what's up YouTube Jacob Jones here better known as crypto phone my bro start off by saying I'm pretty tired y'all I know I'm late doing my videos it's 111 am

reason being I get home from work pretty late then I tend to go to the gym I'm gonna start doing these videos gonna try to at least know I'm gonna do it eventually these videos will become early am videos not late at night stuff none of this everybody's already addressed the issues or situations sort of deal start off by BTC man look at this it's in just insane how volatile I mean that you know anyways things are holding we're really still trying to figure out what's going on with Sigma 2x I won't give you my personal thoughts there's plenty of those videos out there it's hard to not be biased with the either for it or against it I won't give you my opinion but things are looking nothing too crazy going on PTC seeming pretty stable hold it not really at all pretty I would say you know either anywhere in the range of 74 to 79 varying in between aetherium honestly I'm happy to see it around this price that's that's good at least for me 27 mm-hmm rupal I got some pretty cool stuff happening with ripple I hope the best for them not I got some shares definitely but not very you know we'll see what happens with them like I mean I remember looking to this when I first got into crypto it was like 15 20 30 and I'm just like you know what no I don't like it I don't like what they're doing Bava and just seeing it $66 kills me same thing with Nia man I bought that right before they they right before they announced their name change I think about 170 at 7:00 some dollars and shares and I was sitting there watching that shit and it was just going up going up and I was calling my buddy like 3:00 in the morning I was like well are you seeing this it's nuts that's like $300 this was like my worst trade by far and that shit just and I was like you bitch I was pissed I really was I was sad and I pulled out like two weeks later losing half you know half my money but shit happens it's crypto baby anyways moving on of course let's go ahead over to my big Kinect make sure I'm logged in here what is going on okay huh something's not right okay yeah but just take yeah I know it's it's cool it's cool don't even worry about it it's cool take your time please you know I live right before the bridge I ride a bike as y'all remember but I live right before a bridge of which people race Friday and Saturday nights and they get wild man there's like six in her cars around that and bikes just meet up and they just go at it and I realized I just moved here I realize that like what the fuck is going on Jesus Christ I know I got a slow-ass computer but people race so like 3:00 in the morning and if it's cool that I keep the door open all year lot of obnoxious exhausts I got one too all right anyways select the car must include all street signs there we go that looks a little bit better pretty damn good day man look at that again yep you you say whatever you want but realistically I could transfer this to the connect over to Bitcoin over to cash and that's what I'm kiddin and that's pretty damn awesome during I did a loan for $30 on the 16th and it's the 18th it it's only 1 am on the 18th I mean I've been at this for again 15 days so that's pretty damn great that's pretty damn awesome like that no no referrals baby look at that $240 that's pretty sweet that's good stuff man and that was mainly due to such a great day yesterday sorry 70 yeah yesterday 1

95 and I get a point 1 ounce well 80% of that plus a point 1 percent fuck yeah and then 15 again that's how I got the $50 shit man that's sick anyways let's get over this you know big connect y'all I'm sure tired seeing it and again my videos will get to the point where I won't be doing them doing big connect strictly I'll be doing much other things I promise I assure you guys don't stress 299 today's da matta gonna ream with yup confirm love sweet beans 17 Hana dolla 1780 cool beans man Coolio really not too much going on for me at least again real short video I was pretty busy with work today trying to deal with the client as well anyways I'll keep it real short I just want to go through some of these news articles I did see some cool things going on obviously I would think you always know what's going on with the seg width to X yeah I noticed all running advantage Bitcoin node I don't think it's gonna happen do you believe 7 to X will earn enough support to change bitcoins rules I think miners are gonna do whatever the hell makes them more money honestly because that's what I would do ok I'll say it even personally I don't want to see a Bitcoin – I don't want to I don't want to have that I want I want BTC it's in anyways I did see some cool things like I was speaking with reporter I think this is pretty darn cool I mean that we're getting these things such as Amex you know like I mean it's crazy to see them being involved in something like this like like Visa in general launching first days of blockchain technology into their into their sort of payment system that that's awesome things like this is really what's gonna get the momentum of crypto moving I mean we already have coinbase 50,000 users a day joining that itself is insane but things like this are really gonna get the ball going when and when you have such as visa coming into the game that's insane Jamieson has rolled the first pallet phase of its Bock Jane based business to business payment service b2b connect first announced last year visa plans to use the platform to ease cross-border payments by facilitating direct payments between institutions cutting out the middleman the industry currently relies on the platform developed with the assistance of blockchain crypto sorry blockchain start-up chain is also designed to ensure secure yet transparent payments between enterprises already working with ISA on the project are us-based Commerce Bank South Korea's Shinhan Bank the Union Bank of Philippines in the United Overseas Bank base in Cigna for visas globe ahead a solutions Kevin Fela told point us if the banks are trialing live bank to bank transactions over the platform that's awesome that's cool to see yes and no like the banks for getting involved you know using the blockchain in itself is great but you know what it could do to crypto we shall see there's one other thing that I really liked sorry that's about it y'all I'll go and do quite a few I'll make the video tomorrow quite a bit more interesting I promise main concern was at least you guys got to see my reinvest bit connect still holding strong as it is for many others by all means guys again my videos will day-by-day become more informative more accurate more educational all for you guys this is what I love to do I think I've found a good passion of mine and I'm glad that I'm in the niche that I am again so much to learn really truly there's so much learning and I'm scratching surface and I'm glad that somebody all will be along with me if you find my videos educational funny or just enjoy watching fucking subscribe like comment y'all come on till next time as in tomorrow you