What's up guys Thank you so much for joining My channel one more time this video is dedicated to Bitcoin cash and in this video We will learn what the market is telling about Bitcoin cash and last two days We have seen the Bitcoin cash is going really good So we have to analyze what's going on, so let's get started so For everyone who are new to my channel so please do subscribe Do like it I do Maquis analysis of all the cryptocurrencies right now I will try to bring best of my knowledge And best on my skills when it comes to analysis with all experience that I have in my life So please go ahead and do subscribe my channel Do you like it and do put some comments if you like it, and if you have your own recommendation? Please go ahead

I let me know and let's get it started So let's discuss what the point market cap is talking about right now as you can see everything is Right today Except Bitcoin cash and why and it is around 66 2% hi so whoever has this between cash is doing amazing right now So let's discuss what's going on Why everything is going? Ah so right now between cash worth four hundred and ninety seven dollars, which is six point six two percent increase you stay and today the volume is around 1 million and What the market is telling me about the Bitcoin cash is so 56% of the Bitcoin is come cash is coming from bit pumped, but it's reading around 497 if you look at the rest of the prices It's around four hundred and ninety s coin one is five hundred and three right now So seems like we are towards five hundred But seems that we have went down in the last few minutes because before I was looking at it It was around five hundred so it is going down right now, so let's discuss What do we have as per historical data alright as per historical data? You will see that the market has improved after going down from 14th of September It was 8 billion, and then it went to 6 billion And then we have started to increase back up till 8 Billion so whoever has bought it over here will definitely made some good profit right now So we are trying to reach to the same amount of market cap that we had on 14th of September keep that in mind guys So let's discuss on creating vidcom how the market is seen right now so right now if you see I am using for our be Bitcoin cash dollar at each ITB DC and over there what I see right now is a Downtrend channel seems like I'm seeing downtrend channel everywhere at the Bitcoin at the etherium and litecoin and right now It's Bitcoin cash, so you might be thinking why am I just favoring everything at a downtrend? No It's not that's the chance that I'm trying to see right then it seems like it is all and I don't want to see this Downtrend channel, I want to see an uptrend channel – guys buy So let's take down and see you the difference between with Bitcoin and the Bitcoin cash right now I see there are the three places if you see These three red spots and what I notice is when it comes to that point it was on RSA level was beyond $70 Seventy percent so it means that it was sorry it was overbought and over here at this region It was to worse overbought region and downtrend yes That was an overbought region But then what happened it doesn't took so much time to go to the next level hide today is around $500 Now what do I have it for you guys I believe there are three? Support regions that we have right now Number one support region that we have is at five hundred and fifty dollars that we've seen over here but seems like we haven't touched to this five hundred and fifty dollars support region for now I'm Hoping that we might gonna see that but if we do that I'm pretty much sure that we might gonna see another option which gonna be a Crane channel 2 option number 1 where they will find another support level of 625 But if it doesn't dice to 625 region, I'm afraid it might gonna go back down Also the second option that I believe it is more real for now because everything is going down from last few hours So it might gonna go to end of the support region which was around? 450 dollars seems like this con might be 450 or 460 or might be 470 so these ranges you might kind of consider right now since I'm not drawing everything up to the scale so I think Everything gonna go down in one of my option with one of my scenarios where I can see that it might gonna touch for $15 and might gonna sustain over there before it will go back up to test the next portion also I want to mention one thing as soon as it went down on this place it went up again as fast Similarly we have seen as soon as it went down it went up really fast over here also We have seen everything went down it went up really fast, so whenever it went up Then it start to maintain then it started to maintain its position Similarly look over here it start to maintain its position similarly look over here start to maintain its position So we might gonna seem intending its position what I want to see guys I want to see this trend this downtrend channel Needs to get a star and if it we stop it if we see that the trend gonna stop Then I'm pretty much sure that we wanna break But seems like with all the nooses that we have this correcting all of our mine and just giving us very negative energy So due to that let me just summarize it and let me tell you some news is that we have for Bitcoin cash Number one first of all if it continues this bullish trend and tries to cut down this downtrend channel we will see the next support region of 550 reaches to 625 it will cries to go over there But if it does not go because of the downtrend channel that we are continuously seeing we might gonna go around to 450 dollars and this for a fifty dollar is gonna be Another support region and it might gonna sustain that region before it will go back up and cry to hit another hide Alright, so that's all from my side on this Mackay analysis if you have any questions Let me know but before going I want to mention what's going on in the market so first of all? Let's discuss what McAfee is talking about McAfee is one of the supportive of Bitcoin that we have all the cryptocurrencies and he's very much engaged When it comes to the ban the China, ban And this is very important when it comes to Bitcoin cash for the China the mining that we are doing right now It's mostly in China So this is a very important article that I want to mention here McAfee Talk about Bitcoin cash he revealed that The bit he revealed that he's holding Bitcoin cash he mentioned that do not ignore it he warned one user Critical of the fork however when asked whether he supported Bitcoin core said with 2x or Bitcoin cash? He said right now I support everyone except the homeless person who ate someone's face so the point is he's still supporting He's very bullish about cryptocurrency, but I want to mention that we are expecting some heartful

We are expecting some development that is coming You know there's there's some development teams who are working on Bitcoin cash project and if we might gonna Expect some hard folks over here And I would consider not to get afraid of this one because you know this whatever is happening is happening for something good Really, why because when I see at the Bitcoin cash level when it started in the beginning? It was showing that was at the very high value But the people who start to supporting the first two weeks and after that is still maintaining that value So that's not from my side guys We are expecting some hard folk in the future We're expecting that them the China might gonna create any problem for mining of the Bitcoin cash in China We don't know exactly what will happen But we have a time until 30th of October right now before the exchange is closest We don't know what gonna be the more news is about it You guys may be wondering that why all of? Sudden when the rest of the currencies are going down this Bitcoin cash is going up because it was trying to regain its position From where it started to wind down if you look at one more time It was around 8 billion dollars Around 8 billion dollars you have seen on 14th of September and today we have reached back to approximately The same market cap with that Increase so if you remember with all the down trends that we have seen in all the coins of Bitcoin aetherium Litecoin and right now Bitcoin cash we have observed As soon as all the coins went down due to our Seoul region is try to regain its position back, so that's what happened guys according to me, and we might gonna see that since s has touched the Threshold that is it has crushed the threshold of this of this region over here approximately it might gonna go back again at the support region of 450 and for me that gotta be the buying time for the next read point of going up crying and this will happen if we gonna see some Sustainability over here if it's try to sustain if you want to see that support level is still continues to grow So that's all from my side Thank you so much guys for listening to me for watching my videos What do you guys think about this Bitcoin cash? Do you think is still thing that it will go up and see the bullish crane and we're gonna be the value in the future Secondly tell me what do you think if it goes down how bad it will crash or not? Are we expecting that the Bitcoin cash will crash completely because of this China band, please let me know share your opinion with me So that we can grow this community more and more if you like my video Please do subscribe and also turn on the notifications to there as soon as they Upload more videos you will watch it at the same time and also please join my other pages of Snapchat if you like to join me and I want to talk to me one-on-one and also my Twitter page my Facebook page So please keep blowing me I'm really enjoying making videos for you guys Thank you so much for appreciating my work, and I'll see you in the next video

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