its bid to become a Global Hub for Financial technology fintech and Cryptocurrency Start off with the Decision By account on the italian border to accept tax Payment in bitcoins So all these Good news IS we are seeing in the Market so all these Good news and the Bad news Kind of Forgive me an idea that the future of Cryptocurrency is still alive We Cannot Say That the Cryptocurrency is going down and it's not gonna go up in my last video i mentioned specifically our Comparing of All Some of The Depths That we've Seen in the past for bitcoin and then How we Reach to the top again There Was a Time When it was 700 then It went to 2000 and then it came back down to 1300 and then It went up to 4000 now So Every time Whenever we see That Yesterday We Saw 10% Today We Saw Even another 10% dip and we are still going down i know the Market is Crashing i know the People are selling but don't forget one point That Recently We Have Seen The Market has Gone Up High like Crazy Not Only for bitcoin It comes to all the Cryptocurrency Around It especially aetherium Litecoin and Bitcoin So we can Expect That There Was overbought there were new customers in the Market there were new Investors in the Market Where people were buying These coins and They don't know how to do crates They bought it at a Higher price They got panic and decide to sell There were People Who made Good Money Yes of Course there are a Lot of People Who don't know

How to do crates Yes of Course there are there are a Lot of Rumors Right Now That is really it's Really Breaking The Heart of most of The investors right Now but This is the reason I'm making This video to give you an Idea When there are some Bad news Today and Yesterday There are some Good news Today and Yesterday so please give This in Mind and hope we hold our self Strong Today So we're gonna see tomorrow What's coming in and how the Market is reacting So please stay Tuned to this videos my Channel and Please subscribe it and Please Hit the like button and please When You subscribe Turn on the notification so the Next time and i'm gonna post video Hopefully Tomorrow you're gonna Watch It again i hope you like my video i hope you enjoyed It i hope You gained a Lot of Information in my video so let's see if you guys have any comments from me any New suggestions for me or Any more News's that you can come up to me so that we Can Join Together in creating a Better community once again Take care Guys Thank you so much and see you Tomorrow Bye