what's going on guys we are here rooftop access in sweet la you can kind of see the city behind us if it wasn't so foggy culmination of a four-day event here at CIS la Ben what were your thoughts buddy well I think that I think everybody was surprised that there didn't seem to be nearly as many people as I think everyone expected there to be and I don't really think that that's a critique on cryptocurrency right now it's really just people just aren't interested and even the price going up in June and July was not enough to get people interested in cryptocurrency again and I'm frankly at this point not really sure what it's gonna take yeah I felt like well a lot more people were there at the party last night then at the conference all day so it kind of seemed like there's interests but more interest in networking than there is and actually these conferences right now I wouldn't put the lack of attendance on the actual organizers you know it's more so just us as the space not really having as much interest as we did last year or even earlier this year well let's face facts people that are coming to these conferences they've been to conferences before most of these people it's not their first time going to a conference you guys know the faces you see it all the conference's the conference videos including these two great faces mind maybe a little better than his but that's neither here nor there but the fact is these are not new people and the new people are gonna come into the space when the money comes back because the people that go to conferences all the time like they actually know that you don't actually have to buy a ticket to go to the conference to do the networking they can go to the yacht party or they can go to Wendy's meetup is she's having a meet-up whatever it is they know that they can go there in their place they can do the networking with the same people and the bigger speakers that are on stage like your Tim Draper you're not gonna have a chance to network with him anyways so I think that plays a big factor I can we talked to a couple people at the yacht party last night that said they didn't go to the conference they just came to LA to see the people to do networking yeah I think it's probably I mean that was how I got to my first conference was I just got the hotel at the place that the conference was happening so it could meet everybody in the lobby so that probably is gonna occur more but as far as getting more new people in the space it's it's gonna be what Ron's doing you know the adoption tour and targeting the colleges and really trying to get the education out there with a local you know targeted impact so special shout out to Tron 4 answering those to be here we appreciate them for sure I'm looking forward to doing more the education alliance and go into schools and colleges and speaking so I think that'll be what helps lead to mass adoption and then among other things products and services so yeah cuz I think a lot of people if they hear that uh a lot of our videos now are sponsored by Tron our talks are trips they're sponsored by trying a lot of people are like oh you're you know oh great now you're gonna be showing us Tron all the time that's not really what's wrong is about which is very interesting so what we're doing we're going to these events especially the college where we're going to we're not going to even be telling them like hey you need to buy Tron it's it's about education and helping people to understand what is important about blockchain what the role it plays in our society and where we've really gotten to when it comes to centralization and the lack of privacy and censorship and things like that that we just need a change in the world yeah I think decentralizing America is the next stop so we're on our way alright guys yeah you guys check out our website which should be up by the time you watch this decentralized America com that's the tour we're gonna be going on over the next year so big shout to Tron once again you guys enjoy these interviews from the yacht party last night take care you guys Quin here with Jason from Dragon Tech or dragon wolf Tech is that one of this dragon wulftec dragon wolf SEC and plug your plug your channel plug it plug her everything well I'm a journalist reporter by trade so I do a lot of riding on the crypto currency space I recently switched over into content creation for YouTube but I also post on bit shoot d2 library I'm trying to spread it out not only on the more common channels but also the decentralized channels to cast the net wide exactly alright so Jason what was your favorite take away from the event I'm asking you actually two questions who was your favorite speaker and what was your favorite takeaway from the entire event what's her name Jenny she was in crypto indios the panel panel and she was dropping f-bombs left and right it was great I was like where's that been this whole time right I've been seen like a lot of that onstage f-bombs and she she was real she what was she talking about well she was talking about basically when you're coming when you're coming to a VC you have to come correctly sure you can't just say give me money you have to have a pitch you have to have a story and once they give you the money you have to manage it properly absolutely and you know there's a lot of young people in this space so a lot of people have never had to deal with millions of dollars so you know you get the millions of dollars and then you want to head down to Miami is this a result from the ICO boom where everybody had a bunch of money and just didn't spend it right well it's that but it's also I think tech in general tech in general is young you know the people who run the companies may be older but the people who are the company tend to be in their 40s 30s 20s right because coding has no age limit anybody can get into coding right so anyone could potentially be the next of italic right could be the next Jebb right so it's us it's just finding that sweet spot all right so if she