Hello! Welcome to Acapulco, Mexico at the Anarchapulco conference You could say that this 24-hour block of time we are in right now could be considered Dash’s biggest day ever — at least that I know of

And I mentioned to Pete earlier that I could probably just get on DASH: Detailed today and say, “blah blah blah blah blah” and everyone would say, “Yes! Dash!” But I’m not going to do that In fact, I’m just going to tell you everything you need to know So let's start with development updates Oh! And what is the update I have to give you? That the migration from 120 to 12

1 is 100% complete Yes, that means that enforcement is now turned on, meaning that only 121 masternodes are on our network right now Miners are no longer able to cheat And yes, even InstantSend has been turned back on

In the words of Flare, the might — the update — the upgrade to our network is 100% as of very recently Something else that's new in 121 that you may have not noticed — I didn't notice it until I checked DashCentral the other day — is that ‘Abstain’ is now a voting option So, a masternode can now vote ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘abstain’ on a proposal And what does ‘Abstain’ mean? Well I saw a comment from community member macrochip that I thought was really apt, so let me read that for you now

The most useful thing about ‘Abstain’ is the fact that you can now un-vote after you already cast your vote but have decided to retract it without switching the results by 180 degrees — as in going from a full ‘yes’ to a full ’no’ or a full ‘no’ to a full ‘yes’ — but now, if you want to switch your vote rather, you can switch things by only 90 degrees, which is a ‘yes’ to a ‘meh’ or a ‘no’ to a ‘meh” Well said macro And the final development update is that the second quarterly core report call — that is, where Dash’s core developers get together on a live call and give investors both a progress report and take questions from them — is scheduled for March the 9th at 15:00 hours UTC time Now up to a hundred people can listen to this call live — even if you're not a Dash investor as long as you get one of the first hundred slots you can listen live as well as participate in the question-and-answer session that follows it For anybody who doesn't listen in on the live call, the audio and video portion will be published on our Youtube channel

Moving on to network statistics Ok so as I had said, with enforcement now turned on only 121 masternodes are on the network So, we have lost between 400-500 masternodes since turning enforcement on and so we're now at 3,996 masternotes, or just about 4,000 Right? But you'll see that this pattern is — rather that this is a pattern

This isn't uncommon Look at this chart here where you will see that this sort of dip in the master nodes has happened as every upgrade point that we’ve had over the past three years So this is not at all an unexpected thing And, hey, 4,000 masternodes did upgrade But if you haven’t, I would encourage you to do so

Again, it’s 1212 You can find it at Dashorg/Download

In mining, today’s hashrate is 24 Th/s And this has actually been pretty much of a hold-steady more or less for the past two or three weeks, coming down only slightly from an all-time high hashrate of 278 Th/s that was reached a few weeks ago To put this into context here is our three-month hashrate chart, our one-year hashrate chart, and our lifetime hashrate chart

Finally, in network statistics, the next superblock — which will be the first post-updates superblock — is set to be paid on March the 5th So if you intend to vote on any treasury proposals that you've not yet voted upon, go ahead and do it before the superblock pays out on March the 5th Now let's move on to price movement I know, it may be the primary reason you're watching this show today And yes, as of the time of recording this episode — I don't know what it will be when you watch it — but as of right this moment, Dash has reached the number three spot in coin market cap, having displaced Ripple and being behind only our competitors Ethereum and Bitcoin

So wow Big wow At time of recording, the Dash to US dollar price is $3195 a coin This makes for a total market capitalization of 228 million U

S dollars with 71 million Dash available — in existence And a 24-hour trade volume of just under nine million US

dollars, which is the highest that I've ever seen it, by far — but I suppose that's not surprising given today's events To put this market capitalization in context, here is our three month market cap chart Our one-year market cap chart And of course our lifetime market cap chart, having begun back in January of 2014 Alright, let’s move on to Business and Headlines

Of course, our market cap moves were covered by the the man with the plan — the man who's on it — over at Finance Magnates, Avi Mizrahi, in this article that you see here In addition, though Dash has been on the payment processor BlockPay for some time now, for whatever reason the news about that is coming out only now, and it's coming out in full force I don't know what genius PR move it was to get something that happened in August of last year, if I hear correctly, to get talked about a bunch right now, but it is So Dash being on the BlockPay payment processor was covered by CoinTelegraph twice, by PaymentWeek, and by BanklessTimescom

