If you are watching this, you are probably wondering, what is Dash ? or maybe even what is digital currency ? Well, Dash is Digital Cash Money exchanged on a highly secure, open source, Peer to Peer Network much like Bitcoin

but unlike Bitcoin it’s really the first form of Digital Cash that works just like Physical Cash Your Money isn't held in a central banking organization instead, you hold your money in a safe and easy way maintaining full control This means that you have total privacy when it comes to your purchases, your transactions can't be tracked by organization or curious 3rd parties Instead your information is private ! Another great benefit is that transactions can occur instantaneously, there is no wait or lag Money changes hands right away just like handing over physical cash when making a purchase And because Dash is truly fungible it's the first real working form of true Digital Cash That means that Dash really is private, instantaneous and secure

With Dash Fee's are extremely low or completely none existent, no bank is sitting in the middle of everything and charging you to hold or use your money Instead you've got the power ! Anyone can use Dash, anywhere in the world, at any time Just download the wallet for free and get started You could buy or sell goods and services, contribute to projects or charities, send money to family and friends and more, all without boundaries And this is just the beginning

Dash is Digital Cash To learn more on how Dash is building the Future of money visit us online at www dot dashpay dot io