was your favorite speaker from the event then what's your biggest takeaway from the man like what's the biggest thing you learned well that the even though the market is down the space is still thriving now my biggest takeaway is when you see things like this all these people out here when he says this there's about 300 people on this boat with us right now enjoying beverages and networking and network right and everyone is passionate about crypto not any one particular crypto crypto in general crypto is not dead Jason thanks so much buddy have a great trip thank you all right guys we are here with broccoli rabe where did you get that name from broccoli let me guess well it's actually from a TV show you've probably seen what's always his room a show from the office Oh from the office for a second the office yeah I do love the office is a great show but not dedicated enough there's a character called broccoli rabe I don't remember but I've seen all the episodes I swear it's like a play on like broccoli rabe is a type of broccoli Rabe it's it's like a very frou-frou French kind of broccoli which it's good but not a lot of people know what it is and here we are right now we're actually on the exact same boat that took Pam and Jim to get married I think at Niagara Falls is this correct I think you're right yeah I am correct so you're actually the creator of Bitcoin infringe right that's a little generous I'm producing a show I also am working with a very talented group of people including my brother who's the director and writer Jake who does the voice of metallic and some of the other characters we have several animators several illustrators voice actors including P pavlo actually he's a rapper are you gonna act like I don't know who Petey Pablo is I'm from ATL okay he's from North Cal Cal aqui okay true or not true he's from North cackalacky I believe you it is true take your shirt off and whip it around your head like a helicopter yes I've heard that song that's Petey Pablo it's a good one that's a good one yeah he's got some real bangers so I wanted to ask who you were at the first day of the crypto investment summit yesterday and we're asking everybody this is the wrap-up party this yacht party that we're currently on currently not in Niagara Falls what is the thing that you took away from the conference well I might be hated by some people but I I'm becoming more and more focused myself on Bitcoin as I believe the definite leader in terms of this race that we're in I guess you could say I think the vision of Bitcoin being decentralized and actually easy for people to run nodes of their own I think that's very very important if we want to build a financial system that isn't exactly like the one we're trying to leave right so decentralization is that the most important principle I believe in in this revolution and I think bitcoin is leading that and I believe that we'll be able to scale for smaller payments using lightning and other related technologies and there's a lot of work that's going on it's in beta right now I'm starting to play with lighting I'm starting to learn about it I'm very interested in it it's the first technology that I've found since I read the Bitcoin white paper that really got me thinking and interested in working on engineering problems because I've done some computer programming I'm very interested in that field I'm learning and growing every day and pushing myself in that direction but it's a technology that I'm very excited about I think it has great potential so so how much do they charge you to join the cult well Hotel California you can check in but you can never leave well here's here's the honest the honest answer is that we really haven't received that much money from people with Bitcoin yet yeah and I think they're stingy you know or they're just not paying attention you know or they've already like I've already checked out because they have so much money I mean there are definitely some people with deep pockets who are just kind of you know enjoying their retirement and and that's okay I mean I would prefer if we would all work together you know I think we can get further so yeah if you're a big you know a big pocket like a thousand Bitcoin er if you have a thousand bitcoins you should send one Bitcoin to Bitcoin and friends because this show has the potential to turn Bitcoin into a household name through entertainment and that are you know that this is a valuable strategy that is used in plenty of industries you know how did they sell cigarettes to children they made nice cartoon looking you know camels and stuff and made it attractive right well here's the question when because it's not for children actually there's some swearing in the show so that's a you know you want children that's weird no I want if you watch this show with your children that's okay as long as there's parental guidance I think children shouldn't probably watch it by themselves that's all I'm saying when will win wearing if that's the question you know it's okay when will bit boy make an appearance on the show well I have to see it first and I'm excited to I can show it to you big-time I'm pumped and I mean maybe we could do a crossover maybe we can do maybe Bitcoin can bit boy can be in Bitcoin and friends I actually had the same first name I'm open to ideas so the same first name bit that's true that's true thank you so much for joining it's broccoli rabe appreciate it guys I'm here with crypto beetle script up my name you don't even know my name is it I was trying to figure out what I say beetles are crypto beetles is abuse beetles everybody goes in beetles just beetles it's beetles so what's your impression of tonight in general we'll start with tonight on the cruise and then we'll go into the conference so I mean as far as the conference itself start with tonight first and we'll go back to the conference how was your trip on this boat so far this love cruise I just like to mess with you you win so I mean it's awesome I don't know if you can see the