Bitcoin, a new fortune cookie! For somebody who bought it in 2008, the value of the Bitcoin has since gone up to a whopping $ 2700 per Bitcoin today If you bought Bitcoins for $ 100 back then, it would be worth about $ 72 million today

on that note, we would like to welcome you to a brief introduction in the crypto market   At first glance, the market of the so-called crypto currencies seems to be dominated by two giants

Bitcoin and the Ethereum; But behind the crypto currencies, there is not only a well thought-out system that addresses the problems of today's financial system and offers solutions, but there are also risks that you should be aware of and that is also addressed in this video The crypto market now offers more than 700 different crypto currencies (coins), about 70% of which are only stillbirths of the investment world – it is pretty much the same as in the normal financial system – there are stable currencies like the dollar or EURO and unstable and even unknown currencies of smaller countries Even if you know the good coins, the trading is always very risky! Who still has enough "play money" nowadays? We only have the choice between absolute minimum interest rates at the banks or total loss with windy offers! This is precisely why we enlighten you and perform in-depth research on the offers available in the field of crypto currencies and online investments We share with you our own experiences, both the ones which made us profit and the ones in which we ended up with a loss – we are completely open! Can a loss be avoided at all, even if you keep up with the times? Certainly YES! We can confirm that from our own experiences with three exclamation points Let’s now dive into the crypto market: Let us begin with the giants of the crypt market, which also explain why the crypto market will not only be an integral part of our future, but will also have the potential to completely and effectively replace our global financial system

Bitcoin is the gold of the crypto market, the beginning of an amazing story and the blacksmith of our future What is bitcoin, or BTC for short? The Bitcoin is a digital currency and is created and stored electronically, in a process called "Mining" Nobody has control over the Bitcoin, it cannot be printed or manipulated The Bitcoin is calculated by a large number people around the world using computers, stored digitally and each computer also acts as a checker of authenticity The Bitcoin can be used to purchase goods and services or even to finance trading and can also serve as the conventional currencies also called FIAT currency

It is 100% decentralized! No central bank, no government, no one controls or has authority over the Bitcoin The Bitcoin is a network that controls itself The so-called MINING is actually quite simple Take for example, the number 5 There are different ways to get to this number

We can add one and four, add two and three, or add one five times Each of these individual processing paths is executed only once and yields a bitcoin by solving such a formula which can therefore not be solved again Let me guess you want to quit your job right away and let your computer make the money, right? Not correct! Please trust me when I tell you that the formulas that are solved nowadays look quite different and are not quite simple in practice The formulas, as I call them, are actually algorithms and are thus highly complex mathematical processes which the average household computer can only solve in a few years under absolute high performance Huge computer systems, a lot of capital and far above-average technical know-how are necessary for the mining

Obviously, a computer crash during the resolution of an algorithm is extremely unfavorable, which is why not only several computers must work simultaneously, but they must also work as a team By the way, a company called Kryptogold, has cleared away the hurdles of the crypto market and allows everyone access to lucrative coins and even to mining

Today in June 2017, the company is the absolute pioneer and is unique worldwide! Just ask the sender of this video about Kryptogold What can you do with Bitcoins today? On the one hand, you can pay for a lot of things, directly on onlineshops and in the real world You can also book travel, cafes, flights and much more Amazon, for example, already accepts payments with bitcoins via a third-party provider Interestingly, there are enough providers where you can easily open a Bitcoin account called Bitcoin Wallet

If you wish, you can also receive a Visa or Mastercard and an assigned PIN which allows you to cash out bitcoins in EURO at an ATM in your vicinity just as is the case with your current account! So you have full availability at any time, whether online or offline! It is the same with the other coins, such as the Ethereum, which is the main currency for contracts Either you can "withdraw" it directly, if you want to dispose of it, or you will first convert it to Bitcoin in your wallet and then withdraw it! Easy and straightforward The best thing is that you predict a great future for this market and it can also happen that the Coin’s value increases tremendously and you end up having more money than you originally invested to purchase the coins The crypto market has a lot of potential, it is a very small and incredibly fast growing babyand you can decide whether to be part of the growth and make the crypto market your baby However, will like to point out once again that there are risks involved just like everywhere else The rate can also drop since the value of many coins is dictated by supply and demand

So this market has its advantages and risks and this video does not replace professional advice, but merely serves to convey general information about the crypto market I hope we were able to enlighten you on the working principle of crypto currencies and enable you get a rough picture of the crypto market and hopefully you had fun watching