Daniel Ameduri: Will cash be WORTHLESS? Bitcoin just a GAMBLE? Market crash inevitable? Be prepared! david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell today I'm going to be speaking to my special guest mr Daniel imadori mr

Amadori has been in the financial industry for a long time and he is at future money trends with an S calm and we'll be talking about that today and mr Amadori is an expert in stocks commodities markets and everything finance or at least almost everything finance huh so mr Amadori thank you so much for joining me today on looking at the markets looking forward to the show yeah what I'm looking forward to this as well so I just want to start at the beginning just to get a feel for your background if you could tell me how he first started and got started in finance and investing I I mean it goes back to when I was a child I was always had the entrepreneurial spirit and even going back to to kindergarten I would get in trouble at school for underselling a teacher on pencils and then I would get in trouble for my mom for emptying up the garage and going door-to-door to try to sell things and then as a teenager I am I started reading a lot of books would enjoy reading anything about personal finance at Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore and then I got lucky I ran into a mentor by chance and he was somebody who was very successful real estate investor and a business builder and that's where I started to learn more and more about it and I really hit the ground running as far as my adult career in finance I purchased my first rental property about three or four months out of high school and never looked back I just kept buying properties I did invest in the stock market early on and also when I was 16 actually to go back before I was even officially an adult I had made a small investment to become part owner in a gym so I I just this is always something that I was fascinated with and just thoroughly enjoyed yeah that's a great start and you know I go moving ahead a little bit I've read on your website futuremoneytrendscom which the link is going to be in the description everybody should check that out you've had a youtube channel for a long time very popular and back in 2007 you were warning people about a coming market and mortgage collapse and of course we all know what happened in 2008 so that was you know that was really you were ahead of your time and are you seeing some of those same signs now in this seemingly choppy market yeah you know I I do see a lot of the same signs and a lot of us the big issues however the Fed and central planners globally have been able to extend and pretend this thing a lot longer than I think anybody thought they could have so though I'm not actively betting against the markets yet I would say I'm I would be putting on a proceed with caution because we are in the the everything bubble essentially where if you look at the stock market you look at the bond market you look at the housing market that's incredible I don't know if we've ever been in a situation like this where all three are are at extremes whether that's the housing bubble hasn't been this high since 2006 relative to income stock market hasn't been this high relative to the values of the companies and the in the yields the p/e ratios real p/e ratios since 2006 2007 and then the bond market of course is uh is just it's it's literally has no where rates have nowhere to go but up so this thing has been running for 36 37 years and you know many have crashed and burned trying to calling a top on this thing so I could go another 10 years but certainly there's no there's no sustainability to almost any of these markets you know I asked a lot of people that I interview if you're hypothetically speaking if your elderly grandparents asked you whether they should put their money into a 60/40 split of s py and TLT and just leave it there would you recommend that I mean I would recommend that for for anybody who's a senior citizen just because they might need their money in the next five to ten years and there is a good chance that both of those have some systemic risk some significant volatility I mean they might yeah might might both do well but it the volatility that could happen so I wouldn't recommend those for any old people to be perfectly ask you now to flip that around completely what I recommend the S&P 500 to a child sure why not because here's the thing even if they bought it overvalued I'm not gonna try to pretend that anyone can successfully time these things and when it comes down to it if I'm saving for a five-year-old or seven-year-old which is very relevant for me because that's exactly how old two of my kids are but the other ones three would you rather have a cash account or bonds for the child or a gold bar or would you rather have them have ownership in in a company like Google Apple Chipotle I mean these things are not really value plays at all but my point is is that I would rather own a company I would are their own shares of a company like coca-cola then shares of a bankrupted institution which is what happens when you own the US Federal Reserve Note you simply have a currency that is actively being defaulted on through inflation and could one day be absolutely defaulted on unlikely but it could be and if it's not it's gonna just that there'll be a further to fall through inflation or negative interest rates which are an absolute default with you when you're paying back the lender less that is a default by definition so that that would be the only people I'd recommend there's gonna be 500 to want to talk about futuremoneytrendscom I'm seeing so much amazing free content on here I see articles I see videos reports all kinds of great stuff what are the services you offer at future money trends for my trend we offer the it's a personal finance that digests so you basically get a lot of wealth ideas on how to how to grow your income how do how to position yourself for the new economy because we do see our economy in transition we do believe