hello everybody Bigfoot Crypto here we've reached a milestone in bit connect stay tuned for this episode hello everyone Bigfoot Crypto here just wanted to give a quick update on bitconnect we reached a milestone we're cross the 5,000 mark we started out with a hundred and then we put in a thousand so today is day 142 I believe it is so we're happy that we passed the 5,000 mark pretty good deal pretty good deal let's look at the interests what we're gonna get today today we're getting 08 for yesterday we got one point five seven and tomorrow we get one point four seven so this is a been given a really really good interest rate here this last week even with this one day that it was zero a lot of times people don't know how the figure out the interest rate and I've heard it said that they take an average and all this of what Bitcoin was that day but that's not how it works how it works is whatever it is at the time the UTC clock turns back that's what you'll get for that day as you see here one point four seven at the time turn back there it is right there it's six o'clock my time that's one point four seven that's exactly what it is so whatever it this is at the time of UTC that that's what you get paid for two days from now they actually have a two day delay it's not hard to figure out what you're gonna get just watch this real time interest and look where it is at the time that UTC clock turns over to midnight and that's what you'll get for that day so it looks like we just barely got it you know because if we got it here we would have got a 1% less and so you can watch this you know during during the day you can watch how things are going and you can get you know kind of an idea how what you're gonna get the next day so if you're not signed up for bitconnect I would really encourage you to look into it bitconnect seems like it's the granddaddy of them all it's the one that has been around the longest and there's people who've made you know millions of dollars with bitconnect and I can see how because take a thousand dollars and turn it into five thousand in just a few months I mean it's it's a very powerful program so if you're not an in bitconnect I would encourage you to take a look at it I have a link in the description and you can go over there and take a look at it I don't push this one very much because there's so many people out there pushing it and I'm kind of hard to get heard from all the noise but just wanted to give everyone an update and by chance if person hasn't popped in here yet in bitconnect that you might want to take a look at it because it is so so powerful now this calculator here give you an ideal idea how much you can make like this here five thousand four hundred eighty days it turns it in to almost 15,000 you know this here is without no compounding so if you compound you even get way way much more than this and that's what we do we compound so if it's something you might want to get involved in I'll leave a link in the description this is Bigfoot Crypto