video so if you could take this camera and like Brennan across the boat you'll see it's just packed with awesome people so it's amazing to see all these people that are embracing crypto you know what I mean just to hang out with people that are like-minded and whatnot it's pretty freakin cool absolutely so um ci yes what was your biggest well first up who's your favorite speaker from the entire event so I was working most the event I didn't get to really see the stage too much except one big like I should be on to it too you know I do my little thing and come back and interview people right so but from what I saw you know Tim Draper is always a it's a good guy to just you know listen to you know he said one of perma balls that's just always you know it's always in the bull market always I'm so happy for Bitcoin you know do I agree with him and he says no obviously not but yeah I would say that probably Tim Draper was you know my favorite to hear from I agree completely his uh his talk on the government's role in acquiring citizens and that whole free market idea I liked a lot so what's your biggest takeaway from the conference and what do you think was the biggest takeaway in general or just towards mass adoption do you think we're getting closer I noticed that the conference had a little bit less people than last year what do you think about that there's a lot of questions in there so I'm sorry overload it's a pick one and go yeah it's okay it's okay so I've been at sea is for I don't know two three years probably Joseph a lon they do an amazing job I've seen a go from 6,000 people like 4,000 people to like 2,000 people to like I don't know what it was this this year it seems to dwindle but a lot of that I think has to do with just a big old freaking nut punched it just came to like crypto over the past week or two with Facebook getting basically a cease and desist from two senators then he got telegram that basically got sued by the sec and then you had there was something else to just having back got pushed back again and so all these just dislike these one two three like freakin punches and uppercuts and it's like just really like hurt the crypto community and so they're just like losing interest a little bit because a lot of the people are just in it for speculation so CIS I think this year Alana just do a great job they do but it's it's a it's there was less people here this year obviously but the people that are here are the people you're gonna see here in probably two years when this is like everybody's like oh yeah blockchain of course duh Bitcoin it's amazing awesome of course you're gonna see the same people you know there now that you see there's the people that you see there so I've had this like idea that 2019 might be the year of regulation you know that they really might be the year that governments come in and kind of put their foothold on this space and really kind of cement themselves as the regulating power whether it's gonna be through micro taxes like trim Tim Draper said or it's through limiting you know the POS side of things that it might just be a little bit where we we try to stifle the it not we try to but the innovation is stifled for a little bit until maybe 2020 can be the bounce back here I don't know what do you think yeah I don't think we're gonna see regulation this year man I I think there's so many things that are still like up in the air and if you see what they're doing right now right now it's a it's a consolidation of power and so like the government they're basically saying hey look you know watching school if we do it but if you're gonna do it we gotta figure out exactly how we're gonna control it so I think we're probably still about it a year away from like like serious clarity but what comes out of it you know the Phoenix so to speak rising you know from the fire in the ashes it's gonna be pretty freakin incredible and so I would say 2022 for most people which is not what they want to hear sorry about 20 22 I would imagine is when you're gonna start seeing some like serious adoption you can see clarity you're gonna see like this simple user interface it like makes sense to the world that has no idea blockchain is hey guys I'm here with Gaston yes aka Kung Lao oh my gosh I got so much going on right now and I would like to know how many people have you decapitated with that hat today seven seven says Tron over here no I haven't I haven't decapitated anybody yet that is fantastic I'm hoping that no one gets decapitated so listen we've been here at crypto embezzlement over the last couple days this is the wrap-up party the yacht party what better party is there than a yacht party but listen I want to know what's the one thing you took away from this conference this week I took away that crypto Beatles is like having another camera in my face but I did take a way that price really indicates attendance and that's really affecting the attendance of events not just crypto of estimate but I do see it on my events too I'm not really getting newbies are these are these Mortal Kombat events or no no these are crypto events and Lumbees that help educate the community on what a Bitcoin in a blockchain is and I have no idea where the camera is looking right now man there is too much free alcohol on his boat but yeah man you can't beat these parties it's great to be in the community having fun having Robert just pop in yeah I'll see him at world crypto con yeah we'll see your interviews you'll see me in your interviews so the longer the shorter it is the Bitcoin price job to the market is down people aren't interested and I just got my nipple grabbed hey you sure did get your nipple graft and this is the greatest interview ever oh this is going uncut what's it enough me too he got me before ha ha so were we talking about something yeah the Bitcoin price indicates attendance to these events yep okay well guys on thank you so much for your very valuable input during this really super important and very serious interview you're welcome