we're in a technical depression-era phase of the economy and it's a restructuring I don't know if it ends with a big crash or if it just transitions smoothly I don't know but either way I know it's changing the 1980s portfolio model is dead the 1960s model of go to go to college and get a job that's long gone so we're trying to prepare for the future completely letting go of the past and we also offer about one to two times a month specific stock suggestions in the micro-cap space we only recommend this is less than 10% of your portfolio these are speculations so they're high risk however it's something that we're using in addition to having a safe portfolio of income and wealth preserving assets we also want to have a few things that could potentially leapfrog our net worths hire and our net liquid assets much higher now I want to talk about hedging risk here you know you did allude to the possibility of you know market excuse me a market pullback which wouldn't be unreasonable but how should people be hedging I mean can we just ride out a market drawdown or should we be using other other means you know that I think the safest way to hedge against the stock market is to have a healthy cash position because if the stock market goes down and you have the cash to purchase a cheap share of a company you want it whether it's a gold company or a beer company or whatever it doesn't matter cash is probably the first hedge that people should have a healthy amount of cash now you could even be going into the bigger picture how do you hide yourself against cash and I think ultimately the true hedge the true crisis said the ultimate hedge on any financial asset is going to be physical gold and so you'll always want to start when you think about hedging you want a hedge for everything you buy gold it's an insurance that you hope never pays out because if gold goes to $15,000 or $50,000 like some people forecast it's gonna be very unfortunate for all of us because you're talking about a changed America forever we could be in a banana republic state we could be in a situation where there's there's a disruption civil chaos so look it's one of those things like hey I own fire insurance but I don't want my house to burn down so I own gold but I don't necessarily want gold of course I think gold fundamentally is in a bull market and it will go to two or three thousand dollars in the next five six years but I also don't want to see it really pay out as if that crisis hedge so that's the first hedge is gold I think you should have a healthy position of cash now when you get into other things like shorting markets or buying puts or buying the ETFs I wouldn't recommend that for people if you're if unless you're a sophisticated trader you're probably just gonna lose money doing that you know I enjoy sometimes when I buy let's say a gold mining stock an individual stock I am i I might buy the ETF that is short the sector because my individual stock will it'll beat the index by three to five times if it's a high-quality one but at the same point in time when it goes down I can I can make money from a short ETF so that's something that would be very basic if somebody wants to do but look ideally cash goal that's a great hedge and of course the ultimate you know another ultimate hedge I guess is just not getting yourself involved in things you don't understand that you don't have to be in anything right you know cash is king and there's nothing wrong you know cash is a position I always tell people that and waiting you know this game is won by the person who's the most patient that's how I look at it and so there's nothing wrong with holding cash now as far as gold and silver if I may ask a personal question are you a stacker yourself or do you go for the ETF's now III do prefer physical metal now it doesn't necessarily need night need I mean I need to deliver it to my home so I like vault storage I think you should diversify it I think you should have some in a neighboring country I think you should have some in a few friendly golden silk states which now offer vault storage and I also think you should pick a place like Switzerland and there's different places uh you know some of them like in Switzerland you have to have some pretty large minimums but in other places like Canada and certain parts of the US you can have very low minimums you can there's also other sites that like the gold money site called big gold or whatever it is there's different options now so I prefer making sure the metal you have it physically rather than the GLD if you can own the GLD then that that's a trade I don't really need it as a trade I'm using it for insurance so I wanted to talk about a super hot topic now of course crypto currencies Bitcoin personally I put out a video about a week and a half ago telling people that and of course this is not investment advice that we're giving in this video is it's not a recommendation to buy or sell anything but I told people about a week and a half ago that I am not buying Bitcoin I'm not buying cryptocurrency and since then Bitcoin has gone down substantially after a massive run-up what is your view on cryptocurrency investing for the long term well for the long term I think it's speculative and that's we profiled Bitcoin at 13 dollars in 2012 and we said that it could go to 50,000 by 2020 and it could go to a million by 2025 or it could go to zero that's an exact quote and I literally just put an email out I believe on Saturday or Sunday and I said that exact same thing I said look this thing could go to zero it could go to a hundred thousand I don't know where it's going so I do own some Bitcoin I certainly wouldn't you know be very you know people should not be entering into a position when it's when it's at a euphoric state when everybody's very excited but one thing I can say about the crypto currencies is is a real economy that's growing out there and this is in 2012 when I went to a conference that's when I walked away realizing that this was this was bigger than just a speculative