I have not yet used BlockPay I've seen someone have it on their tablet they were using I didn't get a good look at it so I would ask if any of you have used BlockPay, would you kindly leave a review of it in the comments section of this video? So that the rest of us can kind of get an idea of how it may or may not be useful in our situations or the situation's of people we may know In other business news, Australians can now exchange fiat Australian dollars to Dash using the website CoinSpotcom

au And a very interesting, long-awaited development is that Dash is now supported by WallOfCoinscom Now WallofCoinscom supports several ways of acquiring Dash through various countries — some involving bank transfer methods, others not involving bank transfer methods at all

They even support the very popular cash-in-the-mail option, so check out Dash on WallOfCoinscom Because this is a pretty big development for us and it's been another major step forward in providing an answer to the question we're getting more and more of these days, which is, “How do I get some Dash?” And then again, I would like to ask for your feedback on one more thing The website DashNearbycom — I have not yet used it

It looks to be another OTC trading website If any of you have used DashNearbycom and can report to me about it in one way or another — it was great or it was horrible, don't use it — whichever Please just leave a review about that in the comments section below I’m sure the rest of us would appreciate it

Now to Social Happenings: dear Jerry Banfield released a two-hour-long “how” and “why” to set up a masternode tutorial And it is performing so well If you don't know who Jerry Banfield is, he is this sweet soul who started coming to Dash’s treasury weeks ago, making proposals The first one got shot all to hell The second one got kind of shot to hell and Jerry finally made enough tweaks to it so that his third time proposing to the network, it passed

But then we went through with the 121 update and all existing proposals got erased, so sweetheart Jerry put in his fourth proposal to make videos for us — for our network — and as of this time it's passing, and even though he hasn’t been paid yet, Jerry has already started releasing these videos, this masternode tutorial being among them And it's doing very well And I just want to say “thank you” and welcome to Jerry Banfield Elsewhere, you may have seen that Daniel Diaz was interviewed on The Crypto Show and I have not yet listened to that episode — I look forward to so doing

I wanted to let you know about it, and what's more, if I may also report this on-the-ground experience: I got to meet both Danny and Chris from The Crypto Show here at Anarchapulco quite recently And I've got to say that they are excellent ambassadors for Dash I can't speak a lot about Chris because I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him, but Danny, I have And this guy is a great asset for us, I’ve just got to say Because I wasn't so sure when I saw The Crypto Show re-proposing for Dash sponsorship month after month

I was one of the people who was like, “I don't know I’m not sure how long we need to be sponsoring The Crypto Show” But now that I have met Danny in person — he is a hustler and he's a great salesman for Dash So I just wanted to say that, in case you didn't know And finally in Social Happenings, yes, here at this conference again actually, Roger Ver first made his Dash holding public

I think it was the first time he has been public about it But, he made a presentation where he basically said which coins he’s holding as a hedge against Bitcoin, and Dash was of course among them, so that was neat And finally, in Current Opportunities, Dash community member and current treasury proposal holder — I'm gonna have to come up with a better term for that — but Roberto Azar is looking for volunteers to join Dash Chat Now Dash Chat is a treasury proposal that is looking to create a live chat of sorts, to provide support to newcomers to Dash Now granted, this is not technical support, so you don't need to be a whiz-bang at Dash technicals — that's not what the job is about

If I had to guess from the notes that he sent me, the job is more about knowing where to send people to find answers to their questions, in a real live chat sort of way So if you're interested in volunteering for Dash Chat — and mind you, this could become a paid position in the future if Dash Chat looks to be profitable enough to the masternodes that they would want to renew their funding of it If you're interested in volunteering for the time being, go ahead and fill out this form online You'll find the link to this as well as all of today's shows links in the description below You should have been a part of the Dash community for at least a few months, you know — obviously, so you know what's going on and where to direct people

Everyone is encouraged to apply and Roberto says that he will screen applicants for suitability after they have applied So that is it for DASH: Detailed today I just can't tell you how how exciting it is to be here I've spoken to the gamut of people, really There's something like seven or eight hundred people at this conference, and they go everywhere from the super crypto-nerd to, you know, your mom and dad from Tennessee who’ve heard of Bitcoin — maybe — and that’s about it

And I've got to tell you that these are the people — the people who don't know much about crypto — who are most open to what it is that I have to say And that is exactly in line with Dash’s plans right? Which is to reach out to the average person and offer them a truly useful product So I’ve got to say, I feel very optimistic about people's willingness to try out money in a different way — particularly the way that we are attempting to build it for them I hope you'll subscribe to this channel if you have not yet, but even more so, I hope that you will subscribe to my weekly email That is where I send you an email every Wednesday with the newest video in it, by sending an email to [email protected]

org and I’ll just take care of it from there So I will see you next week at this same time Thank you for watching There’s a bug on the camera It’s on the lens

It’s coming out